Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding Planner

As I was wandering aimlessly at ROX while waiting for my friend to choose his bike, my high school classmate and UST jeep-mate Ken sent me a message on Facebook saying, "Tia, I need your help." Alarmed, I hit reply and asked him which number I should call. I ended up adding his Singapore mobile number on Viber and called him. 


It turned out that he's been planning on proposing to his girlfriend and wants me to coordinate his wedding. ME? Really? My jaw dropped and I was sort of speechless; I was like, "Why me?" I don't do it for a living, I have never coordinated any event nor wedding in my life. Okay, so maybe we had organized an exhibit way back college, but that was the whole class. I may have just coordinated my own 18th birthday, but that was easy because it was my day, and my say on everything.

For a split second I had mixed emotions: 
- Happy, for him, that he's gonna get settled with his girlfriend, who I like
- Overwhelmed with the trust he's giving me, to work on his special day
- Nervous, because I have no idea where to start
- Awestruck, that he came to me for this

Although I have no idea what to do, I said I'll help out. Maybe not in a way that it's entirely my event, but since he's in SG, it'd be difficult for him to coordinate with suppliers here, so okay I'll do that. 

Hmm. Is this a career change? LOL. That, we'll have to find out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have been blogging for less than a decade now, which would have been evident on my archive if it hadn't been hacked in '04. With the emergence of social networks starting off with Friendster to the now even-my-neighbor's-dog-has-one Facebook, the bloggers kinda lay low. It's still nice to blog though, it's like your own little space. Uhuh. I've talked about this

I remember back in June, wrecked from a breakup, I told my mom that I'm going out of town with a blog friend. She was like, "your what?" My sister started blogging too and kept asking for the link, which I never gave. You see, I don't tell people much that I blog.  I don't cross-post these somewhere for people to read. Unlike changing your Facebook statuses, blogging for me is very private. I don't have to see how many people have read my post, how many "likes" I get, or if I even get a comment or not. 

Yes, it's on the Internet; anybody can just bloghop and find it. But the chances are, these are people I don't know, who'd have no biases over me, no pre-conceived notion on who/what I am. Or maybe, they stumbled upon it because I wrote something that may help them, in any way. 

Like I said, it's my own little space. Somewhere I am free to dream, to rant about my worst days, to be silly and stupid, to be weak  when everyone expects me to be strong, and express anything my mind could think of, or my heart could feel. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yay! No Penalties!

A few months back, Cebu Pacific had one of its many seat sales; taking advantage of it, I booked myself and the then-boyfriend tickets to Bicol for the long weekend falling after Halloween. It's his family's hometown and also where his dad is buried. He hasn't visited for more than five years so I thought it'd be the perfect holiday to meet his folks there and for him to visit the grave.

After splitting up, I can't help but be pissed about doing so, wasting money for two roundtrip tickets that will not be used. CebPac happens to cost almost more than double, usually, if you are to rebook or reroute a promo ticket. All I can do is sigh and just leave it as it is. Maybe I'll go on my own, or maybe just consider it a loss--in accounting speak.

Just today, I received notice thru email that there was a schedule change to our return flight. This makes me eligible for: rebooking, rerouting, refunding or putting it in a travel fund--all without penalty! The heavens are so nice to me, and I immediately applied for a refund! 

How cool is that? Thank you Lord, you never forget me. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5

So Apple just launched the latest installment of the iPhone line, the iPhone 5. And just like when they launched the iPhone 4, I didn't care much about the specs, I'm sure it's great. I'm sure its functionability is more than what I need, and since it's got iPod, Internet, email, a camera, and apps, I don't need to be itsy bitsy about which one's better. 

iPhone 5 says, "I'm sexy and I know it."
Photo grabbed from 

And again, just like the iPhone 4, I will be buying it.. for its design. I remember vividly when the 4 was to arrive in Manila, I kept staring at this huge billboard along Meralco Avenue and can't help but muse that I sooo love the design, how sleek and symmetrical, and none of the curvy back that the predecessors had. (Note: I never bought an iPhone prior to the 4.)

Please come to Manila. Now.