Thursday, December 29, 2011

A TV for Me!

I finally bought a TV. Make that two! I can't believe I did. I'm not a TV person and I've lived through more than a year in my apartment without one...but oh boy, the Abenson-HSBC promotion was too good to pass up! Bought two LG LCD 32" TVs yesterday with my dad: one for my apartment and one for our home in Navotas. It's relatively big for my apartment use, to think that my place is a studio apartment and is just a few square meters in total.

Each TV is just about PHP 600 per month, at 0% interest for 36 months! That's like, one less dine out per month lang

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm not sure if I've blogged about it, but I call myself a Save the Earth girl. This is true most especially when it comes to paper, plastic and styro. I switch off lights during Earth Hour, and everytime it's not needed.

I grew up with our printing press where every inch of paper is essential. Rejected works are reused for other purposes, and scrap paper were sold to a recycling company. I never had to buy paper during my school days, and my parents would always frown upon not using scratch papers. Growing up, this turned out to be a good upbringing (like with most lessons that my parents instilled when we were younger--which I used to not understand).

In the office, I'm one of those people who'd load printers with used paper if printing drafts for approvals. While most employees think it's such a burden, I gladly go out of my way to do so.

I used to envy Korea, where you purchase every plastic bag you use for groceries. This prompted people to bring bags and/or boxes. In the UK, particularly in Marks & Spencers stores, they also do the same or you can purchase Eco bags and use it again when you shop at M&S. I even used my M&S bags while shopping in other countries. I wished that the Philippines would do the same; passing by the Smokey Mountain for decades, I know how plastic bags really don't decompose.

When I was still working in Ortigas, I was so happy when Pasig City government launched Straw-less Fridays and mandated that fast food chains use paper for packaging instead of styro and plastic. Take out food are now in brown paper bags. The SM Hypermarket in Pasig also had Bring Your Own Bag Wednesdays. Bring a bag for your groceries, otherwise you'll be carrying them in brown paper bags or in reused boxes. From then on, I always carry my reusable bags whenever I do my groceries, Wednesday or not.

Soon enough, the craze expanded, and now most--if not all--SM malls are selling Eco bags. I now have at least five of those.

So yesterday, I planned on shopping til death at SM Megamall. Of course I brought my Eco bags. After hours in the department store, I head to the counter and pay for my stuff; brought out my Eco bags for the bagger to use. I had to tell her, "Miss wag mo na iplastic, may dala akong reusable bag."

Now the funny thing is, she goes, "Okay po ma'am. Ipa-plastic muna po natin bago ilagay sa Eco bag, kailangan po kasi yun." I was so pissed that I couldn't help but tell her, "So miss, ano pang sense na mag dala ng reusable bag kung ilalagay mo rin sa plastic?"

Unbelievable. I sure hope this is an isolated case. Otherwise SM is just doing a side business selling reusable bags, and is just trying to appear as if they're trying to help in reducing waste.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boosting Ego, the F Way

Everyone says men have big egos. It gets bruised easily, and they work all their lives to build it. Little do people know--or maybe most women just don't admit--women do too. Women mask it for 'confidence' at times.

So how do some females boost their, uh, confidence? It's in the number of people that had liked them, took them out on a date, or fell in love with them. No, it's not dependent on how much schooling you've done, nor how successful your career is. It's also not how many cars or properties you own. Because even with all that, if you have no boyfriend or at least you're not dating (or no one is asking you out), people would still think there is something wrong with you.

This is where flirting comes in. Taken in moderate amounts, this dose of ego-trip can boost a woman's ego, and be harmless. If you're lucky then your God-given face is enough to make men line up for you and there'd almost be no question regarding confidence.

However, I have noticed that for ladies with average or below average looks, this can spell disaster. Imagine this, you're a high school nerd or a nobody. Every boy wants to get the cheerleaders' attention, not the one who could pass for a younger version of the school librarian. Fast forward, you get to college, and go wild. You dress seductively, you learn how to put on make up, you start going out to pubs, get drunk, party all night--eventually you meet boys.

It's exciting, it's flattering, and you just can't get enough of the attention. It can be addictive. It's when you don't only want to make people like you, you want them drooling over you, and the worst is when you are so addicted to it that you want those guys to love you--even if you have no intention of reciprocating.

