Monday, December 26, 2005

Picks! Pix!
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Really, what's gotten into me that I feel like posting (and posting and posting...) photos lately? I still don't know. Oh geez I'm a bit itchy right now, I had a glass of Novellino whites and its effects are starting to show (and be felt)... I'm allergic to alcoholic drinks kase. Anyway, on with the pictures!!

First picture is me and my siblings together with our paternal grandparents. That's kuya, Lolo, Lola, Miko, (seated) me and my very pregnant younger sister Mika. For the second picture, I believe you're not clueless on who they are. :)
Third photo is me and my sister and kuya posing with the book which my kuya gave his sisters: Cosmopolitan's Man Management. Haha what a gift! Next photo, that's me at our living room. Don't I blend well with the tablecloth?!
Lastly, that's still me, while struggling with Chinese language. My mom took this shot and thanks to my lola's very bright Christmas lights I looked like a monster ahihihi... I feel like posting my wackiest photos but decided against it. Baka maging Halloween tong Christmas special ko eh. Hehehehe..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas everyone! So this is how my day went:

24 December
20:00 went to my lola's house for Christmas dinner
22:00 went to Misa de Aguinaldo with my whole family plus grandparents
23:30 got a call from XYH, greeting me 'Meli Klismas' ;)

25 December
00:00 Noche buena at home, plus gifts and all
03:00 Sleep time, but a rowdy neighbor prevented us all from doing so
07:00 People began dropping by the house, I'm still curled up
10:00 I finally got up, went down stairs wearing my jogging pants and a big shirt, helped out in entertaining guest, preparing food and managing gifts
17:30 The calm after the storm, finally, I was able to take a bath and change into presentable clothes!
19:20 Another call from China
19:30 Dinner at my lola's house again, afterwards we'll be giving gifts and opening them here too...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

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I forgot to include in my last post: congratulations to my kuya, for winning the Employee of the Year award at Diamond Hotel Philippines. Reitirating, you deserve it! Hehe, balato naman? Hihihi model? Baka model employee! Idol!

Salamat sa Ice Monster at Tempura Grill treat.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Pre Christmas
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Listening to: All I Want for Christmas is You

Hmm.. The first photo is the view from the bottom of the giant Christmas tree in UST. Such a spectacular display of lights and lanterns. Too bad my mobile phone's camera's resolution isn't as nice as a digital cam's. Haha... The fireworks during the Paskuhan celebration was superb! Although it wasn't as long as the fireworks display during the closing ceremonies of the SEA Games, it's okay. Whatever... (What am I saying?!)

The next photo is me posing in front of the Fountain of Life (please correct me if I'm wrong) found in UST also. Nung Paskuhan ko lang ata nakita yan na may ilaw at umaandar hehe... It should be visible if you're along Espana Boulevard at night. After the Paskuhan program, many students--and non Thomasians alike--still loitered around the campus to enjoy the lights display throughout the university. Lights everywhere! Main building, Arch of the Centuries, Benavides Park, Grandstand. Literally, everywhere. I appreciated that the Architecture building (Beato Angelico) had its own lantern display. :)

Okay enough of my Paskuhan stint. But honestly, the fun factor does not and will not depend on the program per se, it's dependent on who you're with. I enjoyed hanging around and loitering around, slumped on the soccer field with my classmates. It's our last, for god's sake. Argh, I said enough of the Paskuhan thingies. Hahaha...

What else should I be blogging about? Oh! I just got home from Makati tonight. I did contract signing (parang endorser huh?) with PeopleSupport already! I am officially employed [part time]! I am excited eventhough employment would mean that I can't go to our class' retreat and the Puerto Galera trip for my thesis. It's okay, it's alright, gee wee yo I look alright! hahaha cheering squad?!

Oh, and yeah. I was wondering why the free email services that most of us have (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) don't have Stationery features. Like in Yahoo, you have to sign up for Yahoo Mail Plus. Hmmmppp... My Chinese boyfriend's been sending me emails with cutsie BGs coz his email provider, 126, has it. I'm envious!

Anyway, I might not be online until after Christmas, so allow me to greet all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a joyous New Year! I hope y'all have worthwhile holidays.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Home Alone
Currently feeling: Bored
Listening to: All I Want for Christmas is You

I'm home alone because my family went to Bulacan for my maternal grandmother's birthday celebration. And I have to be at home to wait until 2pm so that I'd be going to school for the Paskuhan, starting from the parade. I intend to finish the whole event, and that's gonna end at around midnight. Ang masaya pa dun, walang susundo sakin, at wala rin namang sasakyan para dalhin. Aios. So out of boredom I'm answering this survey I got from Tin's blog.

