Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nursing the Nurse

Went to SF and my boyfriend's sick. He's been sick for a few days already, fever and stuff. Gotta take care of the nurse. Anyway we went to church and had dinner afterwards. The next day was Presidents Day so it was a holiday, we went out with his bandmates and we went to Guitar Center where the guys took an hour or so fiddling. Al and I cooked dinner (shrimps, bangus, veggies and soup) and I was stuffed! Nothing beats home-cooked meals. We ain't gonna see each other for FIVE weeks so ultimate QT together is all we did. *sigh* Gonna miss him real bad!

Also, I've been thinking of getting a Vonage phone for my home in Navotas, since I fly US flights most of the time. People at home would be able to contact me easier since I have a T-Mobile phone. Hmm.

  • People at home can call wherever I am in the States, on my cel or hotel
  • They can call relatives and friends in the US and Canada like local calls
  • Friends and relatives in US and Canada can call Navotas too
  • I get to talk with Al when I'm home without paying per minute (on phonecards and stuff)
  • Lesser Globe prepaid credits to use when I'm in Manila (I usually load up around a thousand pesos per month)

  • Around $30 per month (which when I think about it, isn't that much considering I load up P1000 per month and buy phonecards whenever I'm home)

+ + +

Plugging new items on my eBay site:

Most likely for the ladies:
  • Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pad
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Centrum Multivitamins
  • Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash
  • Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum
  • RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum

And for the guys:
  • Superman #100 The Death of Clark Kent
  • Superman The Kansas Sighting #2
  • Adventures of Superman #425 (not in photo)
  • Superman #75 The Death of Superman (not in photo)
  • Hell Spawn #2,3,4,6,7,9 (other issues not in photo)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

SHE is So Sweet

On my Seattle flight, I flew with a junior Korean crew named Mi-Jin Lee. She was formerly a domestic crew turned international in Asiana. She was kind and helpful in a genuine way. Going back to Seoul, we were add crew. Sitting as passengers on an 11-hour flight sucks, and we're both bored. She ended up sitting next to my seat and we talked for hours, played with my DS, listened to her iPod (yes, she's got English songs) and her teaching me Korean and I correct her English. By the end of the flight, we've exchanged email addresses and she gave her mobile phone number. We agreed to meet the next day, our day off.

At noon, she's here and we went to Insadong, a strip known for shops with souvenirs and Korean traditionals. We went window shopping, taking pictures, explaining cultures and her treat--Korean restaurant! What's great about her is that you could ask her almost anything and she'll gladly explain. We went food sampling (free samples), visiting art exhibits (she paints), laughing at weird actions of other people and many many things. I had lots of fun and we hanged out at Starbucks for more talks.

We both whined how twisted the seniority is at Asiana, some company principles that aren't so wise, and how she HATES Korean men's culture. In her own words, "a lot of foreign people likes Asian women, but nobody wants to be with Korean men."

We got back to my hotel room just in time before Al's sleeping time, and she left at around 5-ish. After about half an hour the front desk agent is at my door, with a paper bag of food (pizza bread, cake and juice) with a note that says, "If you don't eat, not good for health." She is so sweet!

It's funny how after almost two years in Korea, I have just made a Korean friend. I hope we could work our schedules out and meet for movie and Namsan Tower!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hearts' (Sorry for the hate post, I just have to)

So I went to the doctor yesterday who gave me meds and not a urine test even if I wanted to. Checked my schedule and found out my sickness gave me a miss flight record. Dang. Anyway at least I missed a flight not because I didn't wake up or something, coz I would have been so pissed.

+ + +

Valentine's day almost here but I'm flying to Seattle today so I might not greet all of you in your respective timezones, so Happy Hearts' day everyone! Hope you enjoy it with loved ones (and that includes family and friends!)

+ + +

I just finished my first real sale on eBay, the buyer bought all of my National Geographic magazines and I had em shipped to Baguio City. Cool! And a book was being bid upon from P150 now up to P255. Hmmm.. I'm thrilled! Nobody seemed to notice a book by my favorite author though.

I'll be posting new items for sale when I get back from Seattle. But I really don't feel like shopping in Seattle though, it's freakin' cold! Well we'll see.

Some of my Asiana batchmates are thinking of eBay-ing too :)

+ + +

(Excuse me, hate post...)

And what's the deal with people who try to have everything? For those who can't shut their mouths, can't be contented with what they have or what they're given... All I can tell you is you selfless immature b**ch, go help yourself and not wait til someone gives you what you need. And if you're not given what you asked for, don't f**k up their lives by going against what you're supposed to do, where you're supposed to be. You're lucky you're even there, you messed up lives already, and if you want to mess up some more, then do it with yours! For now we're brushing you off and not even confronting you, we're not hurting you nor telling you what to do; but when your narrowmindedness strikes and it threatens to hurt a few more people, then I tell you we're not gonna think twice in doing what we must. One more stupid decision and you won't wanna wait til I get home!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Just got in from SF. Not really a good day coz I was non-working for the inbound flight due to the fact that I was peeing with blood. I was hella scared. And pelvic area was giving me cramps like I'm gonna die. I feel better now, no more blood too, but I'm gonna have a checkup done tomorrow. Darn. Gonna waste my day off.

Anyway highway subway freeway... I got my Polar White DS Lite from Al with Super Mario Brothers nonetheless (I swear I could use up all my time Mario-ing and not caring about any other games), then we went to Fry's Electronics where we got a Bomberman and a pair of Sony earphones to go with my DS Lite, plus screen protectors. I got him a camera bag that was on sale for $30, big enough to fit his DJ (that's his D40's name) with both the lenses.

Surprise for me! Yey! He gave me a bracelet with a heart pendant(?) that had my name engraved on one side and "Love, Al" on the other. Pre-Valentines gift coz we're not gonna be together on Vday. Sweet.

No pictures for this visit, and we don't know why.

P.S. I'm gonna name my DS "Polly" :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

My New Hobby

Haha, I was in Manila for the continuation of my January days off and since I was so disappointed that I didn't get a DS Lite when I was in SF, I tried searching for DS Lites online and stumbled upon; I never thought online shopping in the Philippines actually happens until I browsed through eBay. That was when I tried lookin' up items that I usually buy on layovers and started fidgeting with the calculator. I realized I could sell those items for a much cheaper price.

Also, I've been telling Al to sell some of their stuff at home on eBay rather than throwing them away or sending them to the Philippines na wala naman halos makikinabang. Theirs is a typical household full of stuff they don't need that they bought when there was this huge sale, etc. Subsequently, I started searching our own house for stuff that we don't need anymore but is still in good condition to sell at a pre-owned price.

Voila, I am now a seller on eBay! Right now I only have items that I got from our library at home, some books I've finished reading and a lot of Nat Geo magazines. My dad's still hesitant on selling the really old issues of his Nat Geo collection.

I'm so excited to get to SF again (not only because Al had bought me a DS Lite already when finally it was in stock again) because I'm so excited to shop for items that I deem cheaper in the states to sell on eBay to Philippine online market. And since it's just a hobby, I'm not inclined on getting too much from it, I plan to compete and give the lowest price possible. Kasi para san pa na bibili sila online if they're getting stuff that's only A BIT cheaper than when you get them at Rustan's diba?

I spent days studying eBay, checking out prices, fees for selling and shipping. I've finally posted some items yesterday and I'm so excited what's gonna happen. I even made a Multiply account to have a bigger market.

Finally I'd maximize the perks of my job--and all the time I spend in front of my laptop!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My 100

Finally. I've finished my 100 Things About Me list which I made when read Romy's. It's on another blog. But you can leave your comments here. :)