To be honest, I know at least a few. I don't like seeing them posting all those come-hither photos trying to attract people on Facebook; I don't wanna know that they've had sex with x number of guys. I know people change, but I hope not so dramatically. I hope they still know who they are, their values, and that beauty is not measured by how many people adore your photo every time you post one.

Party Party?

I used to think that doing nothing but socialize and attend parties is great. But not now that I sort of get a piece of it. December 2011, employed in a group of companies and by the top executive, I am invited (and at times required) to a lot of Christmas Parties. I've just had two weeks of it and I already wanna go back to being invisible.

Dec. 04 - ePerformax Red & Black Ball, SMX Convention Center
Dec.07 - Globe Telecom Appreciation Night, Makati Shangri-La
Dec 09 - TDG Managers Up Christmas Party, Casa Marinero
Dec 11 - NYK Fil-Japan Christmas Party, PICC
Dec. 14 - Air and Travel Division Christmas Party, Casa Marinero
Dec. 15 - TDG Corporate Center Christmas Party

I'm supposed to party tonight, Dec 10, with my Origin team (college barkada) at Republiq bar in Resorts World, but I really can't na. I am swamped! Whew!

Tin and Abet, you're next. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tell Me About It

Excerpts from today's workday:

"I don't know what you're doing or maybe you're not doing anything."

"I'm not sure how long you've been doing this but you'll never be as efficient as them because they've been doing this for a very long time."

"You have flown a lot, but I have traveled a lot. And I'm three times your age. You don't know what's happening."


Thursday, December 01, 2011

My Compromised HSBC Card

Most of the time when you see a bank's name on a post title, it's a hate post. And yes, this is too.

27 October 2011:
I was in our office's Halloween party and I receive an SMS from HSBC asking me to call their hotline for security reasons. I call, and I was told that MasterCard had reported that my card's security may have been compromised. Period. They can't tell me more in detail--as they have none. The solution: Block my card and provide me a new one. It should take five to eight banking days. I think to myself, it's gonna be a long weekend (All Saints Day holiday) and will probably get it after two weeks. Well, it's either that, or someone else uses my card. So what the heck, I give my go signal.

Today, 01 December 2011:
Y'got it. It ain't here yet. That's after over 10 calls to Customer Service, with agents sending a "follow-up" and nobody can tell me why I don't have my new one yet. Nobody can even confirm if they received my last payment (since I pay online and input the card number). Now I'm not sure I want to pay again as it may get lost in transit...

I'm thinking of just closing this account. Anyhow, I have a Citibank Shell. Maybe I'll just get a new one that earns miles or something. There's no use paying annual fees if you can't use your card. It's Christmas--shopping time--and I'm supposed to be earning points on my card for purchases, but no, I'm shopping on cash basis right now.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogger App

I remember a few months back l was looking for the perfect iPhone app for blogging. Simply because Blogger hasn't released any yet, and the third party apps were bleh. I sold my laptop mid year so I really depend on my phone for my online needs.

Thanks to Google, I learned today that they've release the official app September this year. I'm blogging from it right now and will check tomorrow when I get to the office how the posts are. Oh and I'm supposed to be able to add photos too. Let's try that one out... [takes a photo of my migraine meds]

Hmm. I can't seem to choose where to position my newly snapped photo.

Now let's try using something from my camera roll... [uploads photo collage from Peri-Peri]

Same problem. I'll have to see how this ends up tomorrow. I have no idea where my photos are gonna be.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Proposals: Are you really ready?

At a quarter of a century, I have already been proposed to. Twice. I have always thought I'm ready to settle down, have a family and all that. I browse Facebook albums and you see friends getting married and lately, having babies and sharing tips about it. I'm not in a rush to have babies though. If given one, I'd be happy; but I'm not yet on the desperate level.

Colleagues ask me how it feels, being proposed to. It's surprising, it's overwhelming. But for the most part, it's heart-pounding. I know it is too with the proposing party, but guys have to understand that it's a different level of confusion and happiness for the ladies. Sure, men are nervous about being turned down, but that's about it. Unlike men you have thought it through over and over in their heads if they wanna marry this lady, the ladies have to go through that thinking process in minutes.

