Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Inconsiderate Considerations

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I just woke up from what was supposedly my day's dose of zzz's because my mobile phone kept buzzing nonstop. I thought they'd be mostly forwarded messages, but lo and behold! They're not! 14 messages and not one is a quote or something. All are reminders of last-minute mandatory requirements formulated by those inconsiderate professors. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I went home today and started singing to my dad, "...and now, the end is near..." (which is actually the only part of that song that I know), for I thought that all I'd have to deal with would be:
Wednesday - thesis defense
Thursday - wedding presentation (for Marriage/Theo subject)
Friday - two final exams (Education and Taxation)

Well since it appears that these professors are cramming to have us pass whatever could be graded, last-minute requirements flooded in. The I-told-the-president-so-just-spread-the-word type just sucks.

Wednesday - thesis defense
Thursday - wedding presentation, Education long quiz
Friday - submission of: scrapbook for Marketing (wherein the pattern for some parts are yet to be sent through email tonight); Humanities finals essay; Humanities movie critique paper; Taxation homework (the handouts and instruction to be give tomorrow); Self Learning Kit for Education; and still, the final exams for Education and Taxation!

Gosh, so much for being proactive and considerate! Good thing I remembered to answer the exit survey. Today's the last to do so, so...

+ + +

There's World War 4 erupting between DR Part Time Batch 2 (that's us) against the company's Finance and Force Desk Department. Will blog about this next time. Tip: Salary, mainly.

+ + +

I had a sunny disposition last night (or early morning) during my shift that I actually told David that "nothing can interfere with my sunny disposition." Well it was true, until I slept and woke up to numerous requirements. And now while doing my research on Color Psychology and Tinikling for that freakin' Humanities essay and at the same time chatting with Sam on MSN somebody goes buzzing and chats with me. Haven't heard from him from a few months now and out of the blue he asks what grad gift I'd like. That's sweet! Oh, and no, he's not an ex.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Extended Unwanted Vacation

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Yesterday was my first time to eat a Double Cheeseburger from McDonald's, and it was great. (Or maybe I was just really starving?) So when I got home from work at around 9am, I just had a few spoonfuls of the meal served to me and then slept. Again, I slept and slept. I got up by 2pm since our room is so warm, I went downstairs and slept on the sofa. They were trying to wake me up by 5pm to get me ready to hear mass but I won't budge so they left me behind. Next thing I remember was they woke me up for me to go back to my room instead of spending the night on the sofa. It was 11pm.

Almost sleep-walking towards my bedroom, I one-eyed-ly checked on my phone which said, 12 messages received. Most were coup safety reminders and the rest were about no classes as declared by Bunye. So it indeed was true! Classes are suspended. Again. Argh! My hopes of wrapping up the stress factors by this week might be impossible. I don't even know if the final exams would still start tomorrow as it was scheduled before all these happened. Anyway, I slept again.

I woke up to a crying Yana with Anna (our househelp) trying to calm her down. I peered through my Tigger blanket and saw that it was 7am. I got up and got the baby and we went downstairs. While Anna was preparing my breakfast, I was feeding the baby (I wasn't breastfeeding of course!!). After I had placed Yana safely on her crib, I ate like nine chicken wings for breakfast--it was supposedly my yesterday's lunch, which became my supposed dinner and now it's breakfast--sans the rice since I decided to go on the low carb diet again. I heard that the pills I'm taking would make me fat so I'd better start a good diet before it's too late.

Logged in online with YM and my newly downloaded MSN messenger version 7.5, and proceeded to checking my mail--all three accounts. Huge thanks to my Yahoo birthday reminders, I almost forgot that it's my good friend Jhen's birthday today! Happy 21st, Jhen! And on my Hotmail account, I got cute email attachments from Shelley, who apparently got them from Nong and sent it to Suttilux (the last two people mentioned are part of Thailand's table tennis team). Here's one of them, parang bagay sakin?

I firmly believe on this! Haha. *mushy mode* I had been chatting with somebody about this very topic a few nights ago! Anyway, here's another of the cute attachments with Thai inscriptions.

