Saturday, December 29, 2007

White Christmas

I don't know where to begin. All I can say is... I had so much fun.

(Christmas Day) December 25
Flew to SF, arrived Christmas day. Al and his mom (with Sid, their dog) picked me up and then we headed off to Reno, NV. Quite a few stopovers so it was dark when we reached Reno. Checked in at Circus Circus and then had dinner. Mama went to the slot machines while Al and I checked up on Sid and went out to get Reno night shots. When we got back, Mama still hooked on the slot machine so we just went to have midnight snack at a cafe. Cozy talks. I got three gifts: an Old Navy fleece sweatshirt from Papa, an Escada perfume from Mama and an AK wristwatch from him. I got him a D40 (the one we used the entire trip) and got his parents something for the home.

December 26

Got ready for Lake Tahoe and had brunch at a Chinese resto in Reno. Fell asleep right after and when I woke up I was seeing mountains and snowcaps. Stopped by a vista point to look at the lake from Nevada side and then crossed the border of NV and CA, stopover at Carrows for something warm; more pictures and then played with snowballs. Headed home and watched Chuck and Larry (he fell asleep right away after I gave him a massage, poor Al, got tired drivin).

December 27
He was playing with Xbox 360 all morning while I had breakfast with his mom. We got ready and went to pay our T-Mo bill, and Mama went shopping while we had my watch resized. Ate at the food court, went to Best Buy to look for lens filters and a camera bag (unfortunately we didn't feel like buying em), and tried to find Xbox 360 games that I'd like. Went to another mall to pick up his mom and we ended up buying my own controller (pink!) and a couple of games.
Xbox-ed our night away and watched The Heartbreak Kid when we got tired.

December 28
I don't wanna get up. I'm sleepy and I didn't wanna leave.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve Misadventure

I got to Korea the night of the 23rd. Immediately went out to have Ssam Gyup Sal dinner and coffee and pretzel hangout with four of my donggis: Cha, Mica, Jila and Kim. All of them were flying out on the 24th so only Cristia (arriving on the morning of the 24th) and I will be at the hotel on Christmas eve.

As mentioned on the previous post, I was unlucky trying to find a church. Well anyway on the morning of 24th, I still tried to call up churches and searched the net. I found an internation Catholic [something] and they have English mass but I'm not sure where it was (directions were so vague), but anyhow I kept that option open. I asked the front desk to call up Hyehwa, the church with a Filipino mass every Sunday, coz I just know na ang pinoy--in Mica's words--hindi papayag na walang Christmas eve mass.

Indeed there is a mass, just that the Filipinos have to relocate coz the church will have a Korean mass for the parish. I didn't know where the new location was but according to the Filipina I talked to on the phone, everybody would meet up at the church and altogether go to the venue.

Anyway so Ms Crystal (my senior), Cristia and I went to the church after we had dinner at Han's Deli. We arrived early so we were wondering where all the people were. It turned out there were no Filipinos there (the meetup place might have to be someplace else) and we tried going to the direction that the priest told us to go to, but ended up going into the church anyway. Yes, the Korean mass.

Besides the fact that everything is in Korean, the sequence is quite different. I would have stayed if the Christmas carols were in English man lang but they were also translated: Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. So I just prayed and told God, "It's the thought that counts." And then we head back to the hotel after praying. I was able to pray well though, as the Koreans were really solemn when it comes to their masses.

Subway human traffic was enormous especially at our stop, Hong Dae, because our area is where a lot of bars and clubs are and it's where young people go to. And it being a holiday eve, people were heading our way.

Anyway, what turkey is to Thanksgiving is cake to Christmas here in Korea. Just a useless info. :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

All I want for Christmas... to hear/attend Christmas mass.

Seriously. I couldn't really ask for anything more 'coz God's been so good to me, even granting a long (3D/4N) layover in SF. I have a day off in Korea on the 24th and flying out on Christmas day to SF.

I inquired about [English and Tagalog] Christmas masses on two churches that usually have 'em on Sundays; unfortunately they won't have foreign language masses the day before, prolly just on Christmas day itself. My heart sank. Last Christmas I also wasn't able to go to church because I had a flight. And now that I have the chance, there are no masses I could actually understand.

Told Al about it and my only hope would be to hear mass when I get to SF (which, because of the 17-hour time difference, is still Christmas day). I was already at the office awaiting my showup for my Seattle flight and I was there MapQuest-ing nearby churches in SF. Luckily I found one that had the earliest possible time (with my arrival being sometime between 10am-12noon) -- a 1pm mass -- at a church four minutes away. It got my hopes up and gladly told him about it.

The thing is, we had planned to leave SF as soon as I get there to go to Reno, NV, which i s like a four hour drive (depending on how heavy the snow would be) and he wouldn't want us caught up in snow and driving through it dark and late. He didn't actually say no to my Christmas mass thing, but he didn't really say yes either.

Must have been the hormones working and I was crying in front of a computer at the office, ruining my makeup. It made me half-wish I'm spending Christmas at home, where people would certainly drop everything for a Christmas mass. It's so difficult expecting people to be doing the same stuff that you're used to, having the same beliefs that you have had all your life.

Christmas, is CHRIST-mas. How could I not go to church?

My cousin dete Jan--who flew to Yokohama the day I left Manila a few days ago--was right. It would have been easier to leave and not miss the people in our family/home had it been any other family. But when you're having the best, how could you find any place better?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Three kids have student visas valid until January 2008. If you ask me, I wouldn't even know visas are needed in the Philippines. December 2007, the kids--who had been studying at Brent in Laguna--are to go back to their country for Christmas break. But the immigration officer demands P2000 from each of the gradeschoolers for an "invalid visa"; he says the visas had to come with the receipts.

Tell me, have you ever seen a passport with receipts stapled to it?

One of the kids' mom comes to the rescue and asks an airline staff to talk to the immigration officer. It is, after all, a twisted reason. And guess what, the immigration officer agrees to accept $200 for all three kids.

Christmas. Money. Corruption.

Only in the Philippines.

WOW, Philippines.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Summary

I was having a facial yesterday at Mall of Asia yesterday and I was laying still, eyes closed as the attendant was putting on my mask. Must've been the calming effects of the mask (or the fact that the place I chose wasn't too crowded like Let's Face It's) that I got to--ahem--reflect on my 2007.

A lot of things happened this year (well of course given 365 days, a lot would really happen), some sad but most are to be thankful of.

  • I've been shopping--quite often. Had learned the art of it. A bit.
  • Some of my donggis are no longer in Asiana: Erika, Mara, Anne, Sebie, Ate Jacq, Bianca and the most recent, Kat.
  • I've never dated before so I tried dating early this year.
  • Bought D *super smile*
  • My maternal lolo died.
  • Al. Enough said. :) Did he even know I was tryin' to be single this year?
  • If aL is God's way of rewarding me for what I did for Mav, then all of you reading this must know that God sure does know what "compensation" means!
  • Out of some twisted fate, I found a long lost friend named Kaye.
  • I got my US tourist visa! Ten years validity, multiple entries. I did not blog about this because it was a surprise for aL last month.
  • My parents celebrated 25 years of marriage.
  • I've experienced snow. (In Korea!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm stuck at home. Broke. Haha. Usually you won't find me at home on my days off in Manila. I'd most likely be at the mall shopping, or at the supermarket doing my grocery shopping, or at the spa getting a facial/mani/pedi or something. But I'm here at home and I don't wanna go out coz I only have five thousand pesos spending money. And no backups.

Yesterday I had to withdraw all the money I have from my ATM account (and oh boy it was the first time I had to carry cash that much coz mom would always just give us checks, or I'd keep it in my debit card instead of carrying cash) coz dad needs money for some reason. He said I'll have it back by this week naman. So I'm here and just left myself 5,000 pesos just in case I really need to go out.