The pressure is intense. You can't think about it for more than five minutes, otherwise your possible groom-to-be would have been brokenhearted already. As much as possible you want to say yes, but you also think about it if you really want to spend your life with this person? Are you ready to soon end this in a relationship stage? With marriage there are no break-ups, divorce is a frowned upon option--so is your time/years/months with him already enough to get you hitched?

Yes, these went through my mind in a few snaps. The second time though, I felt like it was too soon, so I just couldn't get any words out of my mouth. I had to cover my mouth as my jaw literally dropped!

No, my current boyfriend has not yet proposed. I'd like to keep it that way hehe. But I had this weird dream the other night where people were telling me I was pregnant and need to go give birth already (though in my dream I look at my tummy and exclaim, "Eh parang namang galing Lang ako sa buffet eh?"). And people were asking me if I'm gonna get married, that same panic went inside my head and I can't say anything. I know the boyfriend wanted to (in the dream) but I can't get myself to do so.

Is this a sign?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Dinners

Yesterday, the great news of my brother passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers (Sep 2011) reached everyone in my family like an outbreak. We are all so happy, and of course as the one who paid for his schooling, I'm grateful. Ecstatic, even. I immediately sent an SMS back to my whole family. In an hour, my mom starts texting my bro if he wants to have dinner with the family, since "Ate is scheduled to go home tonight." She CC's everyone.

I reply and tell my mom that yes, I am planning to go home, but I don't have a car. I'm hitching a ride from my friend Mel; given my recent track record on cars and driving, I have no plans on driving through the Christmas-holiday-rush-traffic / payday weekend / Breaking Dawn Part 1 opening night. And more importantly, I don't expect to be out earlier than 7PM as my boss is leaving the next day. I'd probably just eat morsels by the time I get off work and brave through the Friday traffic. Emailing everyday, it's second nature to me to copy everyone too. (If only there's a Reply All button on SMS, I'd hit that.) My bro, being an anti social, is not so thrilled about it (or family gatherings in general) and couldn't care less. He replies and reminds mom that Ate's schedule can't make it.

So of course, the mother--a Taurus like me--calls me up and puts it on me indirectly that it's somehow my fault that we can't have family dinner that night. I get so pissed, and lose my momentum at work. I literally stopped working and kept pacing around.

Don't get me wrong, I love family dinners. My family is used to bonding over food. Dinners and lunches are usually three hours long because of the unending stories. But what I don't understand is how my mom would still kind of instill in us like it's a chore. I know it's some unwritten rule on responsibility to catch up with your family, but my point is, won't they understand that the kids grew up and can make plans on their own? It's not like I go home from school, and I have no money so I have no choice but to stay home and wait til my 'rents figure something nice to do that night.

It's not as easy as telling your kids to drop everything, do it later coz we have to go somewhere. I have friends who have adjusted their schedules, meetings that were set prior, and work that I must pay attention to. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daydream Mode: My Cars

My first two hours at work were spent checking out cars online. Here are my likes:

For an everyday Sedan: Chevrolet Cruze in red

For an everyday SUV: Nissan X-trail in whatever you call this color

For a cutesy-girly look: Volkswagen Beetle in Blue
(Photo courtesy of

My not-because-I'm-girl-you-can-mess-around-with-me vehicle: Hummer H3 preferably the same color as the X-Trail

I have not decided on which car is my show-off car, the one you bring to night outs or something. A Camaro looks nice. But not really sold on it. And I haven't thought of my elegant car as well. How about you?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Just a few minutes or an hour ago, it was 11/11/11. It's not big deal, it's meant to happen, right? There's an eleventh month, an eleventh day of the month and a year ending in eleven.

Intertwined in a cuddle--would you believe--I kinda figured out it's quite cool. We get to experience all these palindromes. A lot of other people did not, think about those people born after 1920s and dies before 2001? That's a lot.

True it may not even matter. It's not like the stars give you something great every palindrome day that you live, but it's just cool to be able to live through 01/01/01 through 12/12/12 and even 12/13/14 (pray to God that nothing bad happens to me). The next series of these dates will be in a hundred years. My kids might not even be able to live through it!