*Ahem Niko!* Haha.. Joke. Okay I gotta bounce, Yana's crying on the top of her lungs again. And her puyat mom is still up there, asleep.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

From Thesis to Coup

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I was on a jeep on my way to school when the text exchanges began:

Thesis mate: dfens muvd wdnsday
Me: bkt dw?
TM: wlng psok db?
me: wla b?
TM: putek, wla. nsn k b?
me: nsa jip. kw?
TM: skul. suspendd kya.
me: d ko nmn alm. kla ko bkas p wlng psok.
TM: mlay. ge intay k nmen d2.
me: tengnes, dla ko p nmn lht.
TM: gnyn tlg. ge blis.
So I thought about it over and over again. At home, it's unusual for people to be switching the television on (we can live without it), much more switch it on early in the morning. Which is why I was clueless that there's suspension of classes and stuff. I was frustrated since I wanted everything to be done by this week, not the next. I wanted to have a peaceful weekend. Also, I hated it that I brought all the things I needed for our defense: the laptop, papers, plates (where the panel of judges' food would be placed), and my I'm-pretending-to-be-at-Galera clothes. What's more, I don't have plans of going home before I go to work so that means I'd bring all those crap with me to the office nang hindi man lang nagamit.

I arrived at school on the expected time and it was confirmed that thesis defense would resume Wednesday. My friends and I waited for our other thesis mates since they wanted to have a "discussion" regarding thesis. Twas nine o'clock and still no signs of them when one of them sent an SMS message: "Pauwi n kme, uwi ndn kyo ;]" *sheesh* So we decided to leave all the props at Darylle's boarding house; with Chai driving her dad's car and her boyfriend on the passenger seat, we went to Darylle's place and left our stuff. Chai then dropped us off at SM Manila (she wouldn't come with us coz her bf's kinda sleepy already) where me, Lyka and Darylle waited until the mall's opening. We went window shopping for a celphone since I really want a Nokia 6170, then went on to purchase movie tickets for Memoirs of a Geisha.

Halfway through the movie--just when Zhang Ziyi (Oh, she's Ziyi Zhang now, westernized.) started her geisha classes--Lyka goes bugging and wants to go home since it's already a state of emergency, someone sent her a message. So I said we'll just finish the movie and we'll go home. By the way, I saw the movie trailer of The Da Vinci Code and I'm still not convinced that Tom Hanks is the best bet for the Robert Langdon role!

After the movie, we went separate ways; I to the office (I am more than 6hours early) and them to their respective homes. With 6hours to spare, I leisurely had a late 2:00pm lunch at Tokyo Tokyo by myself and took an Advil--migraine, again--plus a pill. (I'm taking this pill that's sort of like The Pill, but I ain't taking it for contraceptive purposes! Ugh.) Then proceeded to the office with the guard greeting me, "Hi Ma'am, galing kang iskul?" So I'm like, "Yah kaso walang pasok." I really wanted to have some rest due to my migraine I proceeded directly to the sleeping room, taking only my mobile phone and my iRiver. Good thing I did bring my mp3 player since the guy sleeping on the mattress next to me was kinda snoring.

I plugged in the earphones to my ears and checked on my phone: 15 messages received. Hayy. Unlimitext. Then I saw that one was from my mom: "FYI bka lng d m alm. state of emrgncy s edsa. wg k daan dun." I sleepily replied: "nye lam ko nmn un no. d2 n ko opis. aga nga e. dfens wdnesday p. kainis." And then I slept. And slept. And slept. I didn't notice that I had messages again wherein one was again from my mom saying, "jan pla start ng rally, rcbc to edsa shrine. wg k nlng muna lbas ng bldg."

Well there was no need to tell me that since I was not able to even see what it's like. Naalimpungatan ako and reached for my iRiver and checked the time: 9:15. I was in doubt so I checked my wristwatch: 8:50. What?! Just ten minutes 'til my shift?! I got on my feet at once and hurried outside and searched for my batchmates on the operations floor and Philippe greeted me, "Good morning! Maleleyt ka na, login na!" I dashed to the lockers and got my headset, cheatsheets, coffee mug and my purse. I can't believe I slept so soundly for 6 hours straight...

I was starving during my 9-12mn shift since my last meal was 2pm. I patiently waited til it's midnight and hurriedly went to the pantry and ate a cheese melt burger (or whatever it was called). Just when my day--or, night for that matter--was starting to be brighter, the feeling-close-but-so-yabang-to-the-max Gersh guy from Batch 3--who once called me Trisha instead of Trina--once again made the feeling close attitude. Darn. The good thing about my shift was that the supervisors thought of having a 'promo'. Somebody who has a sale for a given timeframe will get fifty pesos. I had one so I treated myself to a McDonald's breakfast after shift. I went home afterwards, taking LRT again so as not to pass by EDSA.

