Friday, July 22, 2005

My kuya's been making me go around tech-shops at Greenbelt so I could take a look at mp3 players of all models--Zens, Samsungs, iRivers, and iPods of course--taking notes on its prices (including PayLite prices)... For all I know, he'll end up buying an iPod mini anyway. Why? Coz he digs iPod because it's an iPod! *duh* I mean, I was seriously discouraging him from buying an iPod (am suggesting iRiver), because of the lack of features. All it could do is store files for you to play, whereas others include tuner, voice recorder, etc (my iRiver has line-in recording, voice, tuner, and you could also record from FM). And he does admit that mine delivers sound better than any of the iPods he's borrowed; still, he's buying one. DUH!

I am not against iPod nor iPod users for that matter, but for my kuya, that's weird. Have never known him to buy something that would put his money to waste (I mean, he waited for the I-forgot-what-Nokia-model-it-was to be out here in the Philippines before he gave up his good ol 7110 because it's got the best features ever, then invested on thousands of pesos), but he's investing thousands again for something that's tunog lata compared to others (for someone so musically inclined and at the same time a band member-slash-music composer!)? I'm trying to convince him to test other models first--not fashion models, silly--and try out how well the sound goes, and for him to take into consideration the features (he's the guy who can't live without radio, but he's settling for an all-mp3 thing). How on earth could my kuya turned into someone who's into brands (or what everyone has)? For all I know, he's gonna die if he's not gonna buy an iPod. Freakin' stupid.

(These reactions are with regards to my kuya only, not to f*** up iPod lovers. Oops, and yeah, am not sabotaging iPod/Apple in anyway. I just hate it when people are so branded--- *okay I'll shut up now*)


I have a pdf format of Harry Potter 6; it seems like a scanned-then-saved-as-a-text-format version so I see some misspelled words. I am no Potter fan or whatever, nary an intent of buying them, so I read it only when I've nothing to do in the office. Again, no offense to Mr Potter's fans, and JK Rowling. If anybody's interested, let me know,,, oh, I'm sorry Ms Rowling.


I'm stuck with a song "Dream of Me," which Kirsten Dunst sang in a movie (in a scene where she's acting in a play). Now I can't remember what movie it was. And how foolish could it be that all I can sing from the whole song was "...dream of me..."


Has anyone got a copy or knows a bookstore that carries Confessions of a Video Vixen? Let me know. I'm not quite sure if I wanna buy one though.

Friday, July 15, 2005

This week's rally was a big one, so we were looking out of our office window when it passed by RCBC (they're walking along Ayala Ave.). My officemates were seriously debating on the current political situation; others were complaining on the difficulty of going home due to this mass rally. There I was, standing, leaning on the glass window (of the 24th floor) when all of a sudden I let out a laugh. Confused, my officemates looked at me as if to ask, "what on earth is funny?" Well, as I'm seriously contemplating on the number of people walking arm-in-arm along Ayala, I saw some yellow thingies being pushed by a single person. I think I saw three of the same kind. I tried hard to figure out what those are... (If you're on the 24th floor, it may be hard to figure out!) Then I finally did! Fishball carts! Hahahaha... I even saw a taho vendor trying to keep up with the people's pace. Filipino entrepreneurs on the loose! :)

Anyway an officemate forwarded this email [still in connection with the Ayala Avenue rally]. It reads: (My apologies to the non-Filipino speaking peeps, I don't have the energy to translate this for you; and, it wouldn't capture the emotion if I did translate it.)

From: Law Division - Countryside Litigation Department - MBTC
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 5:15 PM
Subject: FW: Message to/from workers in Makati

All ye Makati - esp. Ayala/Paseo/Herrera/CBD workers:
Ano ba? Di ba tayo kikibo at magrereklamo na tuwing may %&#@ rally dito sa Ayala-Paseo Makati, tayong mga manggagawang galing sa mga lugar na malalayo, sasakay ng MRT, bus, FX, jeep, carpool, etc. ay kailangang bumaba either sa Landmark, Rustan's, etc. at maglakad patungo sa ating mga tanggapan? Ang iba sa atin, siguro, alas-kwatro pa lang ng umaga, naliligo na, nagsa-shampoo pa, magsusuot ng bagong plantsa at amoy Downy na uniporme, magsusuot ng bagong-kiwi or shine na sapatos (naka 2-3 inches high heels pa ang karamihan diyan) - tapos, sasabihin ng driver na, "hanggang dito na lang po, pasensiya na at sarado na ang derechong Ayala. Maglalakad na lang po tayo." Pagdating
mo sa opisina, amoy ewan ka na. Sa uwian ganun din. At kung sinuswerte ka, maglalakad ka ng umuulan-lan or umaambon-ambon pa. Bwisiiiit!

Matanong ko lang. Ilang empleyado o mangagawa ba ng Ayala/Paseo/BCD ang sumasali sa mga rally na ito? Kung konti o halos wala, bakit di na lang idaos ang rally nila sa mga matatao ding lugar na di nakapipinsala o nakaaabala sa mga gustong maghanapbuhay dito sa parting Ayala?