Note: This just lets you in on how weird I can be. My boyfriend finds it amusing that I find something cool out of ordinary no-big-deal stuff. But yeah it doesn't get me off the hook that I'm weird. LOL

The Undeserving Princess

Friends would know that I've been very uncertain with my current relationship. Don't get me wrong, I have a great boyfriend. Of all the partners I've been with, he is the one you could see yourself having as a husband. He'll make a good husband and a loving dad to his future kids. I'm a princess. I'm his everything. He's loyal and loves me a million times than I do.

And that's the dilemma: I can't figure out what's wrong. I can't quite honestly say I have zero feelings for Al, but I know that that's gotta take a back seat. That one's not gonna go anywhere. He doesn't wanna try anymore and I understand. Like he said, make the best of what we have.

But I want to give it a shot. Deep in my heart I know I'd try having a Skype relationship. It's bullshit but what the hell. But I have to constantly remind myself that he's not willing to do that and it might just not work.

I hope I get my closure soon. No more "maybe not right now", but more like "I'm sorry it's just not gonna happen." I hate it when people can't say things as it is. The truth and even the half truths hurt, and I'd settle for the complete ones hands down.

I can't move on. I can't wait; I don't want to wait. I wanna start living my life without that percentage of hope. It breaks my heart admitting to all these. My boyfriend does not deserve this, he deserves so much better. I need to move on and start living my life with him as my focus and not because he's what I just settled for. Not just because he's the next best thing.

I need to move on. But I can't. I don't know how.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Car, Driving and the Road Bad Luck

How does one rub off bad luck? I'm on my fifth week. And it's all about my car, driving and being on the road.

First I get into a minor accident involving my car and a biker. Entirely not my fault with him swerving in front of me while I'm running 60kph. He's okay, he's got a bruise but no broken bones or anything. His bike was a different story though. So I had to pay his days off work (to recover), buy him a new bike and get my license back. My conscience would eat me if I don't. It's a man after all.

Next, on a payday weekend my Geo gave up and got me stranded in Edsa. Like, dead. Had to leave him at a gas station, commute going home, go back the next day. Brought it to the mechanic and money went down the drain again for repairs and replacement of my timing belt.

The following weekend, Geo's radiator is no longer in shape; leaking out half of its content in a short trip. So out goes PhP 4,000 for a replacement cover.

Another long weekend after, the previous incident happened regarding engine oil cap. By this time, it's becoming unbelievable.

And the latest of the five-consecutive-weekend streak? A ticket. Apparently the traffic enforcers got me a ticket for beating the red light (I swear it wasn't) and added--get this--reckless driving for trying to outrun them. Point being, I didn't even know they were flagging me as I wasn't guilty. Now I'm without a license.

This is just. Plain. Un. Believable.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Simple Mishaps: Big Risk

My month hasn't been the greatest. For the past three consecutive weekends, I had to worry about my car or bring it to the mechanic. Week 1 was for its timing belt, week 2 was for its radiator. Last week though, was not even my fault. Unbelievable. I have written a complaint letter regarding the incident, so allow me to copy and paste it as it has complete details.


Mr. & Mrs. Desi Tomacruz
Owners, Donica Corporation
Shell at the Fort
32nd Street, Bonifacio Stop Over
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

I am writing to file a formal complaint against an oversight by one of your crew in re-placing my engine oil cover. Please allow me to relay my side in chronological order:

On Monday, October 24, 2011 at around 7:00 in the evening, I brought my vehicle, a Suzuki Vitara `97 model, to your The Fort station for gasoline fill up. Once the tank was full, I handed over my Citibank Shell card for swiping. While waiting for the charge slip, a lady attendant—Liezel Nullan—offered to check for oil and water levels. Popping the hood, she does, and eventually notifies me that the engine oil level is low. I proceeded and purchased her recommendation, a Shell Helix H5 (according to the receipt), which retails at PHP 234.00.

Trusting all is well, I proceeded to do my daily routine. I live near C5, a stone’s throw away from your Pasig-Valle Verde station.  On Friday, October 28, 2011 around 6:00pm after arrival at home, I went to check my vehicle and prepare it for my next-day early morning trip to my hometown, as it is the long weekend for the All Saints Day. To my surprise, oil is scattered all over my engine and the engine oil is uncapped.