I've decided to take care of my finances on my own; I didn't even know how to pay my bills, could you believe that? We always had someone who'd take the money from us and go pay the bills (and eventually causing me to overpay the broadband bill!), so I'm clueless on where to go to pay 'em, now that I'm tryin' to be responsible and pay for them myself. I'm starting to try learn what goes on with banks, credit cards, ATMs and whatevers. Haha. I feel like I'm getting older so I have to know how.

I spent all morning in front of the PC trying to decide which credit card company to apply for. And the first one on my list?

American Express!

Haha, I can hear people humming "Dream a Dream," or saying, "Dream on!" Hahaha. I browsed the website and there's just one card available, and it's a platinum so it's like difficult to get approved. Ideal income to get approved: PhP 1M per annum. I took out a calculator and started fiddling. Mmhmm... I didn't reach 1M! Ahaha. Major *toink* moment. I call up the sales department and inquire.

Me: I just have a few questions regarding the platinum peso card?
Agent: Go ahead.
Me: Are they strict about that one million pesos per annum income requirement?
Agent: Uh, yes ma'am.
Me: They are?
Agent: Uhm, ma'am, how young are you?
Me: (napataas ang kilay) Twenty-one?

I was wondering if I did sound young. Well I don't look young and I don't definitely sound young. I dunno why she asked my age. Anyway she said minimum might be 800k per year coz I said I didn't reach the 1M requirement, my annual income totalling to approximately a little over that. So okay maybe I still have a shot.

Then I browsed through Citibank; they have like so many different cards that I ended up asking dad how they chose theirs (dad has the Shell and Cathay Pacific ones and mom has Cathay Pacific and the rewards thing cards). Looks like I'm still clueless about it but I'm inclined on getting the Cathay Pacific Gold. Income requirement: 360k. Good. I could pass the requirement using my peso payslips.

Next stop: HSBC. I dunno why Mica's been telling me to get HSBC, except for the Mabuhay Miles. Hmm. Maybe I'd apply for one. But I can't find how much their annual fees are.

Anyway my credit card application day would have to wait until next month coz I have to request for COEs pa pala. Hay.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Heart on my Sleeve

For my bf, from my flipflops :)

Why do I wear my heart on my sleeve? Is that even right even if it's too much? I noticed that not everyone who's in love or is in a relationship seems to be as--for the lack of better term--flaunting as I am.

I don't know why but it seems that most often than not, the only topic I could think of would be aL, or something that has to do with him. Is that even normal?

So I miss him, I love him, I everything him; but not everyone who everythings somebody else actually is as transparent as I am.

I can't help it! Anyway below's a really good (read: mushy) song. That so fits my I-miss-aL-while-earphones-are-plugged-in moments.

+ + +

The Last Time
Eric Benet

The first time I fell in love was long ago
I didn't know how to give my love at all
The next time I settled for what felt so close
But without romance, you're never gonna fall

After everything I've learned
Now it's finally my turn
This is the last time I'll fall... in love.

The first time we walked under that starry sky
there was a moment when everything was clear
I didn't need to ask or even wonder why
Because each question is answered when your near
And I'm wise enough to know when a miracle unfolds
This is the last time i'll fall in love.

Now don't hold back, just let me know
Could i be moving much too fast or way too slow
'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day
To find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same
You'll never know what it's taken me to say these words
And now that I've said them, they could never be enough
As far as I can see, there's only you and only me.

This is the last time I'll fall in love.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh, the LIFE!

OMG, I loved my layover in Phuket! I flew for a 24-hour stay with Jack and oh boy it felt like more than a couple of days coz we maximized the time! (More photos for my contacts in Multiply.)

2 AM. Arrival at Novotel Phuket Resort: dead tired.

9 AM. Peeling ourselves off the bed and drag our feet to the shower.
9-ish. Buffet breakfast at the cafe's veranda, under the umbrella and overlooking the beach.

10-ish. Walking along Patong Beach, can't decide whether to go sun baking first or Thai massage.

11 AM. Stumbles upon a decent and cozy-looking massage shop. Changes money from USDs to THBs and forgets the world. One hour authentic Thai massage then an hour of oil massage.

1:30 PM. Resurrects from death (oh heavenly death!) and walks along Patong Beach to find a good spot. Finds fruit vendors and buys watermelon, mango and pineapple slices.

2:30 PM. Laying on the beach chair, under the umbrella. Can't stop saying, "This is the life!"

3:00 PM. Starts wandering around the waters :) Gets a go signal from the owner to go have a picture on the jetski. FUN.

4:40 PM. Puts on the dress again and heads for the eateries. Orders Phad Thai and Thai iced tea! Owyea! YUM!

5-ish. Starts to walk back to the hotel but gets amazed with the sunset. Decides to sit on the sand and watch the sunset.

6-ish. Back at the hotel, hops into the shower and gets three hours of sleep before showing up for the flight back to Korea.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

7H sleep for 60H

I slept just under seven hours for a span of sixty hours. That's coz I went to Seattle and went out immediately post-flight. I flew with Jackie and Precious was already in Seattle; we hunted the first Starbucks store despite the cold and the rain!

We found it at Pike Place Market--a small store where you order your coffee to go. No tables and chairs. (The coffee and the cups they use are the same new ones that most stores use but the store was kept with the original logo and countertops.) They take your order at the counter, girl scribbles down on the cup, throws your cup to a barista almost two meters away, barista catches it and makes your coffee. Cool, eh? Bought aL a mug with the old logo on it.

Would anybody argue that this barista is so hot?

Starbucks' old logo.
It was in downtown Seattle and it was my first time there and it was awesome. I feel Christmas, I feel like I'm in a different country. Downtown LA nor San Francisco, not even Manhattan felt as downtown-y as Seattle's. We dropped by Ross coz Jack wants to get bags as Christmas gifts; Walgreens to get some chips; a mall where we had dinner (I had Chinese food); and Pacific Place to get twelve (12!) Victoria's Secret mists that Mica had asked me to get her.

I have thing for Christmas and Christmas trees okay :)

Then we walked to the bus station and waited more than fifteen minutes for the bus--I fell asleep during the bus ride! We stayed at Precious' room and ordered Pizza Hut too :) Slumber pizza party--and then we learned of the coup happening in Manila and then we slept!

Jack and I were add crew on the way back, sitting as passengers on a 12-hour flight. I find it hard to fall asleep on a chair, especially on a flight so I was wide awake and just eating and chatting with Precious when she's not busy with passengers or just listening to music with aL's B20.

We arrived last night and had dinner with dongkis at the lounge; later on Cha put some oil on my back and massaged me a bit (ooh thank God!) coz my back hurt from sitting for 12 hours; then I checked my January sched and fell dead asleep.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SFo Back to Back

I flew SFO again after that day off after SFO flight.

It was day after Thanksgiving when I got there so I planned on going shopping after arrival and take advantage of the huge sales. When I stepped out to go to Union Square, I was overwhelmed with the volume of people who are there. Everyone was carrying shopping bags from almost every store, most prominently Macy's. Nalula ako sa dami ng tao and ended up heading back to the hotel after getting a scarf from H&M and a big hardbound book from Borders (National Geographic Greatest Photographs).

Then aL picked me up after his work shift and we had dinner with his parents at a Chinese restaurant. He was supposed to leave me at home afterwards while he went to church band practice but he suggested I go so that we could get coffee afterwards.

Next day we went to church where aL played drums for the band. Had brunch there afterwards. Then to a nearby CostCo--an ultimately good place to shop! Argh! I could spend a hundred dollars and not feel like I spent too much; it's Makro-ish. Head home and later that night had dinner with his Emoticons bandmates (after their Fil-Amusic launch party gig practice got cancelled) at a pizza place in Tanforan.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Five-Eight Girls in SF

Had my requested flight with Mica to San Francisco. Flight was ultimately T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. It was one of my worst SFO flights ever. It was Delhi-connecting from Seoul to SanFo so my zone was like almost all Indians and with the limited English that my fellow [Korean] crew members have, they turn to me almost always when some conflict happens.

