Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Away from Home

Where have I been? Hehe. Went home on the 15th and haven't blogged since. Well I was busy, kind of.

I was trying to make the most out of every second I had back home. Dad was telling me my days were longer coz I get up twice a day and proceed on doing whatever I have to do. Because it's simbang gabi already. I sleep by midnight, get up by four in the morning, go to church, have breakfast with them (my sister, dad, and Yana--yes, she wakes up soo early din, iiyak pag iniwan) and then drop my sister off at her school, go back home, sleep, and then do something else (like, meet up with friends, wrap gifts, shop, or report to the office) hehe. So my eight days seemed like sixteen waking days. :)

We tried to complete the simbang gabi with nine different churches but we weren't that successful coz we don't really know the mass schedules of other churches so some days we went back to the other churches. So where have we gone to?
Day 1 - San Jose de Navotas (my parish church)
Day 2 - University of Santo Tomas (supposedly at the chapel but they held the mass at the grandstand so..)
Day 3 - Nuestra Senora de Guia (Ermita)
Day 4 - Shrine of Jesus (near MOA)
Day 5 - my parish church again
Day 6 - Manila Cathedral
Day 7 - Immaculate Concepcion (Malabon)
Day 8 - Shrine of Jesus again (love love this church, wanna get married here!)
Day 9 - San Roque de Navotas
But the ninth day was anticipated mass so we heard the mass the night of the 8th day. Why? Coz I'm leaving right after the mass. This is a unique Christmas to me, it's my first away from home. For nineteen years I've been having Christmas Eve dinner with my family and now, I think we're going Krispy Kreme somewhere nearby or that coffee shop around the corner with my donggis. Well me and the entire family had had that dinner already (complete with giving of gifts!) a couple of nights back. But of course it'll never be the same. As I explained to my hube during our Clark-Incheon flight, "Christmas Eve is everything." At least for my family.

Do I have a Christmas wish? Of course. More Christmases to come, and hopefully be at home by then. Hmm. They say wishes come true if you complete the simbang gabi :)

To all of you out there who are feeling all bored at family reunions during Christmas, think again. There are people who'd kill for those things. I know I would. *wink

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

This isn't a post's a shoutout. To my other ex, Dre, happy birthday. You're a year older and a year more mature. *wink*

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Profile Layout

So Friendster just released the new profile layout. And it meant customizing again. I still wanted the old black and purple and stars so I did. Anyhow I'm almost done with it already but there are still some things I can't figure out how to customize (if you visit my profile, drop me a message if you know how to change those dark gray text and blue links please).

And Niko, you should see my Sandbox.

Speaking of layouts, I'm thinking of changing my blog template layout for the nth time. Suggestions? I still want to go black though, something neat and assymetrical?

And happy birthday to my ex-boyfriend and future civil engineer Patrick! Last sem mo na, kaya yan! Aja! (Uh-oh, too much Korean in me...)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Beach amidst fall

Just came back from Cebu. And I'm so sleepy. Instead of sleeping the whole layover day (to put to rest my very tired body and at the same time gather enough energy to work for the inbound flight) I went out and ate at Greenwich, bought Chowking food and then tanned under the Philippine sun. I love the beach. Especially if you've got a big piece of the shore to yourself. (I went "beach-ing" at the hotel itself, Hilton, so there aren't so many people around.)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Barren Trees

It's minus 8 degrees now. The trees are barren. Is it officially winter now?

Took the shot somewhere along Hap Jeong area, while on the bus today from airport to hotel.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Since the news programs say that the storm will hit Manila tomorrow, I keep wondering if it would be enough to cancel our flight back to Seoul. Or if the flight to Manila would even takeoff or cancel it at Seoul. Or how difficult would that flight be if we'd still fly. Or where would we stay if it does get cancelled. Tomorrow would probably be a very memorable flight.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sundays. Breakfasts.

"I miss having breakfasts with you though."

Friday, November 24, 2006

Coz I got my first pay...

I bought myself a digicam today (and a lot of other stuff to bring home on Monday) from Yongsan.

And that's the first photo in it, taken by the salesman--too shy to show my face and at the same time thinking over if it's worth the $260. (Was haggling for $250.)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bloody Hell

As I've mentioned earlier (on the first day) we went to the tourist spots. (Will post my fave pics nalang.)

On our way to the Buckingham Palace, we passed through Green Park (if am not mistaken) and took my first hey-it's-autumn picture. Unfortunately my scarf was oddly tied.

Among the tourist spots (Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, etc.) my favorite is Big Ben. I just love it. (Photo: With Jila; soo windy)

On the second day we just went outside the hotel and wandered around. I shopped at Woolworths and Boots and bought Christmas cards as well. Then we went down one of the alleys to see what's a residential area was like. There.

By the third (and last) day, I met up with my tita Tere and her English/British husband, Uncle Chris; they took me to the shopping areas like Picadilly Circus, Bond street, Regents street, Oxford street, where there is practically everything you'd want from cheap souvenirs to LVs in Harrods. Went past by The Ritz so I snapped a photo for my sister, Notting Hill addict. Maybe next time I'll go find the Travel Bookshop (I learned that it actually exists at Notting Hill).

Walk, walk, walk. That's what you'd see most people do. Even if I've walked a mile I wouldn't have noticed. No sweat, literally, and clean air plus wonderful environment. So there were cars and then...

OMG. And I thought Sydney was cool coz I saw an old model Ferrari, but lo, an Enzo? A few more steps down a Lamborghini stops at the sight of the red light. Whoa.

And then finally it was time to say, "Goodbye, see you again next month," to both of them and thanked Uncle Chris for explaining to me which is which (see British Confusion).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

British confusion

I'm in London right now and heck I got myself so tired yesterday visiting the most "tourist-y" (according to Alistair, the concierge at the hotel) spots available.

But up until now I'm confused. So London is a city. And England is? And Great Britain is? And United Kingdom is? Oh geez. Che I think I need your help on this one. Which one's the country? UK? As you see on my sidebar I've started putting cities under the "I've been to" part and I don't know how I'm supposed to add London. Like "London, England" or "London, UK"? It's usually city and then country format. Help.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zombie in Hanoi

I wrote something already but it got crapped so I don't know what happened. Well anyway, I said I came back from Ha Noi but relatively wasn't able to do anything due to the tight security around the area for the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting 2006 was being held on the days I was there. Wasn't able to sleep well too.

So much like a zombie, I fell into a deep sleep for eight hours straight when I got back here in Seoul.

I'm so happy that the broadband connection is up and running already at home; it's my first contribution to my family back in the Philippines. Now they won't have to spend for prepaid cards that are offer connections so slow. Now all they'd need is a router to have the connection on all three computers at home.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

After My First Delhi Flight

Yesterday I just got back from New Delhi, India. Well I did nothing special except for I tried local food (unlike other layovers, I stick to McDonald's and KFC stuff). I was surprised that the climate's not so warm. It's like Tagaytay during summer season. Didn't know there was winter season in India.

For other news, me and my Chinese boyfriend broke up yesterday.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sydney Adventures

I was drafting a blow by blow Sydney post but decided against it coz my blog would look like a history book or something. So, I'll just post some of my fave pics and move on. Haha, I have a Delhi flight tomorrow. By the way I just got back from Manila today thru Clark airport. Well actually except for November 1, we were at Baguio coz I bargain hunted for winter clothes and accessories/shoes. Anyway here goes the photos.

So me and my dongki, Mica, accompanied by her cousin ate Gae (not in the photo) went to this park to see some cute animals:

Kangaroos, well joeys actually. There were no big kangaroos for fear that they'd wrestle anybody near. Haha.

And that's me mocking a sleeping koala.

Meet my friend, Taz. As in Tazmanian Devil, in the flesh! Looks like a big rat. Haha.

Went aqua golfing and mini golf that night as well.

Of course we can't leave without seeing the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. And then we rode a ferry to Manly and went to the beach where all we had to do is remove our shoes and start enjoying the waves and the sand. Well it was 14degrees at that time so we look stupid wearing jackets but then we're at the beach. Haha. Til here. So sleepy.

Friday, October 27, 2006

2tired 2complete sentences

Just got back in Seoul from Sydney. Long flight. Headache. Not so good flight, superb city. Pictures soon. Miss you all.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Friendster Mugshots

What's up with people posting ID pictures on Friendster? It looks weird. Or they should add a caption like, "Wanted for murder" or something. *opinionated*

Is it just this pc or has my Friendster profile reverted back to original template? The black with purple stars background won't appear. What about if you view it?

+ + +

Just got back from Singapore this morning where I started my Christmas shopping already. And then I went to church today after, like, two months. :) Will be in Sydney tomorrow with Mica. Yey!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Stuck with sleazy movies to watch

...And I can't find anything else to do. I'm here at Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and I don't want to spend so much so I went nowhere except for that Harrison Plaza-like shopping center where I bought food (read: McDonald's and KFC) and a few more things to eat. I'm really gon' get fat in this job! Think about it, if I already have my salary then God know what else I'd be eating! Haha, not to mention I usually eat my crew meal on board plus an extra meal, then some extra desserts from business/first class. :)

Anyway "Kota" means mountain so Kota Kinabalu is Mount Kinabalu. But looking out from my hotel window, I see the waters. There's something that looks like an underdeveloped Baywalk out here. My seniors are probably there tonight having dinner or something (of course I didn't join them, they have money and I don't) but I went outside earlier all by myself. I think it's an advantage that I don't look--and dress--so uncommon coz at least I could go by myself and not receive strange stares nor attract threats.