Unable to contact your station through the number given by Shell Customer Care, I asked my staff to go to your station and look for a supervisor. I was able to talk with Jimmy Espeleta, and was given feedback through SMS later that night. Unfortunately, they were unable to find it, and was assured of reimbursement instead.

The following day, Saturday, October 29, 2011, I went and bought one instead, from Suzuki Pasig (along C5). Brought my vehicle to the mechanic to check and clean up my engine. I had to delay my plans on going back to my hometown for a day.

Today, Thursday, November 03, 2011, I was reimbursed for the amount of PHP 306.89 for the replacement.

Though reimbursed, it does not take away the fact that the simple mishap of not re-placing the engine oil cover (or, screwing it back on loose enough to fall off) had put myself, my vehicle and even nearby vehicles and establishments at risk. It could have:
·         Resulted in an explosion or be engulfed in flames had the oil been in contact with an exposed electrical part of the engine;
·         Resulted in fire if anybody was smoking by the vehicle, as the oil had spilled and possibly dripped to the ground;
·         Caused malfunction of the engine due to lack of engine oil—it had already been driven nine times, to and from my home and office by the time I had discovered it;
·         Put me at risk of being stranded somewhere if I had not been able to check on it and proceeded with my planned long drive.

I certify that the above-mentioned information and events are true and correct. Please find attached copies of any supporting document I have with me.

As a frequent customer on both your the Fort and and C5 Pasig stations—and Donica Corporation being a Shell Global Multi-Site Retailer awardee—I believe that you value customer satisfaction. I am hopeful that this event does not happen again to me, or to any other customer for that matter. May this incident be a wake-up call for the crew members in knowing the responsibilities they take whenever they do anything with anybody’s vehicle.

Thank you for your time and more power to your company.

My Complete Name


In all fairness to me, I really wasn't looking for any compensation. I should reimburse the oil but decided not to, since it still has enough oil in it. This could have been a lawsuit in the making, if you ask me. But I would pity the lady attendant, who for all I know, is not even earning enough and that PHP 300 is already a big chunk off her payslip. 

Today, I got a call from Mr. Tomacruz and he offered to reimburse my payment for the engine oil as well. I appreciate the call, sincerely. 

So to all the drivers out there, make sure you watch and check if they replace those thingies: gas cap, engine oil cap, and radiator caps. Simple mistakes like these can put you at risk big time.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Emotionless Online Life

There was a time that blogging was about what's in your heart, what your soul was screaming about. Then came a time for me that blogging was no longer that. It's just a mere what-I'm-doing-or-spending-time-on. Looking back and reading older posts, it does mean a lot...

You read through a person's blog and you feel the emotions. How certain posts make you smile and say, "those were the days." You read heartbreaking posts and you can connect with the emotions; most likely post a comment with comforting words. With Facebook and Twitter, online life just seemed so...emotionless. I'm listening to this, I'm doing this, I'm doing that, I'm with who, I'm watching this. Just so boring.

I love blogging for the fact that you can just say, "I just can't get over you." No judgment, no holds barred. If there are no comments on your posts, it doesn't even bother you.

I remember how I got friends online, and knowing which ones to trust by reading their posts. Knowing how they think and what they value in life.

I miss you, blog world. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Geo's Pamper week

Last week, I had my Geo--my white 97 Suzuki Vitara--go through shakedown maintenance from people I met online at the Honda Club Philippines forum. They're good and saved me money than going to a Suzuki casa. I'm scared to go to auto shops by myself for fear that they know I'm a girl and know nothing much about cars.

I spent about 10,000 pesos for the following:

  • change engine oil / oil filter
  • change front and rear differential gear oil
  • change automatic transmission fluid
  • change transfer case gear oil
  • change power steering fluid
  • change spark plugs
  • change air filter
  • overhaul throttle body
  • clean IACV
  • disassemble, clean and regrease wheel bearings
  • disassemble, clean and regrease front auto locking hubs
  • disassemble, clean and inspect front and rear brakes
  • Full engine, drive train and suspension inspection
Then come work day, I had the registration renewed :) 

I'm an overachiever

I feel bad.

