Monday, April 11, 2005


A sequel to my previous post, the 'everything is falling back to place' post. But now, I mean EVERYTHING. As in. Been happy about a lot of stuff lately, and an hour ago, the happiness is complete. Could not ask for more! Well, of course I am thankful to God for everything that He's been giving me (eto na naman, holy na naman ako?!).

Okay, so what actually are the thing that are making me happy right now? The first one would be a lifelong secret that only the closest friends could know (sorry, dear blog-friends...). Okay on to the next. Well I got on the Dean's List again--kala ko kase chamba lang nung first time eh! In fairness, mas mataas ang grades ko in general ngayon. Last semester kase extremes (almost) eh. So anyway, I'm happy that I'm making my parents proud again. *blush*

Next up, I got the much coveted 'practicum ek-ek' in my batch. Long story, but I'll share it anyway. Most of us would probably get into an airline, airport or ticketing offices (FYI, I'm a Tourism student, in case you didn't know), and it's the administration who will place us in certain tourism related establishments. There is only one embassy available: Australian. In a practicum batch of approximately 80 students, usually only ONE would be picked for the said embassy. So it's like, big time ka pag ikaw yun. The last person whom I knew who got into that place was my professor (of high regard). So, yeah, you guessed it right, I got the spot! Astig diba. Muntik na kong himatayin when I got my recommendation letter for AU Embassy. Grabe.

The latest thing that made me happy? Honey ko, of course. Been on the rocks (not ice ha!), I mean rocky stages of a relationship eh. Oh, by the way, I have this theory that most new couples get much of the quarreling during the 4th to 6th month into the relationship ehehehehe.. Wala lang.

So anyway, mayabang na sa kung mayabang, at least may ipagyayabang. Hehehe.. Masaya lang ako, ganto lang magshare ng kasayahan. :) Ganyan talaga pag pinaghirapan. Ipagyayabang. Hehehe..

Almost forgot, a shoutout to my cousin Kuya Joemer, who got into the top ten in the bar exams. Nerd ka talaga! Well, pano ba yan, nasa lahi ang katalinuhan? JOKE! ;) Night people.

Monday, April 04, 2005

unholy holiness

It's such a nice feeling when everything seems to fall back into place. It's like one by one my prayers are being answered. So how on Earth can you say that there is no God? I mean, it's really unnerving that some people do insist there is none. How can it be when all the while He's making things for you, sometimes teaching you lessons which you will need later in life and then forgiving you for what mistakes you may have committed. Anyway, I'm a Christian kase, so I believe everything that's happening is according the the Will. So there. My golly, why am I so holy naman today? Oh well, maybe because I'm just so happy.

In contrary to the 'holiness' I have expressed in the first paragraph, I want to say that it's my fault that the Pope had died. He-he. A couple of days before he passed away, I was receiving text messages regarding the condition of the Pope, and some messages soliciting prayers for the fast recovery. I was like, "he doesn't need them anymore, I think it's his time to go na..." So I did NOT actually pray for him to recover, I just wished his sufferings would end (which may actually mean his death). The reason? It's because he's of age already. And he's got a disease--Alzheimer's or Parkinson's?--whichever.. my lolos have 'em. (My Lolo Carding has Alzheimer's Disease and my Lolo Eniong has Parkinson's.) My lolos are much younger than the pope, but I see their condition, and they're like children already, what more with the Pope (he's 84, or 85?)? As a pope, he needs to be strong enough to be able to accomplish his tasks as the leader of the Catholics--a multitude incomparable to the population that a president or a prime minister governs. Diba? So I just thought that maybe it's time a new Pope be elected. He-he. Don't get me wrong, I DO love Pope John Paul II! :) May his soul rest in peace...