Oh, now I remember what I did earlier. I went to the gym which is like five machines plus a few more cardio vasculars. Afterwards I boiled myself in soaring temperatures at the sauna room, I was all red after haha. I should probably buy a new pair of swimwear so that I could go swimming at hotel pools (gosh do I love swimming!) instead o' sweating it out in the gym.

Aw I'm hungry again; I've finished my dinner and there's nothing but Kitkat, milk, peanuts and Coke Light in my fridge. Woow finally a good movie's coming on. Coyote Ugly!

P.S. I've added a few more good people on my links list. Pay them a visit, it's worth it. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Great unlucky day

Despite it being a 'cursed' day, I had a wonderful day. Today I had my best flight so far. Well it's technically an October 12 flight but the duration was 13th coz we left at 23.35 and flight time was around 5 hours. Okay so much for very technical stuff.

We were on our way back to Seoul from Phnom Penh; with the same crew, and the same plane. But (1) we had only twenty-five passengers for economy class. According to our manual, one cabin crew is to fifty passengers so imagine how easy it was for the three of us (me and my galley-mates) to do everything for them. (2) My galleymates were the best so far. Neither of them were so into the seniority thing nor were they easily angered at simple mistakes. They actually appreciate simple favors that I do. (3) Our cabin manager let us all sleep one hour each. Usually, you don't sleep in a five-hour flight. We take rests during long flights like US or Sydney or London.

And lastly, (4) what better way to end a flight but to see a wonderful sunrise! The transition of colors from dark blue to fire orange, wow! You never (or hardly) get to see how wonderful the sunrise skies are above the clouds. :) My senior took pictures of it and hopefully she'll be able to send it to me. Hayy. Great friday the 13th.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The French Connection

Rumors had it that next year Asiana'd be opening Paris flights; it got me so excited coz of course I wanna see Europe, especially France, especially Paris! But during my flight to Phnom Penh (I'm here at the moment) I chatted with my senior who informed me that I should prolly (naks, Niko style) kiss my Paris dreams goodbye.

She said that yes, Asiana did try to negotiate to have Paris flights but unfortunately, the French government and Korean Air's ties are so strong so they kinda shooed us away. So why such an agreement? Coz Korean Air bought so many Airbus aircrafts. Yun na yun. Aw =(

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Working girl

I know, I know. I soo lack updates. Blame me, all I wanna do (if I don't have a flight) is either sleep or eat. Anyway 'ere goes updates in bullet form.

+ Day after grad we moved to Seokyo Hotel, bigger rooms, better facilities, but no PCs inside the rooms so that explains why I don't update that much.

+ My first flight was Manila, quick turn. Which is soo sad 'coz not only is Manila flight one of the hardest flights, but at the same time, it breaks your heart that you're in the Philippines and yet you can't go home.

+ Second flight was Hong Kong, with 12hours layover. I saw--nothing! We stayed at the airport hotel and I tried to "see" HK, but when I looked outside the hotel, I figured it must be far from downtown. It's like I'm in a separate country or something. Arizona-like.

+ Third flight was Ho Chi Minh, my very first layover flight. Me and Kat went to Saigon Square to "shop" but I window-shopped coz I still don't have the money. Just bought two woodcarvings of a Vietnamese woman: one for home and the other for my half-Vietnamese tita.

+ Then on October 1 I had Clark flight--going home! I surprised my family when I showed up at their bedroom doors. Haha.

+ Stayed in Manila for my 8days-straight days off. Did a looot of things, including going to Bulacan to see my maternal grandparents, bonding with highschool friends thru a DVD marathon (finally I got to see The Devil Wears Prada!), bonding with Yana on her mommy's family day at school, joined the fun at my cousin Rom's fifth birthday (the most fun children's party ever) and a lot lot more.

+ Was able to convince my mom to let me borrow this laptop I'm using now and we had wifi card installed too! Yey!

+ And now here I am, back in Seoul. Rejuvenated and preparing myself for the next three weeks of flights. I missed blogging!

Friday, September 22, 2006

And all the hardwork paid off...

It's graduation day today! :)

"CONGRATULATIONS! We know too well how much you deserve this because you have set your heart and mind to it. We are proud of your achievements and we are with you in your struggles--of the stumbles and try which earned your strength, of the endless nights reviewing and memorizing, of the ear-aching listening to a foreign-sounding english instructions and most of all, the loneliness of being away from home.Our toast to the best FA trainee of Asiana!"
- Nanay and Tatay (they sent me an ecard :P)

"My Incredible Girl: Katrina Naval. You know how surprised was your improvement every day? At first you were not that conspicuous among the trainees, but after having interview you started developing more and more, eventually you became one of the shiniest stars in my class. Always concentrating on the class with good smile, cleaning others' stuff after Ditching class, chasing just after me whenever we move; you were just gorgeous. I appreciate you a lot. Be the best Flight Attendant."
- Miss Lee Dan Hee

So yea, the hardwork reaally paid off. Valedictorian. :P (Cliche as it may seem, I did not expect it.)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who's calling upon the door?

Last night, I just had the most terrifying experience ever in my life.

I was another room, at 801, with Jackie, Monica and Sebie, doing a video presentation for our graduation. Around 1am, biglang may kumatok ng malakas sa door. Sinilip ni Monica and saw a big man outside. Tas may sinisigaw in Korean and started counting. Tas pinagsisipa yung door, as if malapit nang bumigay yung door. Immediately we knew na lasing yung tao.

Tapos palakas nang palakas yung sipa sa door nilagay na namin yung upuan sa door tas naghanap na kami ng pangpalo sa ulo nung guy if ever bumigay nga yung door. Jackie naman, tinawagan na yung front desk. Kamusta naman sa language barrier pero basta ilan beses parin sha tumawag. Tinawagan narin nya si Naze, taga lower floor samin to communicate sana sa baba (with somebody with her) if ever di talaga kami naintindihan. It lasted for more than ten minutes.

Si Monica nabuhat yung napakalaking maleta (kasing taas ng waist pag nakatayo!) para mapangharang sa door. Ako naman I started calling our classmates in nearby rooms to tell them about the situation and for them to lock their doors. Some of them were asleep, yung iba naman nagising na sa lakas ng sipa sa pinto.. Tapos sumilip si Sebie tas sinabi samin na umalis kami sa may door kasi may kinukuha sha sa bag nya (who knows if it's a gun or something?) Nung dumating na si "My Friend" (hotel f.O.) sinisilip lang namin sa peephole tas ayaw parin nya sumama kay my friend tas muka ngang natatakot nadin sha kasi malaki talaga yung mama pero buti nalang napersuade ni my friend na sumakay ng elevator..

Bumaba sila Naze to check with My Friend kung ano nangyari. (Andun pa yung mama sa lobby, hinahagis yung mga telepono and everything) It turned out he is a policeman, so tama si Sebie, maaaring may baril nga sha. (And that explains his built and strength) So Naze and Jila asked My Friend, pano nila irereport yun e pulis din pala, pero sabi daw ni My Friend nakatawag na daw sa presinto para maireport at may dadating na para ihandcuff sha at iescort away from the hotel.....

Nung dumating na sila Naze saka lang kami naiyak na apat kasi nanginginig na talaga kami sa takot,, But still nobody actually panicked kaya good. Pero grabe. Parang gusto mo na umuwi now na.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Magjajapayuki na lang po ako

It's past six in the evening and I just got back to the hotel from my OJT flight to (and fro) Sendai, Japan. And I thought it'd be easy. To think that it's just a two and a half hour flight (but working time's actually eight hours), how much more tired will get if I fly sixteen hours straight on Seoul to New York flight?

I wasn't trainee on the flight. As in I did everything that one should do. Even more. Aww inasmuch as I'd like to elaborate more and give details, you'd probably won't be able to relate to it, so there...

Bottom line is, I know I did a good job (Sugo hashutsumnida to me!) and though the Zhang Ziyi lookalike is giving me all her duties, I don't care. I know for a fact that I'm better than her. Imagine, four sunbaenims (seniors) was asking me to teach them passenger briefing--you know, the one where you demonstrate how to wear the seatbelt and life vest and everything else--coz they don't know; depending too much on video system, and now it broke down... Haha. Babo.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Homesick all the more

Lets start with Friday. Woke up at 5am (4am, Manila time) for last minute preparations and then left the hotel by 6. The international airport wasn't near so most fell asleep on the bus. And then we took off at 9 sharp. Perfect. We got off on time so we'd be in Manila on time as well. I was disappointed that Failure to Launch wasn't available on Video on Demand aboard the Airbus 330 that we're on. So I slept all through the flight.

After the plane's door opened, I hurriedly switched my phone on and almost shrieked when signal came on and text messages started coming in. Subscribed myself to Unlimitxt and txt-d away. After waiting so long for the baggage to appear on the baggage carousel, me and Bianca went out to the Arrivals area and searched for our parents. Hehe. I was so surprised to see kuya with my Nanay and Tatay.

I gave kuya the iRiver immediately, to which he said, "Woaaaah!" Haha. Had lunch with maternal grandparents (who waited for me to arrive before going back to Baguio) and then proceeded to get a facial, afterwhich we headed home and I was so moved that Yana still remembers me. She looks more of a little girl now, no longer a baby. By nighttime, highschool friends came over and I gave them my Face Shop pasalubong and lotsa chocolates.

+ + +

Saturday I had my nails done, checked in at the hotel and I got a haircut at Robinson's Place and met up with my college friends. Lyka even brought along our "conversations" to which we laughed at almost every phrase that we've written way back. I had lunch, by the way, at KFC (gaash I missed that so much!) and dinner at Seaside. I ate almost a kilogram of shrimps! Haha.