My dad was up when I got home so he relayed some of the incidents yesterday concerning that state of emergency thing, after a few minutes my mom is also up so on with the stories. I was blank about what it was like so I surfed the net for news, but I had a better idea on where to read about it: Niko's blog. Haha. Known for being descriptive (plus side comments), I was able to imagine what it was like :]

I slept afterwards and got up at around 2pm and had a late lunch again, plus the pill. I was complaining to my mom why I was given that pill which is actually a contraceptive when I thought I'd be given something else. My parents laughed it off saying it's what I actually had to take according to the gynecologist. Argh. I'm ashamed when somebody sees me taking those pills; I mean they'd start thinking, "OMG she's having contraceptives. Wonder why?" Waaaaaa... Anyway, as nonchalant as I've always been, yaan na nga. This is for the betterment of my [repro] health anyways.

This is a narrative. *sheesh* I'm never good in writing something significant.

Forgiveness is not instantaneous. It's a many-layered process,
as we gradually let go of hurt, pride and bitterness.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Marketing Exhibit

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As mentioned on the previous post, we had this marketing exhibit for our Marketing subject, held last Tuesday. We were to be assigned with a sector of tourism (there are nine: transportation, tourism services, accommodation, events, attractions, adventure, food,--and unbelievably I forgot the other two) through drawing of lots. My group got Accommodation sector. With that, we had to look for on-going but not very popular existing promotions concerning our sector or create our own promotion, then create a marketing plan. Also, we were assigned--again through drawing of lots--of what marketing tool we would be using (examples are posters, billboards, radio ads, commercials, VCD, website, etc.). My group then got posters.

My groupmates [Cindy, Erna and Lyka] and I are really very lazy people so instead of looking for existing promos we created our own. Yes, that's a lazy thing to do. So we came up with Silid. Again, it's a Filipino room concept which aims to give our customers a feel of what it was like to reside in a traditional Pinoy room. Since we're supposed to be a marketing or maybe an advertising company, we can't claim the concept to be ours (even if it was! hmp!) because it should look like we're promoting another company's products and services. So, Silid became Artos Designs' concept. Artos is actually Lyka's boyfriend Chris' name for his 'company' (maybe in the future after he graduates with a degree in Architecture).

Marketing planning concludes with a one-day exhibit inside our college building wherein every sector for every section would have their own booth to decorate upon and try to heighten the marketing strategy. There are two sections competing so there are a total of eighteen booths.

Anyway, marketing plan began. We all did our own versions of the poster and my professor liked my proposed design and so we used it. And still being lazy, we settled for a simple booth design but nonetheless was able to capture the idea and feel of what we're promoting about. We take pride in being the group to spend the least amount for the entire marketing exhibit--from marketing tool to marketing explanation, booth design and all--we just spent a total of four hundred something pesos while some went thousands. We did not even have our poster printed by pros; I just printed them out from an Inkjet printer here at home and then put and taped them together so it'd create a 21x27 poster. And here's our booth!

The tripod with the big Silid is, of course, the poster. And except for the styro we used to make the 'capiz' windows (ako nag-line ng boxes niyan! ;P), there's pretty much nothing else that we bought. Everything else was brought from home, including our Filipiniana costumes.

Ahem, ahem. Yours truly is so proud to announce that Silid won first runner up in the Best Booth award, and AHEM AHEM we won champion in the Best Marketing Concept award! Hahaha! Astig!

Monday, February 20, 2006


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I just got home from school. Overtime from setting up our booth for tomorrow's marketing exhibit. (Silid is my group's booth's name, after the concept that we're promoting.) As expected our booth is the simplest of all, without too much unnecessary decors to make it look drab. This is always the case. Add me and Lyka to anything and surely it's a minimalist effect that we're after. Wondering why I got Leron Leron Sinta here? I bought a CD to serve as background music for tomorrow's exhibit (our booth is about promoting a Filipino room concept and design) and my dad insisted on playing it right now for Yana (my sis' baby). Haha.

My kuya, recently robbed of his mobile phone, came home all smiles. He recently bought a new phone (not that expensive) because today he went to Park Square 1 (I had been telling him to go there, not someplace else) and found a store having iRiver products. And finally he got his own and he'd no longer be getting mine. And he'd stop complaining about my Nyoy Volante songs and all. Hahaha... I succeeded in making him buy an iRiver instead of an iPod!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take
but by the moments that take your breath away.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Latest Promos

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Spend the weekend at school [and office]!
Experience up to more than 40 hours of absolutely no sleep.
Don't you think it's a great offer?
Come and join the craze of the graduating Tourism class of UST.
One week offer starting today. No fees required.
For more info, contact the blog's owner.