I'm not in the position to judge or tell people what's best, but it depresses me knowing I'm such an overachiever and other people aren't. Ego gets in the way.

Partially can relate to this post

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

F**ked Up Cupid

Maybe you do, maybe you don't
Deep inside, I know you won't
There's not much to say
But I still hope and pray
Yes, I know I'm stupid
Goddamn, f***ed up cupid

But seriously though,
I just can't let you go.

Back to blogging

I have sworn to start blogging again. It's just so different than tweeting, or updating your status message on Facebook. Blogging is pouring your heart and mind out, even though you know it's possible that no one is gonna read it. It's therapeutic. I love it, miss it, and I am back. My goal is to blog at least once a week. Here we go.

Friday, June 03, 2011

iPhone app for blogger?

I have yet to find the best app for Suggestions?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Online Assessment for Promotion

I might just be looking for a job.

I'm currently working for Sitel in Ortigas; took a job as a sales chat rep for a measly sum. The good thing about it was that it was a pioneer (start up) account. For non-BPO/call-center peeps, this means you're the first batch in the account and in turn may provide you a huge possibility of getting promoted once the account expands. I am now considered a regular employee since February 2011 and have just been waiting for this account to expand or for the company to post internal job postings for which I could apply for. Through the six-month probationary period I gave it my all and the best I can be, in preparation of a good background check if ever I apply for a promotion.

Finally, last March our Operations Manager had informed us that she is actively looking for two people to fill in two vacancies. You guessed it right, I applied for one. One was team lead position and the other was for a Quality Analyst. I applied for the latter, knowing I ain't really good in 'leading' per se.

Tuesday last week, a couple of my colleagues had taken their online assessment test for the team lead position. One passed, the other didn't make it. I got quite nervous so I asked my own TL (team lead) to coach me on what to expect, and got tips from him. He mentioned I'd be doing a little math, analytical problems and a few abstract stuff. I honestly did not worry about it--this is easy.

Wednesday, I was asked to come in early, and it was my turn for the assessment. I sat in front of the PC, the test administrator asked me to start. I asked, "don't I need paper or something?" She said I didn't need it, and I grabbed the headset. Voila! The first part was a 30 to 50 item exam about MS Excel. This may not be surprising, but it was so difficult. I mean, I could use Excel, no problem with that. I even enjoy making spreadsheets even for my own finances...

But be asked about questions asking about which tab or which menu to find a certain option, or what dialog box pops up for a certain error certainly did not have anything to do with what I know. I was cursing the entire time...this is bull. This is bookish. I can certainly navigate my way around MS Excel without memorizing those things, and the worst part is, I was not even given a heads up that this was the kind of exam I'll get.

F*** it. The results will be in today, I don't know but I'm not expecting to pass. If by some miracle I do pass, I'm definitely making sure that I get the promotion and raise within a couple of months. If I don't get it, then I guess there's no stopping me from getting a higher paying entry level job. My CV is printed. Ten copies. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Friends

After three years since the first time, I met with my blog friends Tin and Abet last night at Bonifacio High Street. These two were the first of many online/blog friends I made when my addiction for Internet started. Both used to have Blogspot accounts; but with the emergence of other sites like Multiply and Facebook, blogging seemed extinct and resulted to Notes in Facebook or Multiply blog. We were actually talking about it last night, on how blogs are almost extinct, but at the same time how different it is to be blogging for real--not those that you want those 'friends' to see. The mystery/anonymity is lacking, and the chance that anybody can possibly stumble upon your posts and you might be able to help them (with your ideas), or in our case, be interested in them and become your real life friends.

Side note: It was my first time at Clawdaddy. Either I was hungry or everything was superb! We ordered: carbonara, pizza (the salmon one) and even the appetizer sampler is great! Will definitely go back.