Unfortunately it rained so hard that kuya decided that we don't push through with the original schedule of watching the last full show of The Devil Wears Prada. So sad! I miss going to the movies, and I heard it costs around four hundred pesos here per movie. Aww. Gotta wait til October til I watch another movie??

+ + +

I dint go on the complimentary breakfast buffet on Sunday for I want to enjoy the superb bed of Diamond. For lunch, however, I was all geared up. Lucky my favorite chocolate cake was on the menu as well. Had a foot scrub session afterwards and picked up my uniform at the laundry shop.

Heard mass at the parish and had dinner at lola's house. She prepared my two most favorite food on earth: sinigang and tocino! Yipee!

+ + +

Monday was of course the worst day. Knowing you'd get up to leave home again. But I had to. The only consolation that I had in mind was that my parents would see me in uniform. :) I honestly do not want to leave them, Yana especially, if only I can. Yana was even tugging my scarf before I left. Before we went to the airport, we had breakfast at Starbucks (I missed that too! It costs so much here, and a lot more unsweet.)

Mom said the people were staring at me, trying to guess where I work or whether I am indeed a flight attendant (I was wearing my UST--ahem cheerdance!--jacket on top of my uniform, we're not supposed to be in uniform in public places). Typical.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yey we're going home tomorrow morning, we'll be back here on Sunday night. Wow. This'd be our mid-training off, as well as the after-training off. As we heard, we'd be given flights right after we graduate so there'd be no time to go back home; contract signing would probably take place here sometime around the last week of training.

My dad had sent me (thru email) my sched for 4days and 3nights. Yipee! (Though I heard it's like stormy right now.. tsktsk.)

Friday, September 01, 2006

City Tour

Today was city tour, no classes, just that. Left the hotel at past eight in the morning and proceeded to National Museum of Korea. Three levels of historical, asian and everything in between art of Korea, which has an uncanny resemblance to Chinese art, precisely because they were "Chinese" before they become "Korean". Whatever. Haha. Korea used to speak Chinese before their language was invented and used those characters too before they had their own.

Not a historical art freak, the only thing that amazed me were the PDAs that we rented to serve as our audio guide, map, locator, and everything. It has a sensor somewhere and fixed somethings everywhere are detected so it instantly plays a certain audio clip for you to hear about that certain work of art. Coolness. Me and Mica tried to go to the Children's Museum part but had to buy separate tickets so we went to the ticket booth but unfortunately we could only get in after noon. And we had to leave the museum half past eleven. Sheesh.

Afterwards, we went to have lunch at Sizzlers. We were informed that it's Salad Bar buffet so most were like, nyayks. But when we got there, ooh la la! A fusion restaurant. Salad bar, except for the greens and all the other salads you could think of, had spaghetti, bread, a salmon-sashimi-plus-lettuce-and-some-sauce salad, soup, coffee and the best part: three choices of soft ice cream with different toppings available. Ooh.

Today was also Jacq's birthday so as we were eating, our adviser signaled for the cake to be served and then we surprised Ate Jacq by singing Saeng Il Chuk Ha Habnida (Happy Birthday) to her.

Tablemates in pink plus the birthday girl in white.

After getting full, next stop was the Gyeongbokgung Palace, palace of the early king. (Some parts were reconstructed coz it was burned down during Japanese reign.) Some areas of the palace were used as background for the Koreanovela, Jewel in the Palace. (Most of the scenes were shot at Jeju Island, an island down south of Korea, which they say is comparable to uh, Palawan.)

Under the sun with nothing but a map.

The tour guide's English was hardly understandable and were under the sun's nose (think about that, we were walking at around 1-3 in the afternoon. Anyway, my classmates also tried on the traditional costumes for a fee (ulp, 15,000 won!) and took lotsa photos. I enjoyed the trees and the mountains in the background. :)

Harmony. Land, air and matter. Whuuttt?!

After that we went shopping somewhere nearby where we were able to buy Korean goodies. I was looking for them for so long but only got to buy Korean clothes, not souvenirs. So now I feel accomplished that I had bought myself a keychain already. (I buy a keychain from every place I go to.)
And then, the long drive home.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hello Kitty reward

I'm elated! Today we had three tests, and each one needing more than forty percent of my memory! Guess what? Not only did I pass the tests (yey I still haven't had a retake til now) I topped one. The most difficult one. Memorizing wasn't my thing so last night I made some technique or maybe just deeper understanding or something. I got perfect score! Woah! Even I was amazed. Ms Park Jung Woo gave me a Hello Kitty something for that.

I guess all the eyebags are worth it when appreciated.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Giggling in the rain

I just got back after trying to find something from a not-very-nearby grocery store. It was raining when I stepped out of the store so I pondered whether I should dash through the rain or wait til it stops. But it was so long ago since I walked in the rain. For some reason, for so long I wanted to feel like a kid again and enjoy getting soaked.

You see, when I got pre-adolescent I wanted to go "singing in the rain". But then I'll remember that my mobile phone's in my pocket or my bag would get wet and so on. Storing them some place before stepping out would ruin the moment.

But today I was just in jeans, a pink tank top, a big silver necklace (I don't care) and only a few bills are inside my pocket, so what the hey! I stepped out and traced my way back to the hotel, giggling as I cutely refused umbrella offers and bewilder some people who ran for cover in fear that maybe their Manolos will get wet or something.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Halfway through

Today was SLE [Supervised Line Experience] flight. It's sort of observation flight as application of all things we've learned from the start (safety and security related). And then afterwards you have an oral test with the instructor. To simply put it, it's like the finals of a semester, the difference is, it's just one test. Nineteen subjects, three and a half weeks and 20 written and drill tests put into one. Books, manual, handouts... Name it.

I pretty much didn't sleep last night and it was the only time that I really studied. (Like really studied.) Then woke up early to enough to get the lounge attendant surprised why someone went down for breakfast so early.

Anyway, my SLE mates (Leona and Anne) took the 8301 flight to Daegu. Domestic destination which just takes around 35 minutes from takeoff to landing. So much turbulence got me a bit dizzy and found it hard to focus on what we had to observe and all.

Oral test came and went and then it was time to eat the Etang Pizza that Ms Lee bought for us! I'm almost singing, "Celebrate good times, c'mon!"

Though we've started Service classes since Tuesday, it's only now that I can really say I'm halfway through the training. Can't wait for the September 8 (to 11) day off in Manila!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Photoblogging the past week

I'm a bit lazy these days, due to the tiring week. So, photoblog!

On the way to Express Bus Terminal, 23 girls squeezed in into one van.

And, on the way home, on Metro Seoul.

And the results of EBT shopping, "Korean" fashion!

Class B, so excited to wear the uniform for the first time. (This was yesterday.) And that's me and my roommate. I hate doing this hairstyle everyday; and the makeup, it's not making me look better. Right?

I'm never photogenic. *frown*

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Electronics Haven

Today's a holiday. Independence day. Independence from Japan. Yey no classes/training today! So me and Precious went to Yongsan (a subway station) together with Mon-Mon who came along on the last minute. By the way, the stations aren't like the MRT/LRT stations that we have back home. Anyway, this particular station looked like a drop-off station at an airport. Anyway as you near the exit (by going up the escalator, coz you're underground maaaan!) it looked like a piece of The Terminal. And further along, the haven. An electronics haven.

It's like any model and any brand is available. I started looking for an iRiver earphones to replace my old one. Got it. 15k won. As I've nothing more to do but wait for Mon-Mon (or Monica) to finish up the deal with a Fuji digicam and Precious with the webcam set, I hopped from stall to stall to find an iRiver N12. Unfortunately, almost everyone ran out of stock. Coz it's a holiday, everyone has the time to buy their own N12s. Geez. Anyway, one stall happened to be showing me one. Unfortunately, I can't get myself to buy it. He's saying it's an N12 but at the back it says N10 (they look alike, by the way), and that it's 1GB when at the back it's 256MB. I can't, I can't, I can't. Anyway he gave me something else.

I bought the Iops Z5 after so much blah, for 130k won. For my kuya on his birthday. Yipee!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Went shopping today at Express Bus Terminal. Geez. Nakakapagod. But happy. Bought pasalubong for people back home. I spent like 70,000 KRW. Most things I bought for my friends are from The Face Shop still. I already have a lot of freebies from Face Shop like a towel and a pair of slippers. Haha. It's summer here so they're giving away beach stuff. And trial size bottles of suntan lotions, SPF-ed moisturizers and all.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Woah, this week unbelievably went by so fast. We've finished ditching/swimming class today (and the tests as well). Of course every muscle is aching, but finishing the tests was worth a celebration. Which is why we'd be doing our groceries tomorrow. Haha. Pathetic celebration.

Anyway, the first test was 25 meters of individual swimming. With lifevest, you're only allowed to swim using your legs, either flat or frog kick. Maximum time possible was 90 seconds, perfect score time was 40 seconds or less. Whew, I did flat kicks (coz my frogs were getting me nowhere) and finished at 34 seconds. Yey! I wasn't the fastest though, Jila finished by 33 seconds.

Next, 10 meters rescue swimming. The same procedure (lifevest, flat/frog kicks) but this time pulling someone along. The instructor was sitting at the supposed 10-meter mark; he was seated by the middle of the pool, that's about 13-15 meters! Maximum time possible is 60 seconds; perfect score time, 30 seconds. I finished at 38. I was pulling Kezia, who's 5'9''!

