Monday, April 25, 2011

Online Assessment for Promotion

I might just be looking for a job.

I'm currently working for Sitel in Ortigas; took a job as a sales chat rep for a measly sum. The good thing about it was that it was a pioneer (start up) account. For non-BPO/call-center peeps, this means you're the first batch in the account and in turn may provide you a huge possibility of getting promoted once the account expands. I am now considered a regular employee since February 2011 and have just been waiting for this account to expand or for the company to post internal job postings for which I could apply for. Through the six-month probationary period I gave it my all and the best I can be, in preparation of a good background check if ever I apply for a promotion.

Finally, last March our Operations Manager had informed us that she is actively looking for two people to fill in two vacancies. You guessed it right, I applied for one. One was team lead position and the other was for a Quality Analyst. I applied for the latter, knowing I ain't really good in 'leading' per se.

Tuesday last week, a couple of my colleagues had taken their online assessment test for the team lead position. One passed, the other didn't make it. I got quite nervous so I asked my own TL (team lead) to coach me on what to expect, and got tips from him. He mentioned I'd be doing a little math, analytical problems and a few abstract stuff. I honestly did not worry about it--this is easy.

Wednesday, I was asked to come in early, and it was my turn for the assessment. I sat in front of the PC, the test administrator asked me to start. I asked, "don't I need paper or something?" She said I didn't need it, and I grabbed the headset. Voila! The first part was a 30 to 50 item exam about MS Excel. This may not be surprising, but it was so difficult. I mean, I could use Excel, no problem with that. I even enjoy making spreadsheets even for my own finances...

But be asked about questions asking about which tab or which menu to find a certain option, or what dialog box pops up for a certain error certainly did not have anything to do with what I know. I was cursing the entire time...this is bull. This is bookish. I can certainly navigate my way around MS Excel without memorizing those things, and the worst part is, I was not even given a heads up that this was the kind of exam I'll get.

F*** it. The results will be in today, I don't know but I'm not expecting to pass. If by some miracle I do pass, I'm definitely making sure that I get the promotion and raise within a couple of months. If I don't get it, then I guess there's no stopping me from getting a higher paying entry level job. My CV is printed. Ten copies. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Friends

After three years since the first time, I met with my blog friends Tin and Abet last night at Bonifacio High Street. These two were the first of many online/blog friends I made when my addiction for Internet started. Both used to have Blogspot accounts; but with the emergence of other sites like Multiply and Facebook, blogging seemed extinct and resulted to Notes in Facebook or Multiply blog. We were actually talking about it last night, on how blogs are almost extinct, but at the same time how different it is to be blogging for real--not those that you want those 'friends' to see. The mystery/anonymity is lacking, and the chance that anybody can possibly stumble upon your posts and you might be able to help them (with your ideas), or in our case, be interested in them and become your real life friends.

Side note: It was my first time at Clawdaddy. Either I was hungry or everything was superb! We ordered: carbonara, pizza (the salmon one) and even the appetizer sampler is great! Will definitely go back.

Photos to follow, since our photographer Abet is currently far far away, doubt that he's able to upload it last night. It was fun, catching up: how different our lives are from the first time we met, or the different partners we are now referring to as our present/s. We definitely need a part three for this one, as the things discussed last night would need to be reassessed, for the lack of better terms. It's funny how you meet a lot of people online and be actually friends with some of them. Amazing. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Family Trip

As a graduation gift to my youngest sib, mom booked us flights to Cebu. Having been a flight attendant, I have been so used to flying, but my two brothers--my Kuya and the youngest--have never been on one. Mika, my sister, had flown to Indonesia for her practicum; my parents have flown domestic and international flights. So to have them experience flying--with a former FA like me--would be great.

I had so much fun traveling with my family. We don't get to do this a lot since our annual Baguio trip usually comes with a lot of other people, so having a trip just the family (and my 5-year old niece, Yana) is rare. I filed for unpaid leaves while Kuya and Nanay both filed for VLs.

We went hotel-hopping in Cebu and Mactan, went to see Magellan's Cross and the Sto. Nino Basilica. We took the ferry to Bohol/Tagbilaran for a day trip. Went to see the Chocolate Hills, Panglao Island, tarsiers, etc. We are so grateful for our host, tita Tere (mom's friend) who had been so generous in letting us stay over at their wonderful home in Talisay, Cebu. We got the chance to spend nights there, play Guitar Hero and lounge around even when they aren't home. Tita Tere was the same aunt who toured me around London and saw the Stonehenge.

So what did we learn? To have pictures taken not lined up like it's a firing squad. (See photo) We call this the American Idol pose. Nothing, just because most reality shows on TV would show you photos like these and my parents are hooked on the latest season of AI.