Saturday, January 29, 2005


i haven't got much to say. i'm just really happy. my honey gave me a dozen peach (or were they pink? pink nga ata) roses yesterday... it was our first monthsary. but anyway i gave the flowers to my mom who underwent a successful 'operation' and came home just now. hehe.. i went running to her screaming "HAPPY VALENTINES!" hehe.. *weirdo* that's about it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

my honey's sick

i'm so0o0o0ooo bored. i miss my honey. we last saw each other last friday, that's like FOUR freaking days! this isn't nice. :( waaaaaaa!!! somebody help me! he's kinda sick coz he got so tired surveying the State U's Sunken Garden yesterday. it took them all day. *sheesh* poor honey, got bitten by lotsa ants (grrr.. i'm gonna kill those ants!) and had to do the work under the might rays of the sun... so there, i hope my honey gets well soon.

im yuckily dirty

as i got off the jeepney, my white uniform is stuck with black dirt dots. *sheesh* what a very nice way to start my day. :( anyway i'm late again for my class. i'm having a lot of hiloness these days kase.

i'm gonna be busy this week in preparation for the tour my class is organizing. the tour is bangkok-cambodia, six days five nights. i really wanna see the ankor wat now! hehe.. from all the stories, i'm very much excited and anticipating. so i'll see if i still have the time to go posting this week.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

coke addict?

i'm addicted to coke. no, not cocaine, coca-cola. not even to the product, but to its latest commercial, the Kasama Ka commercial. the girl--niki gil--is pretty and she sings well! and the song itself is cute. i hope i got the lyrics right. it's a part of a song, but it's all i know coz yan lang ang nasa commercial eh. hehe. here:

sana'y masabi / sa awit kong ito / lahat ng ninanais / nitong puso ko / sana saan man / patungo sa buhay / may pag-ibig, may pag-asa / may saya at saysay / sana sa bawat sandali / matikman pa / sarap ng pagsasama / at simpleng ligaya / tara na / sakyan lang / malay mo / andyan lang, andyan lang / ang hinahanap mo.

ehem ehem

Ladies and gentlemen, lapis and fountain pen.. introducing my all-new blog. far cuter than the one before. more girly and drawn from inspiration. ahehe.. so there. i consumed a total four hours straight in front of the computer to set up this teeny girly blog of mine. so there you have it. i'm starving now so imma go now an' eat my lunchie over at my grandma's place. she cooks so much. ;) til my next post. *peace out*