HELP. Heat Emission Lessening Position. One minute. Giveaway. All you've got to do is hug your knees. And float. Haha.

Group HELP. Pretty much the same, but this time everyone must chain arms and maintain the circle. Instructors come and try to break the chain by half-drowning one of you. Bond was strong so we got perfect score for that.

The toughest part. Getting onto a fully inflated slide raft, with the raft walls being 2-3 feet in height. Maximum time possible: 30seconds; perfect score time: 10 seconds. I stumbled into the raft by 7. :)

Whooo! Achievement! I got 90 points in all. Not bad. :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Helluva week

It's one hell of a week. It's, as you know if you've been reading this blog often, the first week of Safety and Compliance' three-week training. We've finished about seven subjects already, out of the eighteen. And of course, the tests. Eight exams within five days! C'mon!

Anyway, so glad I passed all eight. (If you get below 80%, you're considered failed. You need to have a retake and get 90%. Otherwise, you go back to Manila.) Whew! Physically and mentally draining. We hardly sleep. Kasi naman ang daming inaaral. May pre-study na tas magsstudy pa for the tests.

And of course, there was this Unplanned Evacuation drill test last Friday, which was super physically challenging (after which you still have yet another mentally incapacitating test for another subject). You're given a certain situation (most likely a type of aircraft crash), to which in less than a second you should start your reaction. That's shouting the commands so that passengers would know what to do. Damn, they were in Korean and then you also have to translate them to English. Then assessing everything. Then evacuation--the very heavy doors, supposedly needs to be opened in 3 seconds. And sometime everything's not supposed to go smoothly. Obstacles like a jammed door or whatever.

"No time to think, just react." They tell us.

Oh, and everything that comes out of your mouth should be more than 110 decibels. Sore throat.

+ + +

To celebrate and prepare for the next week, me and my roommate Precious together with Bianca and Jila went to Home Plus (a supermarket) later that night to purchase our groceries for the next week. (Some celebration huh?) And then took home Lotteria food for dinner.

Precious downloaded Limewire but we don't have speakers so we transferred the songs to here Moto and played them on speaker mode. The very first song we played was I Wouldn't Be Here If I Didn't Love You. Hee hee.

Post dinner I did my laundry, my first time since I got here. So I pretty much had a lot to wash. Though I was super tired after, I still went online and went to bed by 3AM.

+ + +

I woke up and practically did nothing today. I swore I'd make Saturdays free from anything training-related. But because I had nothing to do, I started making 'reviewers' for my Monday exam so that I'd be able to bring them tomorrow on the way to church.

After the supposed boyfriend time I soaked in a hot tub to ease my very painful muscles (ng dahil sa Evacuation!) and sang along my mp3 player while my roommate's on the pc talking with her bf, using the headset Karen lent her. An hour after, I'm done and lazily lounging around so I tried to watch tv. I'm on super unwind mode.

Unfortunately in the middle of Sex and the City, the tv just switched off by itself. I can't switch it back on so I thought the remote control was out of battery and even borrowed one from Mara's room. No avail. I called up front desk to have them check on it (at midnight! I'm merciless?!) but still to no avail. Geez. Minsan nalang magbubukas ng tv.

So I'm here in front of this flat screen monitor and using YouTube as radio.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

From Seoul

Yey. First few pictures here in Seoul. Kaso nasa hotel lang. We can't bring phones to the training center kasi.

That's the view from our hotel room.

My bed. :) Magulo e?

Jumpsuit. Kaso nakabaliktad ung jogging pants. Hehe. See "Asiana" on the pants? Haha.

Stash of cosmetics. Most are from Face Shop and the rest are from the Philippines pa. We have to use all of these everyday. Nyak.

I'm almost always in front of the pc so my boyfriend ought to be on the pc--literally! :)

Typical Korean pose. Me, Erika, Precious (my roommate) and Mara.

Chika Minute

Yey! I passed both exams today. One of my classmates in Class B didn't and only five passed a test in Class A. Whew, at least I only have 18 more to go.

Surprisingly the days have been going by a little more faster than last week. Thank goodness; though the undereye dark circles are getting bigger and darker each morning.

You know when you're really missing home when the highlight of your day is Nina's insider chismis about GMA talents. (She was a creative writer for Eat Bulaga before she joined Asiana.)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Training center excitement

Today was the start of Safety and Compliance training and it felt so good to be able to change into jumpsuits instead of the never ending business wear. The training center felt a little empty though, with the Japanese and Chinese OSC (Overseas Crew) batch having graduated last week. And the mixed OSC batch (composed of Vietnamese, Thai and Uzbek) were nowhere in sight. They'll be graduating next week; so maybe they're on the OJT flight or something.

The Theory of Flight instructor said we're the last OSC batch for this year so I guess we'd be seeing just Koreans from now on--if we even see new batches. To our surprise, interviews were ongoing today, and yea, Korean girls. OMG they're so pretty! Flawless skin and all.

I was able to open (and close) a Boeing 737 door today. Grabe, super heavy. I don't know why they hire female flight attendants! Hehe.

And for the second night we had sinigang for dinner, courtesy of my roommate Precious, who bought it from a carinderia near [their] Iglesia ni Cristo church.

The uniforms came today, except the shoes and the scarf. And pretty soon those would follow along with the trolley and bag. Hopefully! :)

Had a test regarding airport codes today and I gotta run coz I have two tests tomorrow. Life.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'm sad.

And it doesn't help when you have to read so much.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shoe Shopping

The black pumps that I brought from the Philippines weren't the right one (they said the heels were too thick) so I have to buy another pair here. The dilemma was finding a pair according to their specifications. And cheap. The nearby mall offers a pair for around 84,000 won (around 4,200 pesos) and the weekly allowance is only 140,000 won!

+ + +

Anyway most of us slept the whole morning, but I got up by 8.30 and headed for the hotel resto but there wasn't any food. I asked the waitress if there's no breakfast on weekends. It turned out they only serve bread and juice on weekends; maybe because most would rather catch more sleep than eat. So there I was in an empty resto with my favorite mug and slices of bread (my roommate wouldn't get up).

After breakfast I headed back to our room--606--and guess what, I soaked myself in a hot tub! Yey ultimate stress relief! And with earphones plugged, I'm in heaven. Well, almost. :) I actually warned my roommate that I sing when I'm on my mp3 player.

As I got off the tub I asked my roommate if the housekeeping personnel had come while I was, uh, away. They hadn't so I got dressed and proceeded to look for them (calling them won't make any progress, with the very little Korean I know) and out of the corner of the hallway came the front desk agent informing us that we're moving to the eighth floor. The Japanese trainees have graduated so the better rooms are now available. I wondered if better is actually better.

Me and my roommate Precious re-packed our bags/suitcases and I headed for the eighth. Same location, same floor area, different beds. The former had a double and a single and now we have two singles so we had more floor space. I got the housekeeping personnel to remove the single couch that they'd squeezed in between the beds for more space. Then instead of parallel beds I re-layout-ed it. :)

So excited about the pc so I tried it at once and was so happy that we got a better one, really. I was able to download YM for me and Chikka for my roommate.

And this is why I have this long post instead of a hurried one at the business center. Bow.

+ + +

Right after we settled down, Bianca called me to ask me if I want to go shoe shopping at some place that looks Divi. I agreed and then off we went. We took a cab to Hwagok station of Line 5 subway (they have so many subway lines, confusing!) and took the subway til Singil station. Then transferred to Line 1 to go to Seoul station. Then walked for around 10 minutes til we reached the place. (I forgot what it's called.)

Among the tiangges we reached someplace that looks a bit like a mall and shopped for a good pair and after 15minutes they closed down. 5 o'clock! OMG. Jila panicked and bought the pair she last fitted even if it was one size smaller than what she needs. It was 35,000 won.

Me and Bianca felt really bad about spending so much to get there and not being able to buy any. We shopped around the tiangges and got into a nicer store where Bianca was offered a pair for 55,000 won. I knew I needed to buy a pair so that our little adventure won't be useless but still I can't get myself to pay so much for something to be used for just around a month or so.

So while Bianca was waiting for the pair of her size, I went out and scanned different stores. One was on sale for just 8,000 per pair so I thought there must be something lower than 30. (I didn't find shoes in that 8000 won store, they're more on sandals) I was getting depressed and most stalls are really starting to pack up and we started tracing back our steps, frequently stopping at some shoe stores.

I was feeling hopeless but still tried when I got into this one store and found one and was asked for 25,000 won for it. I was having second thoughts. Then I tried, uh, my lola's greatest talent: asking for a discount. I gave my price, 20,000 won (1000 pesos) but he wanted 23,000 so I pleaded but he won't give it to me. So I handed over the shoes and he said, "Okay, okay. 20." Hahahaa. Charm.

As he was wrapping up the deal and wrapping my shoes as well, I said, "In Philippines, 20 thousand, expensive!" (Excuse my English coz this is how I said it, really. You know, you just need to give the key words or else they won't understand you at all.) I added, "I buy only 10 thousand." [big smile here] And he goes, "10 thousand, China. Korea, 20." [his big smile here] Haha.

Anyway, the three of us felt the achievement that we were able to go through that. Taking public transportation and all. We ended our "achievement" with a slice of fresh and sweet watermelon for 500 won.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I hate memorization

If ever I become very busy for the next three weeks, it's coz Safety & Compliance training will start by Monday.

120 hours. 15 days. 18 subjects. 20 tests. 10 textbooks to memorize.