+ + +

1) bothers you right now? = that he's in China and I'm in the Philippines
2) is your favorite time of the year? = I used to love Christmas season
3) was your dream last night? = OMG, he died coz he flew off a motorbike driven by someone
4) is your greatest fear? = to be unloved
5) was the best thing that happened to you this week? = uh, sleep?
6) are you planning to do this weekend? = wala.
7) can you promise to the one you love? = I did, the promise we made to wait for each other
8) will you wish for if you have a genie? = Mandarin fluency

1) are you thinking of right now? = XYH
2) do you run to when you're down? = friends, friends, friends. Can't live w/o them.
3) are the most influential people in your life right now? = dad and mom
4) was the last person you went out with? = if it's a date, it's XYH. Otherwise, it's Jeno.
5) is the one you're missing right now? = Xiao Yong Heng! :(
6) will you call/text later? = college friends, Paskuhan eh
7) completes your day? = my carebear
8) starts your day? = nobody

1) will you take a bath? = after lunch
2) will you watch a movie? = maybe before 2005 ends, maybe not
3) was the first time you fell in love? = 16?
4) was the last time you went out with your friends? = hang out lang eh
5) was the last time you said "I love you"? = 14th of December
6) was the last time you read a book? = a month ago
7) was the last time you asked for help? = last night, searching for a B+ person
8) was the last time you kissed your dad/mom = this morning
9) did you last receive a gift? = 04 Dec. The CareBear

1) you have a crush? = nope
2) you believe in love? = of course.
3) you easily get attracted to the opposite sex? = no. it's a wonder what happened between me and the Chinese guy actually
4) you get jealous easily? = nope

Eto pa.
1) Anyone in love with you right now? = I hope he does love me.
2) Want to get married? = yup, with the right person hopefully.
3) Ever did something unusual for love? = Shempre.
4) What do you notice first in a person? = the eyes
5) Last person you fell in love with or currently in love with? = XYH
6) Are you missing someone right now? = nobody else but him.

+ + +

As I was answering this survey, I got a call I have long been waiting for. The call center in which I've been applying for a part time position finally called to inform me of the job offer schedule [that is, contract signing, etc.]. Finally! They've been calling me up these days about work character references, and I keep telling them I haven't really worked pa naman so sino ibibigay ko? Well anyway, at least my application's moving.

+ + +

There's this Christmas song by Britney Spears that I really like, nakabisado ko na from shopping at SM malls the previous years. It's only now that I've searched for the title and complete lyrics. As I have researched, lyrics sites are quite confused on the real title of the song. Some posted it as "Santa Can You Hear Me" or "All I Want for Christmas" and "My Only Wish This Year". But I think I'll go for "My Only Wish". He he he. Ho ho ho.

My Only Wish [Britney Spears]

Oh yeah yeah... / Last night I took a walk in the snow / Couples holdin hands, places to go / Seems like everyone but me is in love /Santa can you hear me? / I signed my letter that I sealed with kiss / I sent it off, it just said this: "i know exactly what I want this year" / Santa can you hear me? / I want my baby, baby /I want someone to love me, someone to hold /Maybe maybe /He'll be all my own in a big red bow

**Santa can you hear me? / I have been so good this year /And all I want is one thing / Tell me my true love is here / He's all I want, just for me / Underneath my christmas tree / I'll be waiting here / Santa that's my only wish this year

Yeahh... / Christmas eve, I just can't sleep / Would I be wrong for takin a peek / Cuz I heard that you're comin to town / Santa can you hear me? / I really hope that you're on your way / With something special for me in your sleigh / Oh please make my wish come true / Santa can you hear me? / I want my baby, baby / I want someone to love me, someone to hold / Baby, baby, baby / We'll be all alone under the mistletoe**

I hope my letter reaches you in time / Bring me love I can call all mine / Cuz I have been so good this year / Can't be alone under the mistletoe /He's all I want in a big red bow.**

Ahh ahh ahh / Oh santa, can you hear me...? /Oh santa, well he's all I want / Just for me, underneath my christmas tree / I'll be waiting here / Santa that's my only wish this year / Santa that's my only wish this year.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in Your Hearts
Currently feeling: Numb
Listening to: Sorry by Cueshe

My mom used to tell me that all her children are of blood type B since both my parents are. It was a shock to know today that I'm an O+. I had a blood typing test because I was supposed to donate plasma for my godfather's son, Jason. It's such a sad thing that I wasn't a B+ because they really need donors right now. He's in a critical condition due to Dengue, and I took every precaution yesterday (not to stay up late, no alcoholic beverages, etc.) just to be qualified as a donor, and the most important one, compatibility, failed my hopes to help the person in need.