Anyway we arrived at the hotel and got picked up by aL and Mama; they haven't had lunch yet so off we go to Fisherman's Wharf to have late lunch. Clam chowders, calamari, fish and chips! Then roam around Pier 39 (and there was this huge Christmas tree...), rang Bianca to see how she's doin while we went to almost every souvenir shop to find Mica the keychain she wanted. I was taking pictures of Mica with the Alcatraz as a backdrop when I saw the Golden Gate bridge engulfed in fog. I said to myself, "Remind me again why I haven't bought the lens I wanted?"

Mica wanting to swim to the Alcatraz to find Wentworth.

Golden Gate Bridge somewhere within the fog.

One of the things you'd love around there would be shopping at cheap stores like Ross. So before the shop even closed, we headed and dropped Mica and Mama at Ross while Al and I parked the car below Union Square.

And then there's this huge Christmas tree...okay so I have a thing for Christmas trees. :)

The girl who always leaves her heart in San Francisco.

Next day, despite the fact I can't get myself to open my eyes, we woke up, prepared breakfast and went to Fairfield for... *drum roll*

JELLY BELLY FACTORY! I knew the Jelly Belly factory because of Abet and so with a little more research (which is Googled) and a little help from the GPS, we found it. Felt like a kid. Super happy. Bought two pounds of jelly beans too. =) Then we had lunch at Applebee's and Mica shopped at TJ Maxx. Headed home to get our things from the aL's place and headed to the hotel after stopping by to get a dozen Krispy Kremes and some night shots of the SF skyline and Golden Gate. :)

The skyline. Thank God for D and a tripod. :)

Golden Gate. Smile. Ten seconds shutter speed.

Bottom line is, I enjoyed my time touring Mica around. I'm glad she's comfy with aL too, being the shy person she is. They laughed together more than I did, I think. I'm amazed they're on the "comfort level" as I tell them. Request pa ulit!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Distance - Evan and Jaron

If I had a dollar for every time I use the word "miss" I'd be rich by now.

And so, I turn to music...

+ + +

I can't take the distance, I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance And I'm not ashamed
That with every breath I take I'm callin your name

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Silver Day

November 10, 2007

8:00 am Nuptials at
Saint Anthony Parish (Singalong, Manila)

Breakfast buffet at
Cafe Noir at G Hotel by Waterfront (Roxas Blvd., Manila)


The bride and the groom, before the wedding. I did mom's makeup and I said dad looked like a priest!

The flower girl--Yana. Tatay says this is the photo of the event. I was telling her to walk down the aisle before the wedding so that I can get a photo, but she dropped her flowers and walked away. Here she is picking up her flowers again as per her tito Andre's orders.

The happy couple after the reception. Had them pose in front of the curtain to get a "studio shot". Haha. They were off the next day to Dumaguete and Davao for their honeymoon.

My family. All tired after the reception; we woke up soo early. We wore whatever we wanted, as long as there's a touch of silver on our clothes. Only the bride, the groom and the ever special flower girl wore white. :)

Monday, November 05, 2007


I went to Hyehwa Dong church yesterday straight from my Hanoi flight. I really take the opportunity whenever I'm in Seoul on Sundays. I really miss going to church and I swear I'd go to church if I'm not on a flight. And besides, there are a lot of things to be grateful to God for.

One, aL. 'Nuff said. =)

Two, I get San Francisco flights on my original schedule every month, regardless of how short the stay is. That's always a relief. Especially now that the company's got a new rule on swapping schedules.

Three, I'll get to go home on my parents' silver wedding anniversary on Saturday. Without even requesting for it.

Four, December sched is out. And my request was approved. I'm spending Christmas in San Francisco! It's probably the best Christmas gift I could have this year. We were told our batch would probably have to fly on the holidays as the seniors get the privilege to go home so I requested for the next best thing. And the next best thing indeed :)

+ + +

Incidentally the choir sang the song "Kristo". Part of the lyrics:

Kristo, Kristo, bakit minsan ka lang nakikilala
Kapag nakadama ng dusa't pangamba
Tinatawagan ka sana'y maawa ka

I think this is true though. There are a lot of people who forget about faith/religion unless they're in a dead end situation. Which definitely sucks. I know a lot of people who'd pray to get what they want and instantly forget being grateful.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spending Normal Days Together

Back from my October SanFo layover. No fancy restaurants, no tourist spots, no big dates, nothing. We spent my layover like I'm from there. Errands, watched DVDs, a bit of mall time, preparing your own breakfast and stuff.

28th (Arrival Day) Surprise! No girl hates surprises. aL picked me up with a grande Starbucks drink on one hand and my white Keds (that we bought last month) on the other--got speechless after finding a jewelry box inside the shoe. --Skipped the details!-- A white gold name necklace! I love it! :) (Still too lazy to upload photos though, hehe)

The story behind this necklace made me say, "A for effort, Hun!"

Then we went to have late lunch with Mama at Red Ribbon, then off to church to hear mass. He prolly was hella bored, haha. Went home to drop off my things and freshen up then headed for aL's boss' going away party. Met his coworkers at Kragen--lotsa names! *sheepish smile* On the way home we detoured to a grocery to get a loaf of bread and cream cheese then called it a day with another Starbucks fix. Oh, we tried watching Shutter before we slept...but we fell asleep halfway through it, I was dang so sleepy.

29th. Woke up late, 10-ish or 11? He had to peel me off the bed just to get me to have breakfast(I had no plans of getting up, my eyes were shut tight!) of coffee--which is his job to prepare--and toast wheat bread with cream cheese and ham. Re-watched Shutter but I'm on my senses now so I remembered I hate scary movies, so I just laid on the couch while he watched the movie. Left the house by 4pm to run some of his work-related errands and ended up at Serramonte coz I was craving for McNuggets; malling. Paid our T-Mo bill and bought a few stuff at PacSun and Bath and Body Works. Marco and Oyo came by to get Marco's tripod; then Mama came and we left to grab dinner at a Filipino resto. Brought some food to aL's dad in downtown SF and then headed back home to Daly City, after detouring to Walgreens to get some stuff, another Starbucks Cafe Mocha, and rented a couple of DVDs. Was halfway watching Knocked Up when Mark called and aL and him talked til I got sleepy. Decided not to finish the movie and just go sleep; he fell asleep and I was there, so sleepy but jetlagged, still awake by 6am.

30th (Departure Day) Having slept at 6am with an alarm clock set to 7:30, we got up by 8:30. Quick breakfast and bath and off we head back to my hotel just in time for the wakeup call (which is an hour before work showup time).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ranting for Home

Gusto ko na magresign.

I have repeated this sentence for more than ten times by now. The unbelievable seniority and unruly Korean culture is already a given factor, but now living out of a suitcase is taking its toll on me... I mean, yes I expected to live out of suitcases when I go on layovers, but hey I never knew I'd always be. For those who don't know, we check in/out everytime we come/go from/for a flight. Had to drag our big suitcases to and from our hotel room.

Home. I don't even know where that is; I don't even have a place to call home! Manila feels like an extended layover now; I even bring clothes from Seoul to Manila to have something to wear while on days off! I am such a homebody; I'm still struggling on living away from my family, but can't I at least have a permanent room?

Permanent things on permanent locations contribute on the homey feeling. But no! I get a different room every time. A twin, a single, a king, a queen. Whatever! I can't even stock my fridge with food nor arrive from a flight to find an ice-cold soda inside it. I spend probably an hour after arrival and before I go just to fix my things, rearrange my toiletries by the sink, or make sure all my things fit in my suitcases, etc.

I miss things from home, too. How on earth could I improvise my own Christmas tree? My dad gave me a cute night light but I can't put it somewhere for fear I might forget it and have the room attendants yell, "Finders keepers!"

Therefore, gusto ko na magresign.

...But yea, Hun, I know I can't. Yet.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I'm fond of learning things on my own.

