Friday, May 13, 2005


Awkeigh. Been always at the office [AU Embassy]. Definitely exciting because of issues around regarding a Fil-Australian. He-he.. Anyways, I’m getting fatter coz I relatively take in more calories than I what I could possibly burn while at the office. Di-buh.. *hayy* Oh and yeah, I got this huge pimple at the middle of my forehead due to the pollution – Makati’s overly polluted. *sheesh* There's a good point though: Mashado nako nakakatipid sa text charges!

i turned nineteen!

Last May 7, I invited my friends over for a dinner--a joint celebration for my and my friend May's birthday. I'm so glad that most of them came, too bad some still had summer classes (regular classes for Mapuans) so they're dead tired and therefore apologized that they had to rest… (it's okay dearies!) Anyway glad that they enjoyed the spaghetti that we cooked, plus the juice, bread, and the barbecue (which we bought from Godfrey's mom! Yummy!). We even had ice cream and a cake which we designed with Nips. I felt like a kiddo. All that's missing were the balloons and the party hats. He-he.

I somehow want to have a birthday party at either McDonalds or Jollibee... Yes, a kiddie party! That would be so much fun... Visualize it: not-anymore-teenagers sitting down at kiddie tables and chairs, wearing party hats and volunteering for kiddie games and all, with balloons tied around their wrists! Cool huh?! We could make 'kulit' the clowns and the mascots. That'd be soooo much fun. Maybe I could do that sometime when I'm older—that's much more fun and hilarious.

Back to my 'party', my friends stayed there and waited until 12am so that they'd be able to greet me "happy birthday" (my birthdae's May 8th). Hosep brought along his guitar and so we had fun sharing stories and eating and eating and eating while we had fun singing various songs. The people present were: Mhay, Owen, Jessie, Hosep, Earl, Godfrey, Dylan, Karla, Alvin, Rhen, Chuck, Jhen, Chicklet, Yogi, Regi… (I can't believe I'm forgetting who else came!) Oh well, at least we had lotsa fun which we missed so much since high school ended.

Friday, May 06, 2005

wala ako maisip na title

I came home yesterday and said to my mom, "Ang inet dito sa Pilipinas, di katulad sa Australia!" He-He... No, I haven't been to Australia, but technically when you're inside their embassy, it's technically another country right? He-he.. Yup, I got into the Embassy (Public Affairs Section), after a grueling week of waiting for their call... I had Security Briefing and everything else (very tight security) before I could actually start. Anyway, it's great.

Unlike other practicum sites that treat you like a highschool graduate by ordering you around, asking you for their coffee, or becoming a Xerox girl, errand girl,,, I'm happy that the Embassy treats me differently. I get to be hands-on the jobs around. Of course, I can't possibly do what the Ambassador is supposed to do, but at get my point. My friend Lyka is in the verge of losing her mind coz all she does in her practicum site is to stare at the walls and wait if somebody would actually need her help or if the phone rings. Me, I've been busy! Really. Doing an inventory book list of the library. Whew... Encoded almost a thousand book info entries in two days, oh well, again, at least I am doing something.

Oh well, the downside (maybe) of being an intern here is that it's gonna cost you too much. (This is RCBC Plaza, by the way.) Lunch would usually cost around a hundred bucks, then I still have to travel and all... But it's okay. The people around are so kind, they let me share their table during lunch (I feel like a highschooler saying that.. hehe). Oh and yeah, sometimes I DO have a hard time understanding these Australians because of their accent.

Til here. Gotta grab lunch now. Yum!