Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weddings Here and There

In this Facebook age, I constantly find myself browsing through wedding photos of friends. Maybe I am in the marrying age indeed, since weddings happen here and there, and it's not like they're my uncles or aunties--they're my friends!

My boyfriend must be crazy-thinking maybe I wanna get married already. The thing is, at this point, I don't. I was in a [chat] conversation with the ex-fiance the other day and I was just telling him I met up with Precious and MM, who are getting married and happily married, respectively. He was asking me if I had plans [again] of getting married. In a split second I was able to say, "nope."

One, my boyfriend and I are barely half a year together. Yes we spend 5 out 7 days a week together, but it's just gonna be too soon to think about that. Following two very serious relationships (including that of with the ex-fiance), I seem not to be in a very committed or serious relationship at this point. I am enjoying every minute I spend with my dear one but I don't see myself walking down the aisle just yet.

Second, I am 24. In a month or so, I'll be 25. Yes for some this is a good age to marry. For me, this is a reminder that I have finished college and six years have passed, and I am still in an entry-level position. I crave for a career path, growth and stability. I am so working on getting promotions.

Maybe I could cite more reasons, but I guess, you'll just know when you're ready when you are. I realize I browse through the wedding photos with amazement and happiness for these people who have found the one they'd chosen to spend their lives with. How they figure out that their partner is 'the one', that I am still yet to find out.

Monday, March 14, 2011


We were in Sunday dinner with my Lola, aunt, and cousins. The usual over-dinner talks turned out to be some sort of an excerpt of a primetime soap. Emotions poured from negative feelings towards an in-law. Aunt is almost in tears for the pent-up emotions so I chirped, "it's mind over matter; if you don't mind then it don't matter." This had made me realize that not everybody is capable of doing this. For my Kuya had said that I am the best when it comes to apathy. Well what can I do? I am talented in this department. I guess I have learned of this trait/emotion when I was still young. During my high school days, I'm one of those people very much affected with what other people say or think of me; but my mom is always to the rescue, reminding me not to care, because it's my life. And that I don't live for those people, so as long as I'm not doing anything wrong, to hell with them! I kind of think this had made me a stronger person, battling with the norm and peer pressure. I feel bad for people who can't do the same (as much as I can) because they wake up every day with a heavy feeling. Do you do this too?