So far I have self-studied:
+ basic HTML
+ Adobe Premiere 6.0
+ going about Adobe PhotoShop
+ basic Mandarin Chinese (not the characters though!)
+ proper typing--the right fingers on the right keys, and not lookin' at the keyboard
+ and prolly a lot more

Right now, guess what I'm trying to learn? Drinking black coffee :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Better Agents

Booked and confirmed! Tickets to Dumaguete for my parents on November. Hehe. Mom was able to book themselves with the CebPac promo of less than three hundred pesos one way per person (plus tax). Now they just have to find a good hotel/inn/resort to stay at in Dumaguete...

+ + +

Monday I was with cousins at lola's house to [kiddie] celebrate ate Chelsea's 25th birthday. We had tapsilog, barbecue, cake with the sugar flowers, balloons, Hello Kitty placemats and paper plates that say "Happy Birthday" in the most colorful way. Haha. Too bad I had to run off around 10 that I didn't see my cousins Ella and dete Jan.

That's because I met up with Cha in Makati and hanged. We also waited for Mica (with whom I'm indebted and paid that night); we were supposed to be at Greenbelt but then she was at PeopleSupport already so I suggested we stay there since the Starbucks branch there closes latest, for sure.

With Cha being an ex-call center agent herself, we figured we'd be better agents now in terms of small talks with clients. I mean, hey you actually know some places in the States and been to some too. And you wouldn't have the blunder of saying, "So, it's warm out there right now coz it's summer," to someone wearing a jacket in San Francisco... :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The search for the Travel Partner

My parents have redecided and they're not going international next month. They reckoned that the once-every-contract-year free-of-charge roundtrip tickets should just be used when they go to the States next July. And today I've been to a hundred sites for places here in the Philippines. Two of the most thought of? Dumaguete and Roxas City. I don't know. I just heard of Dumaguete coz aL's maternal relatives are there.

+ + +

Lolo worsened this week. He could hardly walk and is incontinent. I visited him yesterday and he hardly had facial expressions. He's blank. I was so saddened that I went home. I can't do this.

+ + +

I've decided to go on domestic trips every now and then, starting next year. Because of all the hunt for the perfect silver wedding anniversary honeymoon destination, I got all excited with the idea. I mean, there's almost always those promos on CebPac so airfare is cheap. Weeee. I just need a travel partner and I'm set. I can't do it every month so probably I'll do it every other month. Goodie. Or maybe I can have a different travel partner every time?

+ + +

I am: depressed; bored; impatient; and I miss aL. I'm trying to stop thinking too much and resorted to a Gilmore Girls DVD marathon. I've just finished season five with Lorelai saying, "Luke, will you marry me?"

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Have you ever felt useless? You get pissed off at someone that you'd actually want to tell him/her upfront, "So what on earth am I here for?"

Monday, October 08, 2007

Missing Out

There's just something about fall that makes me sentimental.

I miss my friends.

My bestest friend on earth lost her grandpa last week, and I was in Seattle. My college ichiban tomodachi is getting married (or "got married") this month, and I'm not there. I hardly see my highschool friends when I go home coz they got work. My guy friends, I hardly hear from them too.

And tell me again how I'm gonna be able to convince myself to move to the States?

Standout Dugyot in the Office

At 6:47 a.m., I'm here at the office. Nothing unusual, right? Well, I'm NOT actually going to a flight, rather, I just came from a flight. I just came back from Hong Kong and since it's the only working day that I have before I go home tomorrow I decided to go straight here and just go back to the hotel a little later. So there, most people here are fresh and just made up while I'm so dugyot and oily. Haha. My reasons for being here:

1. I checked on passenger bookings of London, Sydney and Manila-Seoul flights for the possible destinations of my parents on November. The verdict? Cancel Sydney, way overbooked. Peak season, summer.

2. I've been convinced, with aL's effort, to have a flu shot. Winter is neaaaaaar...

3. Also, I've been meaning to drop by the medical center to have proper treatment to a 1in x 0.5in oven burn that I got from my Seattle flight. It blistered and now it's an open wound and it gets me jumping up and down when in contact with anything--even water.

4. Gotta get new shoes and scarf for the quarterly appearance check.

5. I've been with this company for a year but still hasn't used my ID for my meal (swipe system) coz the effin' ID person is always not around.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm starting to hate... out of suitcases! Especially when it's winter, you know how much space winter clothes occupy. Hate it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Nurses for FAs

I photographed a letter on display at the Museum of Flight regarding the preference of having graduate nurses as flight attendants--dated February 24, 1930. The letter was addressed to a certain W.A. Patterson, Assistant to President, Boeing Air Transport, Seattle, Washington. Interesting! Read on:

As a suggestion--I was just wondering if you had ever given any serious thought to the subject of young women as couriers. It strikes me that there would be a great psychological punch to having young women stewardesses or couriers, or whatever you want to call them, and I am certain that therea re some mighty good ones available. I have in mind a couple of graduate nurses who would make exceptional stewardesses. Of course it would be distinctly understood that there would be no reference made to their hospital training or nursing experience, but it would be a mighty fine thing to have this available, sub rosa, if necessary for air sickness.

Imagine the psychology of having young women as regular members of the crew: imagine the national publicity we could get from it, and the tremendous effect it would have on the traveling public. Also imagine the value that they would be to us in the neater and nicer method of serving food and looking out for the passengers' welfare.

I am not suggesting at all the flapper type of girl. You know nurses as well as I do, and you know that they are not give to flightiness. The average graduate nurse is a girl with some horse sense and is very practical and has seen enough of men to not be inclined to chase them around the block at every opportunity. Further, as a general rule nurses are not of the "pretty" type which lends to their usefulness in this case.

The young women whom we would select would naturally be intelligent and could handle what traffic work abroad was necessary, such as the keeping of records, filling out reports, issuing tickets, etc. etc. They would probably do this as well or better than the average young fellow. Further, while we admit to ourselves that we are going to train couriers for ultimate jobs ashore in various traffic capacities, we know between ourselves that there is anything but a dearth of opportunities in sight.

As to the qualifications of the proposed young women couriers, their first paramoung qualification would be that of a graduate nurse (although this would never be brought into foreground in advertising or anything as it sort of sounds as thought they are necessary); and, secondly, young women who have been around and are familiar with general travel--rail, steamer and air. Such young women are available here.

This is just a passing thought.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Got this for aL at the Museum of Flight here in Seattle, WA.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Special Delivery

I got home and found that someone delivered me a big box. I opened it and it was a bouquet of stargazers--my favorite flower--from aL. You can imagine my smile.

Thanks, hun, I love you too.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mom & Dad and the visas

I've been meaning to post here since days ago but I was stuck with my dad's office' computer which for some reason gets an error whenever I go to Blogger.

+ + +

My parents--after deciding months ago to forego the foreign-country-tour for their silver wedding anniversary--had redecided to go for it. On November. That gives me/us a little over a month to process everything: visa applications, availing free tickets, planning the trip, accommodation, and everything else! Argh. Been scolding my parents for a few days now! We don't even know which embassy'd give them a tourist visa so I can't even start applying for their tickets!

Anyway they're applying for Australian, British and Korean visas for now. The Korean visa is a sure thing for the fact that I'm an Asiana crew, so if worse comes to worst that they don't get either Aussie or Brit ones, they'd go for Korea.

+ + +

I'm looking into investing on a condo unit or a house [and lot] but I just haven't found one I could consider a good investment yet.If anybody knows anything, let me know.

+ + +

I spent the whole day yesterday at Makati. I left at around 9-ish in the morning to bring some stuff Nanay needed for work, then went to Asiana office (where I also requested for COEs for my parents' use for visa applications) then headed to Glorietta. Was trying to find a dress I could wear for my parents' anniversary on luck. I ended up buying a black dress, black flats, two shirts from Artwork, a book, a cute notepad, another casual shirt, a Zara coat (looks great for autumn!) and other what-nots.

