Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January in Manila

I'm homesick. Already. Argh. I just got back here a couple of days ago and all I can think about now is go home. I must've gotten used to being at home this January coz I spent more days at home than at work. Eight days sick leave in Manila and then another eight for the mandated days off. Sixteen. Plus two days each for the flight back/back home. Twenty. I practically worked just ten days for this month.

And I wanna go home na. *sigh

Thursday, January 18, 2007

..I felt like shopping.

Despite a negative one weather in Seoul, I went out early morning and went to Express Bus Terminal to shop. I had exchanged a hundred USDs to local currency and before I knew it, I only have a few bills left.

Thinking about it, I can't even remember all the things I bought, so maybe I should do a breakdown. Geez. (Guide: USD 1 = KRW 895)

A pair of boots: 15,000
A pair of drop earrings: 3,000
Necklace with cat pendant (for my sister): 3,000
Thermal tights: 5,000
White sweatshirt: 5,000
Glitter nail polish: 2,000
Stuff from The Face Shop: 6,800
Shorts: 5,000
Knee-length undertights: 5,000
Bronze belt: 4,900
KFC brunch: 4,500
Asiana airplane stuffed toy for Yana's birthday: 28,000

Grabe ang dame. Okane nai! And later I'll buy two Starbucks city mugs pa. And when I go home I still intend to shop at Divi. Ano bang nangyayari saken?!

Oh and to all those people who are shopping at Face Shop in the Philippines, I can't take it. Kasi in the Philippines it's double the original price =( sakin nalang kayo pabili, wawa naman kasi.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shopping just because

I came from Singapore this morning, and we almost got delayed landing due to low visibility. It's like, two cars away and you see nothing.

I flew with a Filipina senior to Singapore and she bought this iTrip that I never knew existed. Sorry, I'm not an iPod person kase. But I think it's a brilliant idea.

Anyway tomorrow I get to have a day off and I'm planning on going out, going somewhere although I'm not sure where, to go "shopping". I dunno what I intend to buy but I'd still go despite freezing weather.

Day after tomorrow I'm set to go home and I have a lot of things to do.

1. Attend the POEA-required PDOS

2. Get my hair done. I'm thinking: straight or curls?

3. I wanna shop at 168/Divisoria (never have)

4. Watch a movie. It's been half a year since I last went to the cinemas.

5. My usual vanity day

6. ...and of course, dates. :P

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Passenger from under hell

Yesterday I met the worst passenger ever. So I got my first real complaint (though it was just verbal complaint, to the manager). Kase...

1. di ko sha tinulungan sa bags nya. nakatingin na daw sha sakin pero di ko man lang daw sha tinulungan na maglagay sa bin. gusto ko sabihin, "e bat kasi di mo man lang ako tinawag no? nagsasalita ba yung mata mo??" i was so busy greeting everybody who passes by to notice a single passenger who isn't even making but eye contact para mapansin.

2. di ko sinabit yung coat nya sa closet. pano maliit lang yung aircraft, so sa business class lang may closet so i told her walang space. e pumunta sha ng business class so naipakisabit nya. nagalit na! e haller, dati tinry ko yun gawin napagalitan pa ko ng business class sunbaenim (senior) sabi pang business class lang daw yun. nung inexplain ko sa kanya na talagang sa business class lang yun, sabi sakin, she doesn't mind naman daw kung sa business class isabit yung coat nya. @#$%! talagang i don't care naman if she minds no, ni hindi nga man lang sasagi sa isip ko kung okay lang sa kanyang sa business class isabit yun no. di naman sha ang inaalala dun eh, allocated for business class passengers yung space na yun. edi magbusiness class sha nang makapagdemand sha nang ganun. namputek.

3. rude daw ako sa pagsalita and everything. for the first interaction kase she talked to me in korean so with the limited korean words that i know, ang nasabi ko lang sa kanya in korean was "im sorry we don't have the space." e nampucha nagiingles naman pala.

4. i asked if she was taiwanese. she's freaking out that it's her privacy whatever nationality she was; that i don't need to ask her about that. sa point na to, napatingin nalang ako sa kanya blank stare and all and i coldly said that i was just asking about her nationality so as to know whether i should give her an immigration entry card or not. she rebuts that all i needed to ask was whether she needed the form or not. it's a taipei flight, for crying out loud! @#$%! even taiwanese passengers don't even know whether they need one or not! and she goes, "i've been to and fro taiwan several times already, i know already that i need it." and how the f*ck would i know that she's a frequent flyer to taiwan?! next time, get "TAIWAN" tattooed on your forehead.

