Thursday, August 27, 2009

So many things

Mmmm. Such a very long time I haven't blogged. Things are way too different than my previous three years wherein I'd die without internet connection. So maybe just a few bits on what's up and new with me.

Well I'm still managing the gas station though I don't go there as often since the station sup is back from maternity leave. Side story, I got so mixed up whether or not the employer shall pay the employee the maternity benefit apart from what she's supposed to get from Social Security. Ohwell. I'm not very familiar with government stuff anyways.

We got me an individual healthcard (Medicard) account since I'm currently classified as self employed...or something like that. I miss having that Maxicare benefit I used to have with Asiana wherein I feel like it's okay even if I get sick. My wakeup call came during the time I thought I had the A-flu virus. Eee..scary. I seriously didn't go to work for a few days.

I finally got to meet up with two of my college friends, Lyka and Darylle, whom I haven't seen since Christmas season of last year. Hehe. We just had dinner at home and catching up. As for my highschool friends we were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom last weekend but it rained. And oh my J and I just booked for roundtrip tickets to Singapore on October! Finally... I'm gonna be on a plane and be a real passenger. My J's so excited to take a plane ride with an ex-flight attendant. Hahaha!

My J got me a new phone after I got her one. Haha. We so love our N97s allbeit difficult to use while driving. On the brighter side there's less texting while driving.

I'm so loving my car Elmo--'99 Honda Civic Vtec Vti in red. Got leather seat cover few months ago, replaced wiper blades and we're thinking of changing the tires. Beats me. At least I know how to open the hood and fill coolant and water in and check the oil. My trunk carries three liters of water, small bottles of brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid and engine oil. Super chilly a/c that I get headaches sometimes due to the cold. My brother absolutely loves the white headlights and signal lights. Wonder what else I could do to my car...

Our shih tzu Pepper is almost 8months old and we've already experienced him getting sick. Boy I felt like a mom worried sick about her child! Took him to the vet a couple of times and the vet prescribed meds for toddlers(!)and...YAKULT! Anyway he didn't like it that much so the vet suggested we give him yogurt since he need the good bacteria in his tummy. Seems strawberry yogurt is far yummier than cultured milk. :)

i'm currently job hunting and I couldn't figure out what job I'd like. Hehe. I don't have many luho in life. Or maybe just one: good food. I'm constantly on the search for good new restos... Suggest any?