Yesterday also marks aL and I's second month so I bought a phonecard and used the public payphone to call him at work. I intended to use up the entire duration of the phonecard so I sat on the floor and leaned on the wall while on the [public] phone. You should the people's faces when they see me. Haha. I think it was cool. Not everyone would have the nerve/confidence to do that.

4-ish I met up with aL's brother Joy and his girlfriend Julie to give them some stuff that his mom asked me to give. We hanged out and ate at Pizza Hut and chatted for about an hour. I jokingly told aL we were celebrating the monthsary. Haha.

+ + +

Dad picked me up at Glorietta by 7-ish and we picked up mom from overtime day (MWFs are mom's overtime days) and had dinner at Alavar. We still talked about anniversary plans: they still haven't decided on the church/chapel but we already got our family friend for the priest part, dad ran down the possible breakfast reception places, and I let them hear my tentative scheduling for their tour.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Gilmore Girls

Yana's yaya woke me up at 10am and said, "Ate tawag ka ng nanay mo." I peeked through the pillow covering my face and said, "Ngayon na?!" all groggy and oh-so sleepily. She nodded and wondered if my mom's on the phone or she's downstairs. Brought my phone with me and went downstairs with my eyes barely open. Then I saw my mom in the dining area, with Yana.

I stood there and I expected her to say something immediately whatever the cause of the emergency wake up order. One second, two seconds, three seconds. Nothing. I looked at the maid and hoped she got the order wrong. She shrugged and I said, "Nay?" And then she smiled. And my half asleep brain got so confused and looked at my dad who was nearby.

"Hindi raw kayo nagkikita ng nanay lalo na pag weekdays eh." I looked at her sternly as my shoulders and jaw dropped. I complained, "Unbelievable! I slept at four a.m.!" Haha. "Adik ka," I added.

Anyway we ended up: making coffee (when I was younger I never had coffee that my mother did not prepare); her showing me the dress she's gonna wear on their silver wedding anniversary on November; my I'm-gonna-get-married retorts; stories about San Francisco and browsing my SF photos on Multiply; her telling me about her friend's Las Vegas-based nephew that her friend's trying to hook up with me; and a lot more.

Yea lately we don't really see each other much on work days. And she's so busy to send me emails too. I'm glad she woke me up.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sweet goodbyes

I've uploaded our photos from my recent SF layover and they were really gorgeous; and aL (the lazy blogger) had been really thrilled with the trial version of Corel that he had so he has been editing some photos that we have...which I find very sweet of course.

I find everybody sweet lately. Jai wants to meet up for this new idea for his blog and to "repay" me for my "kindness," and there's also this dedicated song for me and aL, Tin has also been really in love so I find her sweet too (thanks to Vinz, I guess?)... Is everybody getting sweeter or am I just seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? I wouldn't know.

Also, everybody seems to be leaving. Karla's set for Dubai in a month or so according to Godfrey, turns out she went to the POEA and applied for a job. Rachelle's going somewhere in UAE too, early October, and will work there. Sweetie (Chezza), as far as I know, got into JAL with Ma-an and Ruzelle so I'm guessing they'll be leaving soon, too.

Bianca, my donggi here at Asiana, had just went home for the last time today. (We actually had Krispy Kreme and Papa John's for her despedida last night.) She'll be flying out to New York early October and will be working there. Kat's gon' be leaving soon too, for a middle eastern airline. Anne's last month would be September. And almost everyone else is planning on applying for a different airline.

I so hate goodbyes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Had so much fun this recent SFO flight, eventhough we only got a whole day to spend! Part of my happiness comes from the superb weather in SF, absolutely no fog so it was the perfect time to capture the Golden Gate shots I've been meaning to have, plus we borrowed Marco's tripod so it was reaaaally lovely :)

Arrival day - Sep 16th

aL and his mom picks me up from the hotel and we walk down to Union Square and have late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory on the top floor of Macy's--holy smokes there were a looot of people we had to wait at least ten minutes to be seated! We ordered a lot and ended up takin' the actual cheesecakes home, haha. We drop by his dad's work to give him some food we had to go from Cheesecake Factory and since we won't get to be on time for the mass, we head to the Golden Gate Bridge. I don't exactly know where we were but we went to two different spots so two different views of the bridge.

We took lots of pictures but we never got satisfied coz we had to hold D and guess whether the bridge'd be in the photo or not; but sunset was on so I was smiling :) His dad suggests we go to Twin Peaks but I was reaally tired an' sleepy so we head home; his mom cooked dinner and we ate and I had my Oreo Mudslide Cheesecake for dessert.

10-ish we drop by Marco's home to borrow his tripod and ended up checkin' out photos from a recent concert and his DSLR too :) zzz

Sept 17th

We planned to get up early, like 7am, but being the sleepyheads that we were, we never succeeded. Anyway we get a carwash and then head off to--I forgot what city--to have breakfast (well brunch, actually) at a cafe called The Half Day Cafe. I love the place!

Afterwards we go Golden Gate again, this time on the other side of the bridge and another photoshoot location, hehe. More photos but now with a tripod! :) He must've intentionally made us pass through a Ross store so I went shopping a bit, but ended up paying only for one item *hmp* and him paying the rest! Anyway he got me a white bubble jacket, a black cardigan, a pair of Nine West sunglasses, a green blouse (to get me off my safe brown and/or pink clothes) and I ended up paying only for the white Keds that he's been telling me to get coz I "need a pair of whites." After that we head to Ocean Beach, photoshoot and then Pacifica Beach, where there were a lot of people fishing...

He got hungry so we call his mom up to know where she' s at and if she wants to eat out but she was already out to the mall so we meet her up and ate at a Japanese resto called Barracuda in Serramonte. We buy a few more stuff from Target (including the jacket i bought for Sid. Then we went home.

Departure Day - Sept 18th

Yep I was leaving again, it was so sad!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

AF Base

Long and late post(s).

+ + +

September 13
Phnom Penh

Twas my second time to PNH, but my first was a year ago where I didn't even go out of the hotel. So this time I did, and I so regret that I didn't bring D along, I could've taken a lot of good photos--including my first tuktuk ride. Anyway I went to the Russian Market (I dunno how it's spelled but that's how it's pronounced) coz i wanted to go shop for a few clothes. It was like a small Divi, but with lesser people.

To whoever had advised me to shop there, I was grateful! You know how when you shop at H&M or Aeropostale or A&F and the likes, you flip the tag and you see it's made in Bangladesh or Cambodia or wherever? Well hehe, I bought an H&M hoodie for $4; an Aeropostale spag for $2, blouse for $3, thermals for $3. Then further down the market I saw DVDs, and I bought the whole seven seasons of Gilmore Girls for $24, and a Worms (PC game) CD for $1. Heehee, I'm gonna be stuck on my laptop for more reasons now! :)

+ + +

September 14
Out to Osan

I arrived from Phnom Penh and did my laundry, took a bath, chatted with aL and Kayety and a li'l while later I head off to Osan, where the US Air Force base is at. I'm off to meet Kayety, after 4years (I can't remember exactly). So I traveled one hour by subway and another by bus. I seriously didn't know where I was goin' but obviously had the guts to do so haha :) I don't actually take buses in Seoul coz you could practically reach everywhere by subway, but then Osan is not in Seoul so the only means of transpo would be taxi or bus!

Met Kaye after I got off at the bus station and we took a cab to go to the base, but they won't let me in coz I didn't bring my passport along (and they don't take foreign IDs!) so Kaye decided to check me in in a nearby hotel. I didn't even know she was plannin' on havin' me at Osan til the next day, I didn't even bring a toothbrush!

Anyway they hanged out a bit and then went back to the base and I took a two-hour nap (gawd I was so sleepy coz I came straight from a red eye flight). And then Kaye calls up and it was rainin' hard so we stay at my room and chat til 11pm and lookin' out the rain was not as heavy so we head out downtown to grab somethin' to eat; almost every resto's closed by now so we just had McDo and then hit the bar to chill out. (I was wearin' shorts, poloshirt and sneakers while Kaye was in sweatpants, sweatshirt and sneakers! Haha, so much for party clothes, e?)