Note: Don't forget your sunglasses to avoid having a migraine. (Lack of sleep and stress + blinding rays of the sun = migraine)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brain Cells Please
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Walang sweldo. So walang masaya sa mundo. Dami pa naman gastos sa iskul dahil last week na namen next week then it's final exams na. *Sheesh.

+ + +

Tried using the new chat-inside-GMail feature of, well, Gmail. Thanks to somebody so bitter I got inspired to write a quick review. *woi peace*

Thumbs up:
:: No need to download software (there's GTalk for that matter)
:: Pop-in or pop-out option
:: Must see smileys! Not emoticons, just plain ones--see for yourself.

:: Wala! I shouldn't be comparing this with YM or MSN messenger since this isn't the IM software. Naks I'm fair and square! YM and MSN messenger is to GTalk, and the chat feature inside Gmail is to--none yet.
:: But of course there's room for improvement.

+ + +

I'm running out of brain cells. Donations please?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Qing Ren Jie
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone. My greeting is a bit late since I went to school straight from work (I was wearing red! Silly.) and then had lots of group meetings again. I was so wasted really, good thing my parents went to SM San Lazaro so I just went there and slept in the car on the way home. (Add-on: My dad bought a peach rose for each of the girls in the family plus our fave chocolates! And I bought myself a pair of sunglasses, VDay gift for myself.)

Immediately falling into a deep slumber, I had to remind myself to wake up at around 6.30 so that I'd be able to have my dinner and then it's boyfriend time at 7pm. Yep it's what I call the hours that I spend online chatting with my boyfriend from the other side of the continent ha-ha. I appreciate that he 'celebrates' with me eventhough there really are no such things in China. For example, Christmas. He called Christmas eve, 12mn, to greet me. Then the non-Chinese New Year. And now, Valentine's day. As mentioned in a previous post, they've got another day for celebrating love. (I know the exact date now!) It's on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. For 2006, it falls on the 30th of July.

Call me mababaw but him 'celebrating' with me online is enough to make me happy and perked up eventhough I'm supposed to be crawling on the floor due to stress and lack of sleep. Ahem! Mushy mode? ;] Well a smile is priceless compared to a bouquet or a box of chocolates, aite? NO, I did not say that I don't like receiving flowers and sweets. HAHA.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day, with or without a specific special someone. It's about love. And as we always say in the classroom, love "...is everywhere!" Mwah!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

V-Day Approaching
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It's fast approaching and I realized today that I still have a chance to be able to send him a Valentine's card--though he'd read it later than VDay--since I could send through post tomorrow and he'd get it after few days since he's not going to Aomen (Macau) on the eighteenth. Alright! ;] Okay, I'm sleepy now. Bye.

Jin tian shi zhong guo de qing ren jie. Hmm. Wo hen xiang ta. Qing ren jie kuai le!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dead on Arrival (almost!)
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Yesterday I woke up at five in the morning to prepare and be able to reach school by seven. Classes ended at 2pm, and we stayed on for multiple group meetings. (Three group meetings, consecutively! Ahhgghh! I'm having the graduating-soon-but-not-so-sure pressure!) I was able to leave the university at 6pm (I cannot believe this...) and due to insufficient time, I headed to the office already. Decided to take the LRT since a UST to Buendia FX ride might consume hours since it's rush hour and Quiapo day.

Nonetheless, the travel time was still over an hour! I was really really tired and sleepy and I knew it coz the signs were showing.

- My eyebrows are raised in order to pull my eyelids and keep them up!

- I boarded the first LRT train that came along--and it's 6:40pm, that means full body contact with fellow passengers, terribly warm airconditioned train, and most of all, not enough oxygen to breathe--just so I'd be at the office on the soonest possible time.

- My patience is absent. I got irritated with the smallest things and even the things that don't concern me at all. Examples. I paid P6.00 for the jeepney ride from Taft to Ayala avenues and the driver yelled, "Kanino 'to, ba't sais lang?!" To which I yelled back, "Studyante NGA e," condescendingly. Gawk! I already mentioned that naman kase and I was still in my white uniform (turned dirty white) pa! Also, I got irritated on two rural ladies who were chatting so loudly while aboard the jeepney; what's more, one of them kept saying "Bil-Ehr" when mentioning "Bel-Air"! (I told you I got irritated even if it's absolutely none of my business...)

