Friday, August 26, 2011

Geo's Pamper week

Last week, I had my Geo--my white 97 Suzuki Vitara--go through shakedown maintenance from people I met online at the Honda Club Philippines forum. They're good and saved me money than going to a Suzuki casa. I'm scared to go to auto shops by myself for fear that they know I'm a girl and know nothing much about cars.

I spent about 10,000 pesos for the following:

  • change engine oil / oil filter
  • change front and rear differential gear oil
  • change automatic transmission fluid
  • change transfer case gear oil
  • change power steering fluid
  • change spark plugs
  • change air filter
  • overhaul throttle body
  • clean IACV
  • disassemble, clean and regrease wheel bearings
  • disassemble, clean and regrease front auto locking hubs
  • disassemble, clean and inspect front and rear brakes
  • Full engine, drive train and suspension inspection
Then come work day, I had the registration renewed :) 

I'm an overachiever

I feel bad.

I'm not in the position to judge or tell people what's best, but it depresses me knowing I'm such an overachiever and other people aren't. Ego gets in the way.

Partially can relate to this post