We were just talkin', and every now and then she'd see some friends from the base and introduce me to them; I must've been introduced to more than 20guys, whose names I instantly forget. By 1am-ish Kaye, Montae and another guy walks me back to the hotel, a short phonecall to aL and then I'm flat on my bed!

+ + +
September 15
Snuck In

Woke up at about 10-ish and by 12 I've checked out already; Kaye and Montae picked me up and Montae helped Kaye sneak me in into the base! Wahaha! OMG, the base was like a city of its own, you practically have everything in there, from grocery, to bars, to bowling alleys, to cinemas, name it! It's so big too, I don't know how many hectares.

Anyway I met more people and we hanged out at their gym where they were holding a three-point shootout. By the end of it, there were free shirts for all the participants and Wayne was sweet enough to give me his! Yay thanks man! Then me and Kayety grabbed somethin' to eat at BX--their small mall--and got so stuffed! We went to the dorms and hanged out at her room and she gave me some of her clothes (coz she gotta throw some stuff out coz she's movin' out and gettin assigned to Okinawa, Japan by the end of the month).

Was ready to go by 4:30 but we can't find Greg, with whom Kayety left D, and we found him about an hour after! Sheesh! Got to the bus terminal by 5:40 and arrived in my hotel in Seoul at 7:30-ish.

I've just finished packin' for tomorrow's flight and I'm still not sleepy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

APEC at Sydney

Had a flight to Sydney with Mica--we were actually together on my first Sydney flight too, almost a year ago--but yea we didn't get anywhere because of the APEC thing, everything was barricaded and/or cordoned off.

First day:
Arrived in SYD at a little before 8am and then headed to the hotel; the flight was half full so it's okay. Communicated with aL and his mom for instructions on meeting their relatives in Aus, waited for a phonecall for like three hours, and I was so bangag then! Anyway we're supposed to meet Tita Bambi (who turned out to be un-tita-ish coz she's just 28!) at 3pm, but Mica and I got hungry so we went out while waiting for her SMS.

An eerie George Street

Golly, George Street was like a ghost town! Most shops within three blocks are closed, except for 7Elevens... We ate at McDonald's and walked and walked til we got to Woolworths and bought chocolates to bring home, cereals and milk to eat at the hotel and fruit (and cream wee!) By night time, there's still no sign of Tita Bambi. Geez, I wish I had taken Mica to the Sydney Tower!


Anyway we just hanged out eating strawberries and grapes and cream which were soo yummy and then Jack dropped by and said there'd be fireworks later on.

Wasted: Mica, me and Jack

And oh boy! The fireworks display was great! We were screaming and jumping up and down like kids! Haha :)

The fireworks and the Opera House

Second day:
Woke up to phonecalls and realized I slept for thirteen hours (for someone who was awake for 48, that's not much) hehe I told Mica we'll go see whatever today but she was kinda lazy that day so she put it off til early afternoon. But no, we weren't able to do so coz Tita Bambi called up and they picked me up, together with Lola Betty and went to visit Auntie Alice at the hospital.

Auntie Alice

Then we had dinner together with Tito Bimbim (Tita Bam's bro) and Grandpa Jeff--Lola Betty's husband. We ate at Kenny's and it was so good! :) Lotsa talkin' throughout and I really had fun; eventually they brought me back to the city and I walked again (haha coz streets were still closed near our hotel) and bought some dinner for Mica.

At Kenny's with Tita Bambi, Lola Betty, Grandpa Jeff and Tito Bimbim

I got there at 7pm and started watching something about the September 11 special on Flight 93 on Discovery channel. It got me crying buckets! As in, OMG! I remembered when I saw United 93 in Jersey... Anyway I continued to snack on grapes and cream hahaa :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bits and bytes

Congratulations, Meloisa for passing the September 2007 Med Tech Board Exams! I just knew you could definitely do it!

+ + +

I started going to the gym yesterday, again, after a long hiatus. And today, I was on the elliptical machine for about an hour and a half! Woah! I finished a whole magazine and got to watch half of The Queen on tv... ~whew~

+ + +

Mica and I are flying to Sydney tomorrow; I reckon it's time for better photos of the Opera House since I have D this time. (The first Sydney flight I had was also with her.) But then, MM just arrived today from Sydney and told us that security's tight at the hotel AND the Opera House area because of the APEC summit. President Arroyo is even checked in at the same hotel we stay at. Geez! I'm still hoping though.

+ + +

Monica just bought her own D40x, from NYC! I'm sure you'd enjoy it Monix!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Depressed and doing a tag

I didn't notice Lyka tagged me on this one. Once in a while it's nice to do stuff like this...

Where is your cell phone? Both inside my flight bag.

Relationship? Long distance.

Your hair ...seriously needs a trim.

Work? Flight attendant.

Your sister/s? Has a really adorable daughter named Yana.

Your favorite thing? ...haven't figured that out yet.

Your dream last night? I didn't sleep last night, I was at work flying from L.A.

Your favorite drink? Diet Coke and Diet 7-up (can't believe it's caffeine-free!)

Your dream car? Not so particular about the model, just anything decent and gets me where I want to go. Preferably non-'matic.

The room you’re in? Room 411, Seokyo Hotel. One single bed, one double, big LG telly, LAN internet and with my laundry hangin' around.

Shoes? Am wearing flipflops.

Your fear/s? To be unloved.

What do you want to be in 10 years? Someone with a good husband and lovable kids, enough financial means to give my family their needs. Hopefully still closely intact with my original family.

Who did you hang out with this weekend? Weekend? Which one's the weekend? The days don't matter, I was still workin'.

What are you not good at? Memorization.

Muffin? Not much into muffins.

One of your wish list items? Have a place I can call home, this jetsetting thing's taking its toll on me.

Where you grew up? Within the confines of our lovely home in Navotas.

Last thing you did? Hit the gym.

What are you wearing? Sports bra, leggings, earphones.

What aren’t you wearing? Shoes, jewelries, a shirt.

Your pet? Sadly gets to be caged all day and goes out just at night, poor Huey. He's a dog.

Your computer? Still my mom's laptop.

Your life? Blessed.

Your mood? [No comment.]

Missing? Wakin' up beside aL. Having a home. Hangin' out with friends talking endlessly about nothing in particular. My guy buddies who always makes us (girls) feel taken cared of. Booze sessions with friends where I'm the official tanggera coz I don't drink. Being carefree.

What are you thinking about right now? How much it sucks not to be with your loved ones. I'm gonna quit this job soon. I just don't know how soon is soon.

Your car? I don't have a car yet.

Your kitchen? I don't have a kitchen too.

Your summer? Spent working.

Favorite color? Purple.

Last time you laughed? Hours ago, at Jai's anecdote.

Last time you cried? A few hours ago.

School? University of Santo Tomas.

Tagging: aL, Niko, Jai, Abet, Tin.

Hit on in LA

L.A. Hmm... I didn't bring my camera coz I did not intend to go out nor meet anyone, on a 30-hour layover. Such a short layover considering each leg of the flight is about twelve hours. Sheesh! And I get to have just one day off while the Koreans get three!

Aaanywaay, so much for ranting. Was waiting for my order at McDonald's when some guy comes up to me and utters a pick up line. I looked up and stared at him with an are-you-talking-to-me stare, and sure enough, he is. So, yadayadayada he was asking for my number (coz he saw me flip my phone as I was checkin' if aL sent me anythin'). I seriously have never done anything like this nor experienced this one so I was quite in a shock. I mean, yes I do talk to strangers coz I know it's common for Americans to do that literally anywhere, but someone hitting on me--no way! Instead of dining in, I got my food to go and left. I had plans of going to the grocery after McDonald's but I decided against after that incident. It freaked me out!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ber-y 2007

Ber months alert! It's the first of September so I'm guessing people are starting to think of Christmas already (hehe like me!) aL and I are even talking about Christmas gifts, too early?