Photos to follow, since our photographer Abet is currently far far away, doubt that he's able to upload it last night. It was fun, catching up: how different our lives are from the first time we met, or the different partners we are now referring to as our present/s. We definitely need a part three for this one, as the things discussed last night would need to be reassessed, for the lack of better terms. It's funny how you meet a lot of people online and be actually friends with some of them. Amazing. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Family Trip

As a graduation gift to my youngest sib, mom booked us flights to Cebu. Having been a flight attendant, I have been so used to flying, but my two brothers--my Kuya and the youngest--have never been on one. Mika, my sister, had flown to Indonesia for her practicum; my parents have flown domestic and international flights. So to have them experience flying--with a former FA like me--would be great.

I had so much fun traveling with my family. We don't get to do this a lot since our annual Baguio trip usually comes with a lot of other people, so having a trip just the family (and my 5-year old niece, Yana) is rare. I filed for unpaid leaves while Kuya and Nanay both filed for VLs.

We went hotel-hopping in Cebu and Mactan, went to see Magellan's Cross and the Sto. Nino Basilica. We took the ferry to Bohol/Tagbilaran for a day trip. Went to see the Chocolate Hills, Panglao Island, tarsiers, etc. We are so grateful for our host, tita Tere (mom's friend) who had been so generous in letting us stay over at their wonderful home in Talisay, Cebu. We got the chance to spend nights there, play Guitar Hero and lounge around even when they aren't home. Tita Tere was the same aunt who toured me around London and saw the Stonehenge.

So what did we learn? To have pictures taken not lined up like it's a firing squad. (See photo) We call this the American Idol pose. Nothing, just because most reality shows on TV would show you photos like these and my parents are hooked on the latest season of AI.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weddings Here and There

In this Facebook age, I constantly find myself browsing through wedding photos of friends. Maybe I am in the marrying age indeed, since weddings happen here and there, and it's not like they're my uncles or aunties--they're my friends!

My boyfriend must be crazy-thinking maybe I wanna get married already. The thing is, at this point, I don't. I was in a [chat] conversation with the ex-fiance the other day and I was just telling him I met up with Precious and MM, who are getting married and happily married, respectively. He was asking me if I had plans [again] of getting married. In a split second I was able to say, "nope."

One, my boyfriend and I are barely half a year together. Yes we spend 5 out 7 days a week together, but it's just gonna be too soon to think about that. Following two very serious relationships (including that of with the ex-fiance), I seem not to be in a very committed or serious relationship at this point. I am enjoying every minute I spend with my dear one but I don't see myself walking down the aisle just yet.

Second, I am 24. In a month or so, I'll be 25. Yes for some this is a good age to marry. For me, this is a reminder that I have finished college and six years have passed, and I am still in an entry-level position. I crave for a career path, growth and stability. I am so working on getting promotions.

Maybe I could cite more reasons, but I guess, you'll just know when you're ready when you are. I realize I browse through the wedding photos with amazement and happiness for these people who have found the one they'd chosen to spend their lives with. How they figure out that their partner is 'the one', that I am still yet to find out.

Monday, March 14, 2011


We were in Sunday dinner with my Lola, aunt, and cousins. The usual over-dinner talks turned out to be some sort of an excerpt of a primetime soap. Emotions poured from negative feelings towards an in-law. Aunt is almost in tears for the pent-up emotions so I chirped, "it's mind over matter; if you don't mind then it don't matter." This had made me realize that not everybody is capable of doing this. For my Kuya had said that I am the best when it comes to apathy. Well what can I do? I am talented in this department. I guess I have learned of this trait/emotion when I was still young. During my high school days, I'm one of those people very much affected with what other people say or think of me; but my mom is always to the rescue, reminding me not to care, because it's my life. And that I don't live for those people, so as long as I'm not doing anything wrong, to hell with them! I kind of think this had made me a stronger person, battling with the norm and peer pressure. I feel bad for people who can't do the same (as much as I can) because they wake up every day with a heavy feeling. Do you do this too?

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy 2011 everyone!

It's the start of the new year and surprisingly I'm blogging. I have the privelege of not working on both Christmas and New Year's this 2010. So anyway, a new year comes with new year's resolution/s. Mine? Hmm.

I'm not sure I still have them but there are goals I wish to achieve, that's for sure.
1. Be successful; get promoted.
2. Lose weight. This starts today!
3. Stay happy and contented.
4. Survive.
5. Be independent. (Doing this right now!)

What's yours?