5. sha tong nagpapakasensitive sa nationality sabay banat ng, "that's why i knew already that you're not korean because the korean crew always give excellent service. your service doesn't belong here in asiana!" go figure kung ano na yung naisip kong gawin sa bruhildang yun.

6. after all was said and done, shempre pinapunta ako dun ng manager para iapeace yung tao so half heartedly i said im sorry for anything (not everything! ugh.) and thank you. lecheng mga korix kasi to kaya naguumepal lalo ang mga pasahero pano kahit mali na kailangan tama parin sila. sanay pa naman ako sa call center, pag mali, mali. away kung away. so anyway, though gusto ko na shang sipain palabas nang mauna na sha maglanding sa taiwan, i still did my service like nothing happened. during meal service i asked what drink she wants to have, she goes, "screwdriver".

talaga namaaaaan. umeepal pa. in my 4months of work wala pang umorder sakin ng cocktail drink, but i thought so maybe it's about time i actually prepare one, since we had cocktails class naman nung training. so i said i'd prepare it after i serve everybody their meals and asked whether she wants any other drink while waiting. she mumbles something and all i hear is "diet coke". i get and pour her a glass of diet coke and hand it over and then she looks at me like i'm the most stupid person on earth. here we go again.

i said, "i thought i heard you say diet coke. im sorry, what was that again?" she replies, "you don't know what screwdriver is?" to this i almost put my hand on my hips, "i do. i just thought i heard you say you wanted diet coke for the meantime." condescendingly she goes, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT SCREWDRIVER IS? whisky and diet coke?" ay putek. kung dala ko yung manual namin sa service binato ko na sa muka nya.

kahit makipagpustahan pa sha sakin, ipupusta ko yung buong asiana na hindi yun ang screwdriver. kahit iresearch nya pa sa wikipedia no! it's orange juice and vodka. DUH. so anyway i just say, very condescending as well, "isn't it orange juice and liquor?" to which she just stares at me like im real stupid. so i just rephrased her request, "so you want diet coke and whisky, with ice?" and she said, "yeah? screwdriver!?" ay putek talaga.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

So into


I'm into somebody.

But I don't wanna be.

And I don't know why I don't.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

More More More

Whew. Just got back from a night out with my close friends from highschool and her friend (and his friends). Fun!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Years back, I said--

A few nights ago I still had jetlag from flying from London so I got so bored and tinkered with my blog. I realized that it's been two years since I had this space in the world wide web. I previously had another blog until it got hacked and all...

It's fun reading posts years back.

"I came home yesterday and said to my mom, "Ang inet dito sa Pilipinas, di katulad sa Australia!" He-He... No, I haven't been to Australia, but technically when you're inside their embassy, it's technically another country right?..." more...
Hmm. Now I've really been to Aus.
"...Anyway, this isn't all bad. Coz my family's half rejoicing for the news that soon a cute li'l baby will be an addition to the family, and my parents are soon to be grandparents. No one knows yet if it's gonna be a he or she, but just the same, this li'l angel will be very much welcomed by this family..." more...

And this month this baby's gonna turn 1! Wow. How time flies.

This one's good, I still like this post until now. *grin
"...I just figured out lately that I really have lots of things that I want to be or have. I want to be a president's daughter, a print ad model, a rockstar, a violinist, a good singer and a photographer. I want to take voice lessons, two foreign language courses, personality development trainings, and photography classes..."

I figured this out August 2005... I still want to be all of the above :)

*sigh* I figured I was much more carefree years back. Not to mention having a lot going on (like, falling in and out haha).

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Of resolutions...

I love making them but I never keep them. Oh but here they come! The new year's resolutions, version twenty-oh-seven.

1. Lose weight. Get thin.
2. Be fashionable. You can't go around looking like a maid or something.
3. Save up. Open a bank account somewhere. <When are you gonna get a car if you don't, Katia? After five years?!)
4. Get a pair of knee-high boots. For survival purposes, of course.
5. Find a DVD version of The Girl in the Cafe.
6. Make some time for people I have to meet...or date. (This sucks.)

Hmm. Ano pa ba?

Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year everyone? How's everyone doing? How did y'all celebrate the holidays?

I was, yeah, working on that particular night. My dad said probably at 23.00 London time (after leaving London at 21.00) I'll be over a country of +1 GMT time zone so I'd technically witness new year's at that particular moment. So I waited for that specific time and thanks to the airshow, I saw that we have just breezed by Helsinki and was over Tartu that time. Unfortunately, when I checked Tartu's time zone when I got back here in Seoul, it was +2. I missed the "New Year's" moment. Haha.

I've so much laundry so I'll blog more next time. Happy New Year!