Anyway, what do I really want for Christmas? To be not working on Christmas day and--if it's not too much to ask--spend that day in Manila or Daly City/SF :)

+ + +

We're nearing the last quarter of the year and it made me stop and think of how I actually spent this year..

Pretty well, I guess. I've been working a lot, eating a lot more, spending QT with family and friends. Been more appreciative of things, got over a lot of fears, been able to do a lot of firsts, bought D (sooo happy about it!)...

I have this theory that every year, God gives every person an extraordinary gift (I don't mean superpowers though) for which would be the highlight of the person's year. Be it material or intangible ones, whichever. For some it might be a new car, or getting married, or getting promoted, or going on tour, or being able to accomplish a dream...

My 2006 was getting this job.
My 2007 is aL. Yea, mushy I know.

So, what's your 2007?

Friday, August 31, 2007

August '07 Days Off

Haha. I'm starting to be a tardy blogger as aL is.

Tuesday, August 28
Went to see Jhen and did my usual routine at their place: tindera for a day in their sari-sari store. I really enjoy doing it, I swear. Then off I went to lola's house for my cousin Bob's 18th birthday dinner treat. Then later that night all of us cousins had to beg lola to let us stay for an hour more coz we're in for a serious exclusive cousin-talk. Lola was surprised when one of us went down to get a bucket of ice and she figured out that we're having alcoholic drinks. We were like, "Lola, your youngest apo just turned legal, don't expect we all still crave for milk..." Hehe. Chatted and talked to aL when I got home. All the other people went straight to bed coz they're tipsy, while I'm wide awake coz I didn't drink. I'm allergic to alcoholic bevs.

Wednesday, August 29

Me, Lyka, Darylle and Chai

Kuya's 24th. I went to meet my college friends; we had lunch at Dencio's at Jupiter street. Gawd how I missed those girls. After lunch, Darylle had to head back to work and Chai went home to Cavite. Meanwhile, me and Lyka had a few more hours to spare so I treated her to a foot scrub at Piandre at PeopleSupport building. We split up after having McNuggets and I went to Nanay's office and loitered there while waiting for kuya to pick us up for dinner.

Our whole family plus kuya's gf.

Had dinner buffet at Diamond Hotel's Palm Court Cafe. Kuya's budget is tight so dinner was my treat. It became my night routine to chat/call aL upon getting home.

Thursday, August 30
I'm the babysitter coz Yana's yaya is sick. Had to do everything. Then Tatay, Yana and I went to Robinson's Place Ermita to help Tatay run some errands and I got to buy aL a shirt he'd probably like, and bought myself a shirt too, from Happy Days. Afterwards headed to Makati coz dad had to meet a client, leaving me all helpless with the hyperactive little girl, while doing groceries at Rustan's. Then fetched mom from work and headed home. Meloisa, my HS friend, came over sans May coz she fell asleep.

I'm leaving tonight.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weeks, months, years

Hmm I just got home.

Earlier, I woke up at noon, had lunch and then spent the entire afternoon in front of the pc teaching Mika how to transfer songs to her mp3 player, and to upload photos from the digicam. Then off we go to hear mass at Manila Cathedral and later on had dinner with paternal grandparents and tita Doris and two of her daughters. 'Twas Kuya's birthday dinner treat to Lolo and Lola.

By the time we got home it was around 10-ish but Miko and I went to a wake; my HS classmate's lola passed away. When I arrived there, there were a few of our batchmates too: Alvin, Godfrey, Paulo, Iien and John Paul. All were guys, but no worries for me though, I'm one of the boys so I mingled well. We were doing flashbacks about our alma mater--circa kindergarten til HS days! Hysterically laughing about a lot of things... Fun, fun, fun.

Iien and Paulo accompanied me goin' home (3-ish in the morning), then my phone rings and it's Dre. Small talk. Said he was just browsing through some stuff and saw my Friendster cut to the chase he was just happy that I am happy.

And by the way...
...aL and I are celebrating our first month together (well, not physically though)! Wee. I dunno if we should still celebrate monthsaries or we're too old for that? Well anyway, whichever. Hopefully, more months and years to come. Love you, hun!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gimik with the 'rents

Yesterday my dad and I went to the bank to change money, deposit some stuff for Cielo and then headed to Robinson's Place Manila. Sa'n ka pa, my dad brought me to Let's Face It and I had a facial and he had--a follow up facial! It appears that a few days ago he had a facial courtesy of my mom so now he's having the free follow up/check-up. Haha. Since when had he been vain?! Funny. Magkatabi pa kami ng chair.

Whenever dad and I are out, people'd always stare at us and try to figure out whether we're a couple or somethin'. Because I usually walk holding my dad's hand or arm. And sometimes we bring Yana along so we look like an odd couple with a kid. Haha. You could just imagine their faces.

Anyway afterwards we picked mom up from work; it was raining hard in Makati last night. We then went to the Sky Lounge (27th floor, Diamond Hotel) for that night's live entertainment by a group called Arpie and the Multivitamins. They're really good. Their voice blending's so nice and they actually don't have a repertoire, they just ask what songs the people want to hear and sing it. Astig diba. The show was nonstop: 9-ish til 1am!

Was glad to have went on a night out with my parents. We had lots of talks--I missed those! Talks over Bailey's and gin tonics haha. Ayos diba? We talked about everything from work, to layovers to relationships (mine and kuya's) so there... aL's too curious tuloy. Haha.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Plugs for peeps I know in the music biz

Went to the Makati office today.
Then picked mom from work.
Went home.
Now I'm sick.
Yana must've spread her virus.
Posted endlessly on the forums.
Talked to aL on the phone.
Poor him, work-work-work.

Let's support:
Fil-Amusic. I'm a forum addict.
3rd Avenue. Their album, their song(s), etc.

I miss my boyfriend.

MNL after 5

After five long weeks of flying and two days of mind-draining recurrent training, I'm back in Manila. I met up with aL's bro last night to give them some stuff from Daly City and accidentally I saw Rhyme at the same location. She's my ex's schoolmate in Letran and is now working for Cebu Pacific.

OMG, what the heck happened to Baywalk? It's...a walk. Nothing else. Effin' Lim.

Yana is getting prettier. And mas malambing every single day. Right now she's here watching as I type and nagpupumilit sumiksik sakin. I woke up and saw her smiling at me sweetly. Who wouldn't want to wake up if every morning is as bright as that? But poor girl has cough so her voice is cracking.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No stops

My laptop's keyboard's period key got stuck. I wasn't able to blog yesterday because of that. I'm at the office now waiting for my flight show up. I'm going home after being away from home for five weeks.

By the way, we all passed recurrent training :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Smoking

On an early morning like this, aL and I were talking about smoking. And quitting. Or plans to do so.

Personally, I think smoking is very immature. And not being able to quit it would be more immature. That's too harsh to say, you're probably thinking. I don't think so.

See, everyone who starts smoking KNOWS that smoking is bad for the health. They are aware that it's addictive, that it contributes to nothing, it pollutes the air, gets you lung cancer and even is harmful for those who are near you. So why then do the people still go for it despite all the 'harmful' effects? Usually, if something is harmful, you won't do it nor try it nor even get near it. If your mom says muriatic acid is harmful when in contact with the skin, would you even try it? I don't think so.

So foremost, smoking is a matter of choice. A twisted choice. And saying that it's impossible to quit would be all the more immature because a person should be responsible for his actions. If you start something, be ready to stop it. My lolo used to smoke. He quit when his brother died of lung cancer. Should we really wait til someone dies? I dislike it that some of my loved ones smoke. And that they can't quit.

My dad smokes. My best friend smokes. My boyfriend smokes. Probably I'll be the first one to die from all the second hand smoke!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I confirm it. The 201/202 day flights of Asiana from/to LA is one of the worst and most difficult. Now I understand when they say their next flight is Hell-A.