- I was unable to greet the manong guard nicely.

- Little miss terrible migraine started making herself felt. Upon arriving at the office, I changed into clean clothes and headed for the sleep room to grab a few hours of sleep before my 9pm shift. Unfortunately, since I already have migraine, I wasn't able to sleep a wink. Off I go to my 9pm shift without even having dinner, just an Advil.

Look, I woke up at 5am and my shift ended 5am, and I wasn't able to sleep. Tough, eh? There's more. After my shift, I headed back to school (in my casual clothes sans shower/bath!) to meet with my groupmates in one of our subjects. Oh geez... I looked so terrible, like a monkey high with drugs, wearing rags and dragging herself to the place.

I reached home at about 3pm, dying to reunite with my bed and pillows. And now, I just woke up.

+ + +

I intended to send a Valentine's card yesterday afternoon through UST Post Office. I asked the girl at the PO about their closing time and she said, "Five." So I went on with my group meetings and proceeded to the PO by 4:30. Locked. Undertime! Grrrr... Hope trampled upon.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost Molars
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A few days back I dreamt--while at the office's sleeping quarters, stocking up on sleep before my shift--that I lost two molars. And you know what they say about dreaming of losing a tooth: someone you know is gonna pass away, and you need to tell some people about your dream for it not to be reality. So I did.

Then a couple of days after that dream, my kuya and my cousin on their way home from gimik got held up and lost much of their stuff. My brother had to hand over his hard-earned Nokia mobile phone plus his wristwatch, my cousin, his mobile phone, wristwatch and wallet containing a few ATM cards, cash and items of sentimental value. Of course they're very much saddened about the incident, especially my kuya who bought his phone for around 25T--around two and half month's full salary. Well for me, I think they're fortunate enough that they weren't harmed at all. I told them about my dream, and they think they might have been my two lost molars, and thank God they're still here.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gmail Upgrade
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The Jobs '06 job fair at UST. The companies weren't of much relevance to my course so of twenty copies of my resume, I was able to pass just four I think. And that's El Nido Resort, Philippine Airlines, and I forgot the others. Haha...

Here at Netopia now, I should actually be at PeopleSupport Center by now but I didn't feel like hanging too prematurely around the office so surf surf surf... :)

Oh hey guys, have you been paying attention to Gmail lately? Well, Google, actually. The Gmail service is getting even better. They're releasing GTalk which I haven't tried. What I'm excited about is the chat feature they'll be including in Gmail accounts. "Chat right inside Gmail!" Hmm...gotta try it when it comes out. (No Gmail account? Let me know so I could send you an invite.)
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I went to school today straight from work after my 1am to 5am shift, and I didn't last long; after a subject I went home due to dizziness and nausea. It's ironic that it's the first time that I actually ate something before going to school and it's the same day that I felt like my stomach isn't okay at all, I mean it's as if like I'm suffering from ulcer or something. Weird.

Anyway, of course I slept from lunchtime 'til I don't know. And my eyes opened up to see a semi-dark and semi-bright sky, to which got me thinking: Is it morning or is it dusk? I quickly glanced at my Winnie the Pooh and Tigger alarm clock: 6:30. Didn't help me at all because the sky would seem semi-dark on 6:30am and 6:30pm. I usually have this problem that I lose track of the time and day/date. Oh well. The effects of graveyard shift. Sometimes I panic because I wake up and think that it's dawn already--which means I was not able to get up before midnight to report for work by 1am. Ha ha...

Since I'm usually awake at night, here I am, wide awake, surfing the net. I have just finished printing out 21 copies of my four-page resume because the university is hosting a job fair tomorrow at school. I'm pretty sure they're mostly call centers so I didn't bother to make more than 20. I should actually be sleeping [again] now so that I'd look alright during the job fair, but I can't coz I just did.

Oh well, might as well bloghop. Ciao.

P.S. Yesterday my monitor was not quite okay so it's only today that I saw that my photo with Yana on my previous post had me looking like a monster beside a baby. Talk about stress and eyebags! Galore!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Coolness? Not.
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I'm disappointed because I went online yesterday as soon as I woke up [that's 8pm] because we're supposed to meet online around that time. And when I checked my mail I saw that he's been online half an hour earlier... So I quickly sent a message stating that I am indeed online and asking if he still is. I got no reply for about 30 minutes or so. I was convinced he left already and so sent another message, then logged off.

