Saturday, August 27, 2005

In less than an hour, I went through emotional extremes. Extremely happy then uber sad and down in a snap. Time to play emo? Well this is what a commitment-free setup is about. It can't possibly be all smiles; the hardest and worst part is, you can't go and be grumpy or yell at that someone if you're hurt. 'Coz there's absolutely no commitment. No right to go mad and crazy. Sheesh.

What's worse than being compared and coming in second to somebody? Someone on a pedestal or something like it. The untouchable, unreachable, unfathomable... I do not intend to be the best, nor exceed what and who she is, just no comparison please. As my blog title goes: I'm no you, everyone's extremely unique. I'm no her, I'm no anybody.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So what have i done these past weeks? I've just finished my five hundred hours requirement for my one and only subject this semester, practicum. I'm elated and at the same time, I'm missing the embassy friends and lunchmates. They've been real nice to me. So I'm making a post for updates...again.

I've finished reading the The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (a gift from my supervisor), and I'm quite surprised to know that a friend actually had finished most of what I wanted to read. It's really not like him. He's lending me Angels and Demons. I still have to finish Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (reading from a pdf file) and another Dan Brown pdf too. Since I'd be a bum for around three months or so, I intend to read as much as I can...

I just figured out lately that I really have lots of things that I want to be or have. I want to be a president's daughter, a print ad model, a rockstar, a violinist, a good singer and a photographer. I want to take voice lessons, two foreign language courses, personality development trainings, and photography classes. I want to save up for a good camera. A friend who's taking up Fine Arts asked me if I'd like to be their model/subject for at least a session during their photography class, I said I don't mind (As long as it's not nude photography!); the thing is, I'm really envy that they get to have photog classes. :( I wish I could save up and attend photog classes...

Hmm I got to go, I still have chores to do. Lam mo na, katulong eh. :) Catchya guys later.