I don't know what got into me that I opted to put a small photo of me here on my blog page. Just felt like doing something different by starting with the 'Life is waiting' blog title.

Tomorrow's Paskuhan already; Paskuhan is the university wide Christmas celebration. I am looking forward to it, but I don't think I'm as excited as everybody else. I think I'm gonna be there for the sake that it's my last Paskuhan as a college student (unless of course, I fail a subject and be disqualified for graduation). Anyway, I bought a green shirt for the parade (I never even knew that there's a parade per college, until this year haha) because my section opted for my suggestion to go rainbow colors RoyGBiv. As the student council president said, the more colors the better. Right. Whatever.

Hmm, Christmas spirit is really not with me this year huh? I don't feel it. I haven't even gone Christmas shopping, not even clothes for myself, and I don't intend to buy gifts at all. Except for my lone inaanak. This is odd.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Falling Apart
Currently feeling: Torn
Listening to: Eraserheads Anthology

I am falling apart. I am failing. In most, if not all, aspects of my life right now. It would definitely be success for me if I'd be able to survive this point in life. Really, all aspects.

Faith. It's decreasing, if not diminishing. This is my worst fear. I do not want this to happen but it is happening. Love. I love, but am I loved? Nobody can say for sure. And words are never enough. Still I hold on. *sheesh* Academics. The obvious and sure effect of the first two: academic failure. I am losing my interest; I don't even have the energy to get up each morning and don my uniform and go to school. Career. I thought I'd have this one by now. Pero wala pa rin. Family and friends. I'm not the usual me. I am alive, but not living.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Busy Bee
Currently feeling: So-so
Listening to: Speed of Sound by Coldplay

I've been trying to keep myself busy with anything at all just so it'd take my mind off those things. I'm applying for a part time job. Basically that's it, will blog later for more details. Sigh.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Faith in Fate
Currently feeling: Full of questions
Listening to: Somewhere Down the Road

Today I said I won't cry anymore, after having cried almost every day for almost a week now. Still, I did. But, for a different reason. My friend Godfrey's sister, Rea, passed away today. She's just a fifteen year old girl, on her last high school year, dreams soaring, aiming high. She slept last night feeling a numbing headache, then nightmare, then disaster. Aneurism's the term, I think. Everything's so sudden, with really no warnings at all.

My body shook when I heard the news (through SMS). I cannot believe she's gone. She's the joy of their family, the ever-friendly to anyone who visits their home, the dreamer, the ambitious. My friend was actually finding a job to finance for her debut three years from now because Rea wants a grand one. She's supposed to be out with Noh (another friend of mine) on Sunday because she made 'hirit' to him to treat her out for a Starbucks frap. She's already saving up for kitchen tools because she wants to take up HRM after graduation. Now everything's history.

All that my friend could say between sobs is, "Why? She's so young, and she's got dreams and hopes to fulfill..." To which I could not say anything plausible. Though personally I think it's not a very satisfying answer (for if I was given the answer, I'd still question it), I said "God has a plan." Oh sh_t. I myself, I am not convinced with this answer [yet] when I asked about my currently super down self. And now, I am giving the answer out as if I know what it means?

I tried to be emotionally strong all the while that he's crying to me, hugging him when he needs it. Inasmuch as I am a crybaby, I congratulate myself for not crying in front of him who needs a strong friend to lean on. Once I got home, I went straight to the altar and plopped down. Then I started crying. I was like, "God, they always say You have a plan, and everything that happens in our life is according to Your plan. But still I can't understand why such things are happening. This is too much to be an emotional strength test. It's too much to give for one week." I know I should not be questioning Him but, how could I not? It is too much. My heart is breaking every day, getting crushed all the more. Let me know You're there. May I please even take a glimpse on what's Your plan like? Can I have my life with less guessing games please? I know I can't. And, yes, I still have faith in fate.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Of Tears and Putonghua
Currently feeling: Weak
Listening to: I'm Missing You

These are the thoughts currently running through my head.
1. Whatever will be, will be.
2. Let time pass by. Time heals. The answers come with time.
3. Be prepared. A coin always has two sides.
4. There's always a reason for everything.
5. God has a plan.
6. Love is beautiful, but never painless.
7. Just be thankful it happened.
8. Xiexie ni de ai. Hen xiang ni. Yong heng.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Currently listening to: MYMP
Currently feeling: Sad

Yea it's meant to be blurry. It's a stolen sweet moment with him. No, I am NOT seated on his lap, like what most people say when they saw this pic. It's just that he's half-seated, half-lying. Okay? Gosh I miss him so much. Xiang ni, Xiao... Ni bu wang wo. Wo deng ni. Pinky-swear.