Will blog longer tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Culture shock

Yey I'm lucky I got off the shuttle first today so I dashed to the Biz Center right away. hehe. Today we're really lucky we got dismissed by 6.00 when most of the time we go home by 6.30. Go back to the hotel, I mean.

Makeup class was again a disaster, when some of the makeup items we bought weren't allowed as well. And the shades. Argh.

What's more disappointing is that they reprimand us for some actions that are offensive to their culture when we don't even know that what we're doing is offensive. Take for example, crossing your arms. They get mad. And I'm thinking, back in Navotas I tell my 5-year old cousin to cross his arms if I want him to behave. And today, Jackie got scolded when she handed the cutter over to our adviser using just one hand.

I mean, they should explain it first before getting all mad. They are sensitive about their culture, they should be sensitive with ours as well.

Tin, I hope you'd be onboard one of our planes when I become a cabin crew. I'll give all the extras that you need ;P

They're super strict. Super strict. Super strict. This introductory week is supposed to be the easiest pa nga eh! We'll start having Korean lessons tomorrow; at least we won't have to make sign language everytime we buy from a convenience store or something.

Argh I still haven't bought the required shoes. The one we saw was 84,000 Won. Aw cmon! And I haven't perfected applying the required bright red nail polish. Gawsh.

Miss you all. Looking forward to my OJT flight to Manila.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Niko, this isn't my first logon from Seoul. My room's pc is very much virus infected and hundred of popups appear everytime so it's giving me a hard time to chat, laging naghahang.

No, it's not 100k salary, less than. Middle eastern airlines get those. Di naman sila makakauwi for one year. Kami yata every month at least a couple of days.

Thanks everyone... Will tell Song Hye Kyo if I see her.

+ + +

Bad trip, sobrang toxic dito, my first three days seemed like two months already. We get up and leave and arrive home with nothing in mind but to sleep, but we can't. Workaholic yung mga Koreans so laging extended training hours namin til 6.30 although the sched says 5.00. And travel time pa to and fro the training center.

Before we left we were told to bring makeup kits with us so I went on a shopping spree. And then today in our makeup class they tell us that some of the things weren't what they wanted us to use. Kasi naman bakit di nalang inispecify beforehand. We went on panic buying again at one of the malls, using our daily allowances. Gad I spent 30,000 Won for that! Bad trip.

Ang taas taas pala ng standards nitong airline na to. Kaya sobrang hirap. Not to mention culture and the very hard to understand English nila.

Gusto ko na yata umuwi! Kung di lang nakakapanghinayang. Anyway I won't shempre naman. Joke lang yun. Haha.

Send me a line. I need you to cheer me up. Please? :) Kahit email sa Gmail ko or comment na lang dito.

I'm on a rush nandito kase ko sa Business center ng hotel, dami pang gagamit. Haay.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Whew! After so much drama I'm now on the climax of "fulfilling my dreams." For some it's already the happy ending, but the truth is, it's not. (Am I making sense?)

Okay so I got the flight attendant job (or the training) for Asiana. We had our pre-departure orientation Friday afternoon and the shock was unbelievable. We're leaving on Sunday afternoon! Gawd. That leaves me, what, one day to buy everything, plan everything and pack everything. Most of my colleagues have their suitcases packed already while my jaw dropped at the thought that I don't even have a suitcase yet! Talk about cramming. And panic buying.

Sadly, I had to back out from our supposed reunion with my college friends--makikifiesta dapat kami sa Kawit. And inasmuch as I wanted time for the thought of leaving in a matter of 48 hours to sink in, I don't have time. Instant shopping at Megamall. Of course that's after office hours already so I wasn't really able to shop. And I was wearing heels for goodness sake! I never go on a shopping spree with heels on, always in rubber shoes.

Well, that panic shopping would continue tomorrow. But for now, I'm done with informing all my friends. I got mixed reactions, really.

Sadness. Coz I'm leaving so soon, nary a time for goodbyes nor even a despedida party for tomorrow will be spent packing and family time.

Happiness. Thank you to all the people who were so happy that I'm fulfilling my dreams at a very early stage.

Pride. Especially from my blockmates, I guess I made them feel proud that we finally (or so I think) have a flight attendant from our section. And it's really a tough industry, [me and my classmates] know that.

Comic reactions. Princess wanted me to kiss Rain if ever I see him. Sir Kiel wants to say hi to Lee Dong Wok (Julian in My Girl). Sarie for Jenny of Endless Love. And who votes for Jodi and Cholo? Haha. Koreanovela invasion!

I'm overwhelmed, really. And Niko even made that post about me leaving. And the bestest e-friend actually feeling sad about this. Aw.

I want to thank all of you. But most importantly, God. I've been praying like crazy. And bribing God. (Take that!) I promised God that my first 100,000 pesos salary would go to Maverick, my second cousin who was diagnosed of Leukemia a week ago. He's twelve.

If I'm leaving some people clueless, I'm leaving for Seoul on Sunday for the nine-week intensive training. I'd surely try to make time for my online activities. To all of those who have my mobile phone number, please don't delete it. I'll try to use it again once I get back. For the meantime, you may reach me thru my email address(es) and Friendster account.

Hope I could rename this blog Flight Attendant Diaries after that nine weeks. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, July 20, 2006

O genki desu ka?

Kuya came home last night and gave me and my sister a Hello Kitty something (uh, those things hanging from your mobile phones) from Kimi, his Japanese co-worker at the hotel. We called her up and I racked my brains to remember my basic Nihongo lessons during second year college. She was impressed that I opened up with, "Moshi-moshi Kimi-san!" [Hello Miss Kimi!] and thanked her with, "Domo arigatoo gozaimasu!" [Thank you very much!] She told my kuya (in broken Tagalog) "Magaling!"

+ + +

So who exactly are those guys on one of my older posts? While most of them look familiar, I'd still want to give you the answers.

Drew Arellano. He's so ideal to me. An all-in-one package: sense of humor, brains and good looks! He rose to fame from the Pare commercial and has since been doing hosting stints. I particularly loved Wazzup Wazzup of course, with Drew being the Pambansang Bulol or something. He's my only celeb crush, all others are just cute. Drew's gorgeous! *wide toothed grin*

Alex Band. The lead vocalist of The Calling, he now pursues other [solo] projects though the band wasn't disbanded. They're "on hiatus," according to their site.

Trent Ford. Best known from the movie How to Deal with Mandy Moore. He's half American, half English.

Chad Michael Murray. I can't remember where I first saw him, maybe on A Cinderella Story opposite Hilary Duff, or Freaky Friday opposite Lindsay Lohan. Presently, he's on One Tree Hill, though I don't like his hair this season. (I don't know which season is currently being aired.)

Steven Strait. Unbelievably adorable on Undiscovered, which I've seen on VCD, which I rented just out of curiosity that Ashlee Simpson is in that movie as well.

+ + +

A free plug goes to Tin, the Pretty Beachlover, for that undeniably wonderful layout.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Garbage Collector

[Long post ahead.]

Was trying to tidy up my closet when I realized that I'm a garbage collector. Well, sort of. I save a lot of "memorable" stuff or something from a memorable event. Beneath my closet is my Nostalgia Drawer, containing three shoeboxes and a lot of unclassified stuff.

First shoebox contains everything from my former bestfriend. We have different circle of friends and we're in different year levels (she was a senior and I was in junior high that time) so we rarely had time for chats. Therefore, a couple of years' worth of letters--minimum.

A bigger second shoebox holds all other letters from all my other friends. In my highschool it was not uncommon to write to friends for no reason. We even wrote notes while classes are ongoing! Even in college, we had "conversations" on paper--a more discreet way of chatting--even if we're seatmates! (In case you're wondering what we chat about, it's as simple as where to have lunch to as serious as break-ups. We do this more often during boring classes. Girl thing!)

Inside the third box are stuff from romance-related people. It's the emptiest box. Haha. Anyway I have not just cards, but some cinema tickets, even petals, a tag from a jacket I bought for a boyfriend, etc. (I'm too shy to state everything I have in there ;P)

Not to be outdone, my mobile phone also has sentimental garbage (Becky, allow me to borrow that phrase). My Globe SIM has two inboxes so the second was used to store those messages. (And because I'm a loser and I have nothing to do, I'll post 'em here.)

I called you (6) time/s on 01/10/06 at 22:14.
Sender: unknown@ (10-01-2006 23:48:32)
Okay so that ain't exactly a message, but a callback alert from somebody worried, intently trying to reach me but my phone was switched off (I was at work).

Thank you, its been great getting to know you. Definitely see you again some day!
Sender: Luci (30-06-2005 10:35:49)
From my Aussie friend, Luci Macdonald--who I met during my internship at the Australian Embassy--minutes after she checked in at the airport on the way home to NSW.

nklimutan ko pong sbihin n lang nagbgo syo, mgnda k p rin. :)
Sent: 21-03-2005 15:09:17
Why I saved this message? Coz it took so much courage to send this, he wasn't the type who'd say something like this. He always pointed out that I have the hugest eerie eyes, so this was different.

Ur my gft frm God..
Sender: Dre (27-12-2003 15:22:14)
Sue me for being cheesy, but I remembered I almost cried when I read this. Dre, by the way, is my then-boyfriend. I saved it coz I loved how he had incorporated faith/God.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guy hunting

Seems like food can't cheer me up lately so I'd just go guy hunting over the net again. But before I post more pics of whoever, let me give you the answers on my previous guess who post.