Well yea it's disappointing because I checked my mail tonight and whoa, he was still online when I sent the second message to which he replied, and still was online until 9pm. Boo-hoo! I can't forgive myself for logging off that fast (half an hour?! I usually spend a minimum of 1hour on the net!)

+ + +

Valentine's Day is near already and of course what's so special about my Valentine's Day if my Valentine is not around? Wala. Hahaha... *mushy* Anyway I hear that China's got another Valentine's Day--the traditional date when they celebrate Hearts Day--although they're already somewhat Westernized and is also celebrating February 14. The traditional one's got a story behind, and I still do not know when's that. Okay I'm out to tell you the story.

So there's this guy and an angel, fell in love with each other and had two kids. The 'headmaster' of angels found out about this and got mad so he took the angel back to the sky. He said that they'll only be allowed to see each other once a year (that's the date) with the guy bringing his kids and himself up to the sky by traveling through the clouds. And it always rains on that day since the couple would cry in happiness because they saw each other again, and also because they'd be separated again for another year. Aios. So ano ang moral lesson ng kwento? Ewan. Tinatanong ko nga eh. Joke.

Anyway I'm thinking of sending him a gift or whatever for Valentine's Day but I still can't figure out what to give him. Suggestions? Saka kase ales na sha on 15th. Off to Macau for pingpong training *sheesh*.

+ + +

Speaking of angels, here's our little angel... :) Yana as we call her, she's Christie Ann Naval. The eyes of Kitchie Nadal, the nose of her mom and the lips of I don't know who. ...Oh and cute ears like Ewoks. Hahaha.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Got Sale?
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It's been a few weeks since I officially started taking live calls. I've had a few irate callers and a few good people to speak to, not to mention sales. (Trina's got a saaaaaale!!) The biggest thing about it was the schedule which Jal dubbed as PKP as in Patay Kung Patay. Most of us part time eReps are working on this kind of schedule, though we 'chose' our schedule, we can't do anything much about it since most are working or schooling still. I miss my batchmates (part timers) since we don't usually get to see each other that often coz we have different shifts (of course!). My schedule is actually light compared to other's, like Hannah's. I just work: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1am-5am; Fridays (to Saturdays) 9pm-12mn, 1am-5am; and Sundays 1am-8am. That's just 22 hours I think.

And actually I got my first pay already! Yahoo!!! But according to our soon-to-be lawyer batchmate Philippe (I call him Philippie) the computation for the salary is erroneous so we're hoping to get more. Yipee!!

Honest to goodness, in as much as I enjoy working with my team (pronounce that as teee-yim according to, still, Philippie) and my batchmates, I personally--as of the moment--do not recommend this kind of work to someone who's not into sales (like ME!). I mean, really, it gets boring at times because you know for yourself that you've got to make a sale...but what can I do I just am not a hard-seller? Sometimes I just can't be pushy when it's against my ethical chuva to do so; sometimes I just happen to understand the customer's situation so I can't really tell him "blah blah get this and get that now"... When I signed the contract for this I thought I was actually gonna be in a Customer Service department--well, that's what they actually call it for heaven's sake, it's just that there's sales incorporated--but as it turns out, we are the Sales department, and the Customer Service department is in another contact center just a few blocks from our building! Well this may just be for the account I'm under, by the way.

Okay enough of that. In any environment, we tend to have fun among ourselves and if that's not enough, we make fun out of other people. Right? Cmon, don't be denial kings and queens. Well anyway, at the operations floor, we have a few characters already. There's Joel in the Palace. Joel's our batchmate and his credentials goes like this: He's pretending to be an American, sounds like an Indian, speaking Spanish and lives in a palace! Hahaha... And then there's Ashanti (that's our codename for him), the ever-yabang guy on the floor and epal too. He looks like Ja Rule but if we use that name it'd be all too obvious. Then there's Ms Cheerleader, a supervisor, who's supposed to be helping us out in times that we don't know what to do, but everytime you ask for assistance she's just gonna nod you off. She's better in doing her cheerleading stint, "---- got a saaaaalee!" Ummm who else... Oh, we've got a Tim Yap too. If you see him, you'll know what I'm talking about. And Tin's crushie, the guy who's cute but for me he actually looks a bit like he's gay or something. Hahaha...

It seems like I'm trying to make up for all the days that I wasn't able to blog by flooding you with information (if it's hardly information at all) right? Okay I'll cut this off right now. Thank you for calling, have a nice day. Bye bye. ;]