Mayor Binay - alam naming maluwag naman po sa bandang C-5 or sa parteng Pembo/Comembo, o kung saan man niyo pwedeng i-designate na lugar sa Makati. Sa palagay ko po, marami rin po ditong mga tao na makikinig sa mga talumpati o program na gustong iparating ng mga raliyista. Di po ba pwedeng dito na lang po kayo mag-bigay ng permit sa mga raliyista? Ke maka-Gloria, anti-Gloria, pro-Resign, pro-Chacha, etc. walang kaso. Okay lang yan! Mayroon (pa naman) tayong karapatan para sa malayang pamamahayag.

Pakiusap lang po. Maawa naman po kayo sa amin. Karamihan man sa amin ay di taga-Makati, marami po sa amin dito ay sa Makati nagbabayad ng buwis at nag-papaandar ng ekonomiya, di lang ng Makati, kundi ng buong bansa. Sana ay pangalagaan din po ninyo ang aming kapakanan bilang ama ng Makati.

If you agree, please forward to your friends working in Makati hanggang makarating (sana) sa ating mahal na alkalde.

I'm not quite sure if it was my officemate who added this:
Dagdag ko lang tong napulot kong coupon eto this morning sa Ayala, wow may seal pa ng Makati City at ang claim counter ay Makati city hall pa, common knowledge naman ang hakot system pero sana di naman ganito ka bulgar/garapal ...Paging Mayor Binay!
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Monday, July 11, 2005

I just came home from UP. Blah blah blah. Wala akong maipost ngayon. Anyway, I'll just post a survey I answered in Friendster. Now I know why people love doing the surveys; it takes your mind off something you're really trying to think about or maybe actually make your mind think about something at all. Or stress relief.

1. are you straight?
----- nope, wavy hair. joke. Yeah of course I am.

2. are you in love right now?
----- I don't think so.

3. are you 18 or above?
---- on the last teen year.

4. do you drink alcohol?
---- I'm allergic, but I do. In small amounts.

5. do you drive?
---- Yes. It sucks that gas from home to UP and back again costs me 300 pesos. Darn.

6. do you live in manila?
---- uh, Metro Manila? :)

7. are you a fan of Smallville?
---- No.

8. do you think you're superior sometimes?
----- Yup. Sa kakulitan.

9. do you like dogs?
----- Yup, but I don't know how to take GOOD care of em. Almost wanna cry when I had to eat one. *still fresh from my memory, poor dog*

10. do you have a goal right now?
----- hm.. Finish my practicum? Save up maybe.

11. do you think it's possible for you to reach it?
---- Of course, I don't make unreachable goals. Am not that crazy to make my self depressed over an unreached goal.

12. ever been in love?
----- Who hasn't been?

13. been engaged in a fist fight?
----- Fist fight...? Nope.

14. stolen something from someone?
----- Does that include eating my mom's Milky Ways?

15. wish you were dead?
----- We all come to that point some time.

16. swore on someone?
---- Hmm..

17. slapped someone?
---- I can't remember, I think I haven't.

18. kissed someone for about a minute?
---- Hahahaha..

19. made someone cry?
---- I didn't mean to.

20. cried because of someone?
---- Everyone does. It's a form of bravery.

21. had a crush on the same sex?
---- No. But I do recognize who's pretty and hot. Jordana Brewster!!

22. had a crush on a friend?
---- Yea,

23. had a crush on a classmate?
---- Oo naman. Malamang!!

24. dated someone?
---- Ngek, what a question.

25. ever introduced a loved one to your folks?
---- Always.

26. held hands with a loved one for about an hour?
---- Yup. It comes out naturally.

27. gave everything you got for a loved one?
---- Uh, define everything? Like monetary or something? Haha.

28. have you ever been heartbroken?
---- Yup.

29. broke someone's heart?
---- I guess so. *sorry*

30. wish you could turn back time?
---- I hate regrets.

31. got pissed with a close friend?
---- Yup.

32. do you love your friends?

33. do you trust them?
---- Would they be "friends" if I don't?

34. do you still see your trusted friends?
---- I see to it that we see each other every now and then.

35. do you have a love one right now?
---- I don't have just one, maybe a hundred--I love lots of people! *wahehe pilosopo*

36. do you love him/her?
---- Eh wala talaga.

37. do you think you're above him/her?
---- N/A

38. do you control relationships?
---- On a certain level, yes.

39. do you trust him/her?
---- Next set of questions please?

40. do you see yourself with him/her in the future?
---- Crystal ball please.

41. have you given him/her something
---- Reminds me, I still want to buy my fave perfume brand for men, to give a future loved one maybe. So I'll save up for that.

42. made her/him cry?
---- ?

43. do you think you're sweet enough?
---- They say I am.

44. are you contented right now?
---- Yeah, I guess. Happy.

45. do you believe in soulmates?
---- I dunno.

46. are you confident with yourself?
---- Very much. It's a good thing to be confident at a young age. Most people aren't. That sucks. It entails lots of inferiority complex and psychological problems--although you may not be aware that it all boils down to lack of confidence.

47. lastly, do you regret something in the past?
---- I can't think of a specific thing that I regret about. Malamang meron di ko lang maisip kung ano.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Okay people. This is cool (supposedly).
Now that Marion Raven's gone solo, you'd never see the future of M2M right?
Wrong. They already have a future pic! So this is the M2M that you knoe...

And this, my friends, is the future of M2M. Hahahaha...
I'm so sorry if I'm offending anyone (especially maybe the fans?)...