First was Jamie King, I'm sorry I wasn't able to get good photos of him eventhough I went through his official website. Anyway, he's one of the judges on Dance Fever. He's a choreographer, and has done Madonna and Ricky Martin videos (and concerts), to name a few. I love guys who dance really well. *sheepish smile*

Next up. Andrea. Yea, a girly name. He seems to have very few photos on the net as well, this is the best I could come up with. Or maybe all his photos are copyrighted. It took me so long to find a not-stolen-shot photo of him. Oh, did I mention he's a prince? That's the young Prince Andrea Casarighi of Monaco.

And lastly, the giveaway, Brandon Routh. Uh, just about Superman Returns.

Here goes today's load. Nobody too unrecognizable here, most are movie stars.

Chad Steven

I can't get myself to put Ryan Philippe. And I'm not really into the "hall of fame hearthrobs" like Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves or Tom Cruise. So who am I missing here? Hmmm... (Of course I meant to ask the ladies out there.)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bee happy? Not.

I'm having a sinking feeling today. I was actually on my bed trying to sleep but it's like I had this super moodswing that I feel so sad. Or low.

Though I had everything I wanted from Jollibee--for my sister had a lot delivered to our doorstep (hey, they deliver everything now, like the TVC says) as her birthday lunch, so of course I had spaghetti, mushroom and cheese burger, sundae and fries--it didn't lift my spirits. Not a bit. Bee happy? Not.

We're a modernly traditional family so we had to wait 'til everybody was home before we had the birthday dinner. In our family, if it's your birthday, you decide on everything on that day: activities, food, celebrations, etc. Since it's a working day, Mika decided to have a dinner instead, with all the Japanese food that she always craves for. Defying the chosen cuisine, there were birthday must-haves of course: cake and noodles. The chocolate mousse said, Happy birthday Mommy! Love, Yana in bright red, and number candles proudly announcing that she's nineteen now. Lovely. It's her first birthday with Yana.

As I'm gobbling up tons of wasabi-dipped sashimi I can't help but think that this is the week that I might be waiting for--more like dreading--the most. The medical results should be out by this week, and according to the receptionist at the medical/diagnostic center, the physician did not mark me Fit to Work due to my dermatological condition, and they have forwarded the results to the company. So I'm like 70% sure that I won't make it. Just how Heidi Klum always says on my favorite reality show, "it's either you're in, or you're out."

Though I'm most probably on the "out" list, I can't get myself to start all over again and apply for different companies again, whether through Jobstreet or on newspaper classifieds. I'm probably waiting for the company's I-regret-to-inform-you email notifying me to drop by their office to pick-up my passport. Something like a closure. Ayii, parang sa relationships haha.

Dad says I've got to find more dermatologists, that at least two or three of them should be able to give me the same verdict. (Recap: I've seen three already, all with different versions as to what my derma condition is.) Maybe I'll discuss the latest one on my next post.

To my greatest e-friend: Yea I am glad you are online. Really.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Stormy cuteness

It's raining and flooding like crazy (hey, I'm in Navotas!) so what do I do? Nothing. Be a loser and get glued on TV and surfing the net. So I try and found photos of some people-- uh, cute ones in particular. Haha. Guess whom I'm gonna marry soon? Kidding! Do you know them all? I'll post more sometime.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

My block

Recently, my online time is spent on reading--and replying to--numerous emails on my secondary email account. Thank God for Yahoo Groups (especially my block's), I'm still in touch with most of my college classmates. Now we don't use it just to make forwarding emails easier, or distributing soft copies of handouts or research materials.

In a span of seven days, there were over 25 emails sent by and among us. There's Jaymee on having had resigned from her job after six days after the training period; Pola on the dead-end travel agency job; Shelynn on feeling claustrophobic in her office cubicle; Melody on applying for a cruise job; Eisel on being in California doing a medical job; Jean (and me) on depressing state of being jobless; and of course, me and Lyka on everything else we could think about.

We talk about fulfilling our dreams, seeing each other again, missing school, Tourism being an institute at our university, the new uniform, and personal stuff. I guess this is what you get from a female-dominated block. Lots of chismisan. And yeah, no more suspension of classes.

Gosh I miss them so much.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I was so depressed I didn't reply to an interview invite for a work at a resort in Bora.

And I ate another shawarma today. Aios.

That's about it. Nothing much to say. My Girl na.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Night out

Last Saturday I was supposed to go to our every-three-months reunion with my PeopleSupport batchmates. Thing is, I'm so stumped and not to mention it always looked like a storm will be coming by so I didn't show up. I din't even go to boyfriend time (and now I received an email from him asking when I'd show up online). Around nine in the evening, Jal starts texting me that they're in Gilligan's [Makati] and that I should drop by. I don't, of course. Stuck on tv and Yana, so...

Then the phone rings and Mika picks it up. As it appears, my cousins decided to ask us out on gimik and that they're on their way to Navotas (from QC). Yea like we have a choice. My kuya still isn't home so prepped up first. I really thought it was kuya who got us into this. Then he arrives home and I tell him, "Oi gigimik daw tayo? San tayo punta? Wala naman akong pera a?" Kuya sighs and replies, "Yun na nga eh." Apparently my cousins wanted to go with us, kaya lang, share sila and kuya sa bayad. Nge!

Anyway I wanted to look glam--earlier that day I sat in front of the mirror and pulled out my makeup box, and transformed my face into an angel (uh, the Drew Barrymore-like face on Ever After)--but decided against it coz my cousins are probably in flipflops or, at worst, shorts.

I feel so bad that we're going out on "gimik" when I've told Jal that I can't make it to Gilligan's.

After so much, they're in Navotas already so we take off. The scenario: they don't have any idea as to where they want to "hang out" nor do they tell us what they'd like to do. I mean, there are endless ideas to go on gimik: coffee, ktv, bar, disco, live band, billiards, etc. So my very clueless kuya drives along Nakpil street (in Malate) to let them decide. They don't, so we get off at Tia Maria's. Unfortunately, the place doesn't look so nice, and we had to occupy a table upstairs so that totally ruins it. We walk along Nakpil and entered Arkdia nalang.

It's pretty much a good choice. Good crowd and good band (it's a Saturday night kase). It was eleven in the evening so it was the band's second set already. We started warming up to the band which I didn't remember the name. The lead vocalist looks like the lost band member of Supernova. (Oh, too much Rock Star: Supernova in me!) Third was a different band, which made Arkdia like a comedy bar, so it was our cue to go home. Well, not after my cousin started locking herself in a comfort room cubicle to throw up... And throw up. She had martini and we didn't know that she can't handle that. Oh well. At least I had an iced tea. (I'm allergic to alcohol.)

Friday, July 07, 2006


I'm depressed. Or And bitter. I think I cried buckets today, good thing I've mastered how to cry without anyone hearing me, thanks to my childhood. I don't even make a sound. I'm outraged, and disappointed... and helpless. I've even asked my friends to blindly pray for a miracle for me.

Lyka goes, "Bakit, tungkol ba san yang miracle mo? Pero kung personal sige okay lang na di mo sabihin." I don't anything's not personal to me.

Basta, nakakainis talaga.

At least my week-long craving for shawarma is finally over.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's in a name

Was flipping through all 70something channels yesterday (I called myself a loser coz I didn't do anything except face the tv or the pc) when I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt [on a movie] wearing a name-necklace. No it can't possibly be. Still flipping through, I decided to go back to that channel and wait for her to appear again. Holy crap! It is what I thought it was. Katya. Though it's a letter different to my name, the way the other characters pronounce the name is the same way that my highschool friends call me. Out of curiosity I watched the movie.

Not nice for a representation of my name though. She's social climber, well the title of the movie was Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber anyway. And a fake. Not to focus on that though. Anyway, her Katya is allegedly French (it doesn't look any French, if you ask me--I had French lessons, by the way). Well, mine's Russian.

So much fuss about that, I just love watching movies that I didn't even know existed. Like My Date with Drew, which isn't really a movie. It's more of a home video slash documentary put together of a person who so wanted to have a date with Drew Barrymore. Cool.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New look, new life?

I tried revamping the old template but I just got so bored of it that I reverted to my black-purple-white ensemble. This template doesn't look so good though, especially my sidebar. I'm thinking of ditching the tagboard and the archives section. And for the links part, I'm thinking of revising that one as well. Instead of blog titles, I'd want to go with nicknames--or phrases. Maybe Tin could go as The Beach Lover or something. Let me know of what you think.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Vanity and Eucalyptus

Out on the ground floor terrace yesterday and trying to lull Yana into a deep sleep, I looked up and observed all the trees that grew so beautifully in our backyard. Of course there was my favorite tree of all--the Eucalyptus. I cannot recall when I started to refer to it as my favorite one. Maybe when my dad said it's what koalas eat in Australia. Or when he proudly said we're the only backyard who has one (of course I know now that that'd be impossible).

It used to be dark skinned and crinkly. But yesterday as I gazed upon it, its skin is lighter and younger. A few months ago the old skin started falling out and I thought it's gonna die. As it unfolded before my very eyes, it was a renewal thing, kinda like the ones you see on facial product commercials on tv.

Then I began to realize how very similar this is to us. Especially now with the continuous development on cosmetic surgery, people clamor to look young again. They don't wait til the natural process takes place; the eucalyptus took two decades to be like this again. Though on the external we may look ravishingly young, we don't fool anybody. We're still old. Still our age, decades and decades still written all over us. The tree, if you scrutinize the skin, looks way younger. But take into consideration everything, and you know it can't be five years old.