+ + +

We arrived in Seoul 6-ish in the evening. You could imagine my smile when the captain announced we're half an hour from Seoul. Haha. I was lucky though, my workmates in my zone are really nice.

Upon arriving at the hotel I wanted to wash my clothes pa, but dang, I really don't have the energy. For a while I chatted with my mom asking how Hell-A went. Precious just came over and chatted for a while at the same trying to study for tomorrow's recurrent training. Then I took a really hot shower coz I stink already from that Hell-A flight. I waited til midnight to wake aL up coz I said I would, but he wouldn't get up and my world's spinning already so I went to bed. Eyes shut tight for 6 straight hours and then I awoke by 6-ish and had breakfast.

Then I saw Ellaine and Ninya so we went to church after I did my laundry. Went to Myeong Dong Cathedral but was half an hour late for mass. Haha. Then as per Elle's pleas, we went by Baskin and Robbins and had ice cream.

+ + +

I've been away from home for five weeks now. I miss home.

+ + +

I forgot how to study. Should be studying now but I really can't get myself to. Darn.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bumming in CA

It's 4:30 pm and I almost just woke up on my second day on my LAX layover.

Last night I stayed up burning phone lines with aL, who was at work so I decided to keep him company til we both fall asleep. I told Chuck I won't go with them surfin' today coz I gotta catch up on sleep. Anyway, aL and I got to sleep a little before 5am. Haha.

Around 9-ish this morning my godmother calls up and says she's just received the email my mom sent her. But I think it's too late so I told her I'll see her on my next LAX flight.

I think the kids aren't back from surfing yet so I'll bum around their house watching TV or lounge around the pool or stay on the phone again. Hehe.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Whew! Just got back at Tita Sasa's home. Me and the kids, er, the guys went to Six Flags and tired ourselves out. It's the Looney Toon counterpart of Disneyland. Darn! There's a lot of people. Given that it's summer break but still, it's a Wednesday! I don't know but all the people seemed to have come out and went there.

The first ride we went to, X, had us in line for about 3hours but anyhow Chuck says it's the best ride there so we just had to ride it. @#$%! It felt like jumping off a cliff face down or skydiving or something. Then we ate and then a few more rides. We usually had to leave our bags somewhere and take our shoes off coz it'd fly somewhere if we don't. Some rides have your feet hanging so I wouldn't want to be going home without shoes on...

Then the guys went playing games, y'know those where you win prizes and stuff. Then they bought Batman and Superman capes. Those kids--oh, guys--were crazy ones, I tell you. Then there's this one ride where Shawn gets to be seated next to a girl who fires up a conversation. For a little while, he can't get over the fact that she's fifteen. He says he just can't do her. If you know what I mean. Riiiight. So I just said, "Shut up and leave the sophomore behind. Get over it." Haha.

The weather's darn too hot that all over the park there were sprinklers around to freshen people up or else people'd die of dehydration and heatstroke. Good thing I was just wearing shorts. I now even have tan lines on my arms. Darn, why was I wearing something sleeved anyway? My shoulders' color is now different from the rest of my arms! Haha. Hopefully the guys'd go surfin' tomorrow so maybe I could tag along and get the right tan at the right places. Haha.

I feel so wasted already. And it's just 6pm.


On my first LA layover!

I sent my mom's friend (Tita Marissa) a message coz mom wants me to meet up with her, have dinner or something. But then I'm now here at her place and will prolly be spending the whole layover here, getting toured around by--not her--her son Chuck and his friend/housemate Shawn. Both nineteen-ers, I've been calling them "kiiiiiids" since yesterday! Haha.

We went to grab In and Out burger yesterday for dinner and headed home. Tried watching The Number 23 but I was really tired and sleepy. Talked to aL before goin' to sleep and then I was knocked out.

So there I just got up from a deep sleep coz it was really good. Their house is reaaaally nice. There's a pool, big ass TVs and the works. I dunno where we're headed today. Maybe Six Flags. This isn't really in LA, I'm not sure if it's Santa Clarita or somethin' so my Hollywood/Universal Studios dreams would have to wait. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Long Lost Friend

I have this friend named Kaye. I met her on my first year of highschool and everyone was making a big fuss out of the fact that she just moved back to the Philippines from California. And then we became friends. Then after second year high, she had to move back to CA for the reason I don't know. We hardly communicated since coz she's busy too.

Then on my first year of college I received an email that she's visiting Philippines again for a few weeks, so we catched up and spent some time together. It's as if we were never separated at all. Unfortunately, she visited the Philippines coz she's going in the US Air Force once she gets back to the US. I knew there'd hardly be communication again but even so, I left her my email address and stuff. And then, my email account got hacked. Sheesh.

Never heard anything from her since then, I knew she must've been to busy training for the Air Force and didn't have the time. And lately, since I've been flying to the US and somehow been to alot of cities in CA, I decided to try to find where she was. I don't even know which city she's in to start with! I tried looking her up on Friendster but it gave me an old account she once used and is no longer active. I even tried looking her up on the yellow pages, but still, no luck.

Then about two weeks ago, a common friend added me on Friendster so I tried asking her on the whereabouts of Kaye. She says she doesn't know if she's active online but she has added her on Friendster too. I added her up and sent a message just in case she'd be online and check her friendster. Left my new YM id too, just in case. Fingers crossed.

So she did reply eventually saying she'd been trying to find me too, for the longest time, but since I've had new email/IM accounts, we've never been able to find one another. I gave her my US mobile number and she gave me hers. And then she mentions, "but I'm still here in Korea and I don't know when I'm moving back.."

I was like, "Whaaat? You're in Korea? Are you anywhere near Seoul? Please tell me you are coz I am!" To the surprise of our lives, we've been in the same country for the exact duration of time: she got here September last year; that's the month I started flying! What the heck?!

Anyway, she's been based here since last year and the US base is about 2-3 hours away from where I am. And we're meeting up soon. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Balcony Effect

I'm back in Seoul. *sigh* So here's how we spent my last day in SF/DC:

Woke up earlier than aL coz I was having a terrible migraine and so I had breakfast alone. We were supposed to go to downtown SF at Union Square coz I haven't been there but we practically have spent half the day already and we left the house by 2pm na. He's got band practice at 4 so driving to and fro downtown may not be worth it.

Anyway we get another carwash for the reason I don't know. We pass by what looks like Libingan ng mga Bayani and guess what, we went inside! Haha. Trip. I haven't been to the Libingan ng mga Bayani so dun nalang: Golden Gate National Cemetery. There are like a loooot of tombstones; it oddly reminded me of pineapple plantations in Tagaytay. Lotsa photos coz aL's gettin' comfy with D.

Then we went to get a dozen of Krispy Kremes that he owed me for editing his blog template. We stopped at See's Candies factory outlet too and we bought two one-pound boxes of assorted chocolates to bring home--one for my family and one for his sibs in Manila.

We then headed to Mark's house where band practice is supposedly at. We find Alner and Chance on the videogames, Mark on the phone and other band members inexistent so after an hour or so we went ahead and went to Tanforan instead. I did some window shopping while aL actually shopped. (Baliktad na mundo?)

From Tanforan, we headed back to their home and met up with his dad and hopped on to the truck (geez, I can't remember car models!) to go fetch his mom too. It was Meet the Parents dinner night so... Haha. It's the first time aL and I actually got to sit on the backseat wehehe so pictures together =P Oh, actually it was me-Sid-aL seating arrangement. Haha.

We went quite far for a dinner--Milpitas, CA. A hotpot dinner, to be exact. We ate a lot haha. His parents were really nice :) His parents used his mom's car so they detoured to a Walgreens store while we detoured to get Starbucks on the way home.

I started uploading the photos on his PC once we got back to their house and then had the Balcony Effect (talks over hot bevs sa balcony). More sighs.