Take the height, for example. When I was a kid, I used to take a tall stool to stand on and get some leaves (dad said it cures cough or something like that, which I later believed with the emergence of Eucalyptus-flavored Halls). At the start of highschool, you'd be able to reach the leaves if you were on the second floor terrace. It's the best times that I remember of the tree. With the leaves parallel to the height of the house, once the wind blows the whole house smells like Eucalyptus. Now, nobody could get even a leaf. It's taller than our two-storey house now. Maybe it's even as tall as a four-storey building. The roots probably growing up until outside of our six hundred square meters territory.

See. So we shouldn't rush into looking young. We would, eventually. I never thought the tree would look young. Not after I've spent my entire life seeing it as a crinkly old tree. The more people (or women, at least) try to look younger, the more they look a lot older. Good thing my mom isn't in that frenzy. She looks thirty something--she fools a lot of people who get so surprised to know that she already has a granddaughter--when in fact she's almost fifty.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

"The blue and yellow purple hills..."

Thanks to this very busy med-exam week, my body clock is slowly going back to normal. Being unemployed, I used to sleep when everybody's up and wide awake when all are fast asleep. But now, it's pretty normal. Sleeping right after My Girl (thanks to the small TV that's been relocated to our room) and waking up at around eight get a dose of sun (aka sunbathing). I know that's too much sleep for some of you, but hey, I don't have call times nor would I be late for anything! :) Bliss.

As I'm munching on See's (again), I'm thinking of 'redecorating' my blog template but I have absolutely no idea right now so... Stuck in white.

So what have I done today? Woke up early and I was glad it wasn't raining so I embraced the sun and soaked for half an hour. Then me and dad went to the med center to submit pending MD requests (on dental and cholesterol). I had a "to show fifteen pieces of the prescribed medicine" note on my file for the cholesterol level so I brought in a bottle of a U.S.-made pills of almost the same generic name (which my balikbayan ninong handed me when he learned about the choles thing). Funny thing is, he kept scratching his head coz he's not familiar with those blue pills. In the end, he approved of it even if he can't find it anywhere on his PIMS book. Talk about entrusting your life to doctors huh? Would approve something they don't even know of. What if those were X or something? Oh hey Gil, remember what I said about licenses. Haha.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Never been so eager for a med exam

This would be my fourth time to write this post. On the first, blogger had a "Blog not found" error. Second, nagbrownout. Third, naghang ang pc. Fourth, eto na. :)

After a gruelling whole day pre-employment medical exam, our last stop was SM Mall of Asia for tympanography. It's related to air pressure and eardrums. Anyway, all of us thirty one girls are in that small clinic and out of exhaustion we weren't talking to each other so much. No wonder some people passing by were throwing us puzzled gazes--we were in Manila Hearing Aid clinic. They must've been thinking, shit quite a number of girls are going deaf!

I still haven't received my "Fit to work" remark; I have dental restorations and it appears that I have high cholesterol level so I'd need to take some meds. There. I hope I'd finish this medical thing this week. Then we're off. Soon.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Sunday

Just got home. My sandals are soaking wet though I still look fab (I guess!) Me and dad went to my balikbayan ninong's house for a chat and we just walked half a block. He's been gone for as long as I can remember, he migrated to California fifteen years ago--that makes me five when I supposedly saw him last. Now I'm munching See's chocolates which mom says are so expensive that she didn't buy them when they came upon those in Hong Kong; well, they taste Cadbury to me.

To make up for the fifteen years he gave me a bunch of kikay bath stuff from The Spa Workshop. Geez, just when the dermatologist ordered me to use Dove--and only Dove.

I totally forgot that it was Karla's (aka Lady Blue, aka Mama Kharl) birthday, if not for Godfrey who texted me about it. Agh! Mama Kharl if you're reading this, happy birthday! You're still my NCO :P Earlier today I found a way how to put the small non-cable TV inside the room I share with Yana and Mika. Hehe. Now there's a more comfy way to watch My Girl every night.

Lagut ako tomorrow I still don't have most of the requirements. Aykkss, c'mon how do I obtain a copy of my PagIBIG and PhilHealth documents that my previous company applied me for? I tried calling their HR department and the told me to "send an email." Knowing them, they couldn't care less.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nan peng you

Ayii.. Just got off boyfriend time. After feeling boyfriendless for the past few weeks--which resulted in me bugging my greatest e-friend (if you're reading this, now you know why the "Lack of heart activity" status)--we finally caught each other online. As I've expected, he was quite busy at the training center as usual. We're both a bit more happier: he says he might not proceed to Beirut anymore (he was a bit scared that it's a dangerous place to be--I told him so), and me for [almost] finally landing a job. I'll soon be a cheng wu yuan so a bit worried about the communication thing. I feel bad that he didn't get to celebrate his birthday coz they're all busy. Says he'd think of a nice Chinese name for me. Riiiight.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I just got home from a last minute dash to complete a few pre-employment requirements. (And I'm in front of the pc right now with the little girl on my lap!) Went to the third doctor today. A different diagnosis again. Anyway, if I still need a fourth opinion, I don't know where to go. Suggestions please? Except Belo or Calayans ha.

Also went to renew my NBI clearance at Carriedo; gosh there are so many people! I hate crowds, except for concerts and UAAP games I guess. I was disappointed that I didn't get my new clearance, I have to go back on Wednesday! Also applied for an SSS ID today.

Oh by the way, I passed final interview =) I was about to blog about this last night but I was in a state of shock so... Haha. You could just imagine my face. Thanks to all of you, well wishers.

I gotta go, the little girl keeps pressing the number keys...8654054

Monday, June 19, 2006

Crossed out

I've been receiving the weirdest Friendster messages and being added by complete strangers recently. Been wondering if my profile is advertised somewhere, something like that. Haha. On another news, (haha) my dad didn't take me to the derma today. Trademark. Hopefully we'll go some time this week. *fingers crossed*

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sixpence none the richer

Said I won't be blogging today but unfortunately I think my sleeping time has adjusted to a.m. instead of p.m. I have full-blown helluva red spots on my arms lately so I convinced my dad that we see another dermatologist; yey we're going on Monday!

They say [medically] depressed people don't even know that they are. But emotionally depressed people, I think, know they are. I think I am. And in need of help. Not professionally of course. I think I'm turning into a monster (sorry, just re-watched Monsters, Inc. on cable tonight), or a grumpy old lady next door. Been staying up late, getting taray for the smallest reasons, and almost kissed my diet goodbye (am eating endlessly).

I used to express sadness in poetry writing before, but I figured out that I suck at it so I stopped. Then I tried painting, and I can't paint at all. Then blogging, which I'm doing now but I know I'm not good at it. Wish I have a DSLR so I could go with my ultimate dream hobby, photography.

Woe me, I'm poor! Spent the last of my money on the movie tickets yesterday. Nonchalant huh?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Booster shots

I went on a very short-notice-five-minute interview at a hotel today. I can't help but think what a waste of a day it was considering I had to skip breakfast, jump in the shower, don business wear, put tons of makeup, and the transpo money of course. Glad I didn't hesitate bringing a pair of jeans, shirt and flip flops. Then I headed for Greenbelt 3.

Was supposed to see Cars but screening time was later so I went to see The Lakehouse. After all, I've been meaning to see this remake after I've seen Il Mare on VCD months ago. I won't spoil the fun for those who haven't seen it yet so I'd probably blog about my observations and comparison notes sometime next week.

It says, how do you hold on to someone you've never met? I say, how do you hold on to something you've never had?


I also saw the Superman trailer, gosh, I didn't know he was cute! Finally, a handsome man of steel. I still don't think I'd go see that one on the big screen though. Am not a sci fi fan, you know. At least it made me happy to see that this Superman got his hair untidy for once.


On yet another depressing story, as I was on the way to Makati for the above mentioned interview, I took the LRT. Lucky for me I was able to take a seat for the train wasn't as jam packed as [Baclaran] Wednesdays. My hands were on my lap, palms up. Beside me was a woman, maybe around mid-20s. Suddenly the seat seemed a bit more spacious. I look on to her and guess what I see. The woman trying to get as far from me as possible while looking and apparently trying to avoid my red-spotted arms. Like I have the most contagious skin disease on earth. I can't blame her; I know she's protecting herself. She must've thought it was measles or chicken pox. Nice. What a boost.


A shout out goes to Ice: I missed ya too! Especially you calling me Kitchie. Thanks so much for today's chat.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

As final as it can get

I think I didn't make it. The minute we walked into the room, the judges were just looking at our legs! One even had to lift her skirt a bit so that they'd see her knees. Then came introduction and answering the Why you wanted to be a flight attendant question. (Lucky we didn't pick a question from a fishbowl.) After which the judges are supposed to ask questions. Well, they sure didn't ask me a lot of questions, unlike some other girls of my batch. Absolutely least interest in me.

Feeling so stumped I proceeded to one of my favorite chapels in Makati--Tereza Gomez Chapel--and sat. Then knelt. And sat up again... Allowing my exposed shoulders to chill.

Post-interview, I was frowning while walking, even just crossing Ayala. And not even a box of McNuggets, as I've told Niko, would cheer me up. I even intended to buy a happy meal (trying my luck if it makes me happy at all) but they ran out of the red car toys--for the Cars promo--and was giving me a van toy instead. Sheesh.

While munching, I broke the almost-official bad news to my mom, who in turn replied: As long as you did your best there's no turning back. Just move forward. You're great and you know it. How would I, now that I'm doubting my skills.

And the worst part, I go home and have to tell my sibs I think I didn't make it in the most casual and no-emotions way. I so want to cry but I have to ask my bro how's his first day in college, or how's my sister's second day in the new school, or attend to Yana and make her giggle. And in between watching My Girl I get teary eyed while my sister's laughing at Jasmine.

I happened to surf past Disney channel, showing Princess Diaries 2. This song always makes me want to cry. Maybe coz it embodies what I really want?

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes til I touch the sky
I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change
And breakaway.

Monday, June 12, 2006

No smiles for the mean time

I signed up for Bloglines last night upon reading it from a post at Tin's blog... Awesome! Talk about making everything so much easier.


About the new profile pic, uh, I don't know. I don't feel like looking at my blog and seeing myself all smiles while I'm at home so bothered by a lot of things.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two dermatologists and counting

A family friend was kidnapped a few days ago, ransom is a hundred million pesos. Geez.


My gosh, I so pity you--the people who apparently thought a tagboard was a chat room--for the lack of respect. Just like a famous super hero who said, "With power comes great responsibility," having the privilege of using the internet requires the same. THERE ARE NETIQUETTES, PEOPLE. Find a chat site or go for Yahoo Messenger! Still clueless? Allow me to suggest a few sites: Flirtage, Chathouse or better yet, Yahoo Chat.


So much for wasting my time on annoying people, back to reality, I've been at home for a good two weeks now. Well except for the day when I went shopping for a sleeveless-but-business-clothes for the interview. Some of my classmates are now working, some for non-tourism establishments though. And I, I'm still trying to pursue my dream. Nobody ever said achieving your dreams were easy, but I never thought it was so tough. There are a lot of sacrifices. Like letting go some offers, trying to lose weight, etc. And the confidence level slump.

I've seen two dermatologists already (for the red spots on my arms), to no avail. I was trying to schedule another appointment with a third so that before my final interview (uh, yeah I passed the second interview coz luckily they didn't check on the arms and the legs) comes, my arms'd be clear. But lo, my final int sched was so soon... Just six days after I went to the second int. The final int would be on Wednesday... And hey, I need some prayers out there. Thanks.

My lola's been telling me to make room for disappointment, and so does my mom. But I don't know, I think I'm really getting my hopes up too high for this coz I really want this job. I was never the pessimistic type so I always hope I'd get in, lately my thoughts are evening out. Maybe they're right; maybe I'd get through the int and then fail the medical exams; or whatever. I don't know. They always tell me, "If it's for you, it's for you." But I know it should be for me, I mean I know I can do the job. Really. Waa. Prayers, please. I'd really appreciate that. Kulang nalang magnovena ako sa Baclaran.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sporty Spice

Gosh, I was so glad Mikee was second on the Pinoy Big Brother finale. Not that I want Kim to win--I knew she would--I just want the Mikee to finish past Gerald. No, I'm NOT a Mikee-Kim fan or a Mikee fan for that matter. I just think a cheater shouldn't be given half a million. Hahaha...


I've been a bit sporty lately. No, not the type who'd go out and do fencing or something. I'm most of the time glued on the TV watching different kinds of it. I watch swimming (I don't know what competition that is), an inter-Australia swimming competition, the Asian 9-ball Championship, the French Open 2006, blah blah blah. I'm not much of a World Cup fan so don't expect me to blab about David Beckham or something. Ask Princess, the girl who'd love to snatch David from Victoria. Haha.


I forgot how to Share-a-Load sa Globe. And everyone else in the house is on Smart.


Funny how I seem to have a dream every night. Every night. Some I remember, some I don't.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Be good (no, not the movie)

I feel sad that yet another disaster struck a country--the Java earthquake. I can't help but worry if my Indonesian friends are okay or whether they're living somewhere near the area. I hope they're in Jakarta or maybe in another country right now.


Contrary to popular belief (whuuttt?!) I haven't been a good girl all my life. (In case you don't know--which of course you don't--I'm a good girl now.) In every one of us, there's a devil inside. And I know I haven't been turning to my angels years back.

Maybe due to some insecurities or non-contentment in some aspects of my life, I was in denial. There are some things that I just can't accept or don't want to accept. Things that maybe I just didn't understand at that time. I turned to people whom I called friends during those times and joined them during their hapi-hapi nights, to the point that you'd tell your parents that there's a group project so you'd stay out late at a classmate's house. Oh, highschool.

As I progressed through highschool, the badness in me was gradually tapered, though not completely gone. Then came college, and it was a whole new ballgame. There were times I'm all bad all over again, then the mood changes so I'm a good girl.

Almost over a year ago things took a big turn. I realized how much I hurt people, especially people I love. Or maybe it was for the fact that I almost died that time? Anyway, whatever it was, I started consciously trying to do good and avoid evil (parang sermon yun a?). Finally I was receiving communion every Sunday since...

The bottom line is, it's great and it feels so good to actually be good. I'm so glad I had the chance to know my real friends, who were a big factor of the change, and the realization that I actually have the best parents (and siblings, of course) on earth.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Best interview ever

Mom and dad flew to Cebu today, using the tickets I bought them before. I went with to the airport area coz I also had an interview today, which by far is the best yet. No, I didn't get the job. (This is a long one, by the way.)

Tuesday after office hours someone calls up the residence looking for me. Says she's Jen from Continental Airlines. I'm like, I didn't pass a resume to Continental Airlines a? So anyway she says she got my info from the school and I'm scheduled for an exam, Wednesday morning. Of course I went to it. To my disappointment, it wasn't Continental Airlines, rather it was Citadel Holdings, owner of a cargo company under which Continental's cargo goes through. Misleading! Anyway, on with the exam: IQ test, Abstract reasoning, Math, English and Planning. What the...? Planning?! Yes, there is such an exam. I thought I won't be called up for an interview because I didn't do well with the Planning thing.

Just as I was going to bed that night (I had terrible migraine so I wanted to be in bed early evening) the Jen person sends a text message informing me about my interview scheduled immediately next day. I said I'd go. But I didn't. First is because I really felt sick. Second, I was disappointed that it was cargo department (by the address that she mentioned through text). Third is because they won't say what positions are available.

"We'll be evaluating your exam and interview results to know what position is best for you."

Duh. And I thought, how unpro of them to be scheduling you immediately the next day and texting you when they're not sure you're even awake at that time. Sent a message Thursday morning saying I can't come coz I'm sick. The reply: "Okay how about tomorrow morning?"

Desperation? Anyhow, I confirmed it, half-heartedly. And today I showed up for the interview in denims. Haha, for the lack of interest. They made me do hands-on Excel and PowerPoint exam which was definitely of no challenge at all. A highschool student could do that. Then came an interview with the Finance Manager. I tell myself, Finance Manager to interview a Tourism graduate. Very bright idea. *eyes roll* After sometime came the real interview. The General Manager.

It started out as a usual interview, the difference is that he's obviously observing me. Really. He asked about family, work experience, blah blah blah, and ambition. So of course I said I really want to be a flight attendant, though maybe not as a permanent career but at least I want to have an experience as one. I told him about my pending applications for an airline. Then came the hardest part. He asked me whether I'd still choose that path over a sure job in their company.

He's a no-BS guy so I gave him a no-BS answer--the truth. Flight Attendant. I further explained that I am not rushing into a work contract at the moment because the [airline's] interviews would take place in June (first would be June 8). I gave him a few more reasons:
1. I wouldn't want to accept a job right now and then within a month or so quit the job because of another offer.
2. I don't want to be put in that situation wherein I'd have to decide if I should quit or not, because of hiya.
3. I don't want them to put their trust on me and later spoil their plans.
4. I'd forever regret it if I can't go to the interview. I'd risk being jobless in the end rather than not give it a shot towards my dreams.
5. I don't want to waste all their resources and for them to reject all other applicants and then later recollect them for another hiring process.
6. Lastly, I can't enter a job half-heartedly. It's a service-oriented industry. Can never give a so-so service. I'd want to be in a job I'm dedicated and very much committed to.

He fell silent, maybe he'd never encountered anyone that kind of honest in an interview before. He said, "I understand." And then he gave me another 'what if.' What if he's giving the position of Executive Assistant? Simply put, if he's the President, I'm the little president. He explained the job more thoroughly and I understood that it's the position next to his, quite literally. Then he asked me again whether I'd still choose FA over EA. Uh-oh.

I'm overwhelmed and at the same time so confused that I think I bowed down for seconds. I was getting emotional that I want to accept the job because I am feeling the huge trust he's giving me (or my skills, maybe) but at the same time, my dream's a dream. My voice was almost cracking when I said, "I think I'd still go for the FA position." Explained further. I don't have a dream that I don't wish to try to achieve. If I'd accept EA for now, I might enjoy it--for, say, five years--and then eventually I'd still want to pursue that dream. Which by then, I might not be eligible to apply for because of age requirement.

He fell silent again. I actually thought he was just thinking of a way to end the interview coz he can't say, Okay, we'll call you, as finale. Then he goes, "Here's what you're gonna do. You go to that interview and do your best and if after June you didn't get that job, let me know. Give me a ring. The EA position might still be available for you by then, but if not we'll give you something suitable for you. I very much appreciate your honesty. I like it that you're honest."

OMG. Talk about my utter amazement, awe and respect! I couldn't say a word so he handed over his calling card and I just stared at it. All I was able to mutter was, "On your direct line?" Yes, he said. To end the 'interview', I said, "With all due respect Sir, I thank you so much." I shook his hand and thanked him again. And left with a really big smile on my face.

So what if I didn't get the job? That experience can never be replaced. So maybe I don't want to work in the cargo department, but I would definitely want to work under a good boss like him. Maybe if I'm unsuccessful by July? Kasi naman bakit ang late na ng interview nung airline.