Saturday, June 30, 2007

I hate reading them

...but my photos being used in a news (well, something like it) site, that's good.

A Flickr message, signing up and I'm in nowpublic and having one of my tunnel shots in an "article". So this may not exactly be the best exposure for me but hey I'm glad someone stumbled and liked my photo.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

North East West South

Did you know that Tony Blair resigned from his Prime Minister post yesterday?

You might be raising an eyebrow and saying, "So?" right now. Haha. It's really none of my business as I don't even live in the UK. Haha.

I dunno. I just am not a current events person. I hardly read the newspaper, nor watch the news. I just used to love Sunday papers as they come with full-color comics. Hehe. Unlike my paternal grandmom who could read the broadsheets cover to cover (excluding classifieds, but including obituaries), I used to question dad why we need to read the newspaper. We used to have newspaper delivered at home every single day by the newspaper guy who we got to call Pipoy.

(Side story: When I was really young, I would always go out to meet the newspaper guy and say, "I-star po at Pipoy daw," following the orders of my dad to get a broadsheet--Philippine Star--and a tab--People's Journal. I'd always get "People" word wrong so that's how the poor newspaper guy ended with a new nick.)

When there's something I hate doing, I always bombard my dad with my why questions. "Why do I need to study history? Past is past." And when I was neither young nor adult, dad once told me to wear light makeup on Christmas eve mass. Not being the makeup type of girl, I asked, "Why do I need to wear makeup? It's icky. I'm fine the way I am." Dad said big girls wear makeup. Dad said adults read newspapers.

Then I'd rather not be an adult. I wanna wait for the Sunday papers and read Sunday comics. I want to be unaffected by the dollar-peso exchange rate. I want to not remember who first discovered was, I'm just glad it was discovered.

So Mr. Blair, I accidentally knew about your resignation from listening to the radio. And while flipping through channels in the Korean-dominated TV here in my hotel room.

[Photo credits.]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Job Ops

For those who want to be flight attendants, I received these emails from my friends.

+ + +


All applicants must secure the Emirates 7-digit online reference number (ORN) through

The ORN must be submitted to ipams upon personal application, together with the resume, educational and employment credentials, and two 2x2 photographs before 30th June 2007.

Alternatively, candidates from remote areas can also log on to and input their ORN in the application form.

+ + +

Japan Airlines' JALways

Manila based, the flight attendants will fly Manila-Narita routes for a period of time (six months to a year). They have just recruited their first batch of Manila Cabin Attendants so there's still no telling as to where they're going to fly after that. Training includes Nihongo in Manila, Service in Bangkok and Safety in Japan.

To apply, send your resume with whole body picture and2x2 id pic to

+ + +

The Emirates thing was from a newspaper ata or from the website. I don't exactly know. The JALways thing, from my college friend who's now working for them, a member of the first batch of Philippine crew.

So for the girls out there who want to have this job, send in your resumes ASAP and invest on the photos you will send. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Super tamad magblog.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

48H in SF

I'm a lazy blogger. Period.

+ + +

So I flew to San Francisco on a terrible Delhi-connecting flight: those pesky Indians who feel like the plane is one big supermarket where anything and everything is available. Like milk. How could they go on a ten-hour flight not carrying enough milk for your baby? And we serve fresh milk, not infant formulas. Sheesh.

Arriving at the hotel by noon time, my room is really creepy. For some reason I got a creepy room. I was trying to catch at least an hour's sleep when Ninya calls up and tells me Bamboo will be on by 2pm. I jump out of bed and took a shower. :)

It's Fiesta Filipina, an event to celebrate Philippine Independence Day in SF. There were celebs like Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Vhong Navarro, and two from Pinoy Dream Academy. I saw Raymond Bagatsing going around the area too. And the main performer--Bamboo. Anyway we sat by the VIP area (thanks to Marco) and got really up close with Bamboo.

Few more things we did that day although we haven't slept a wink from a long flight:
+ Went to Marco's friend Bryan's house to hang out: pizza, beer and Wii :)
+ By nighttime we drove to the Coit Tower to see SF at night
+ Then off to the Legion of Honor for a creepy surprise
+ A late-night breakfast at Lucky Chance =)

And then finally I slept.

Next day we're on the road to Monterey with side trips to a Thai restaurant near Japan town (finally I got to try Thai tea), a trail way up to see the fog-covered Golden Gate, ABS-CBN in Redwood City. We started actually travelling to Monterey a bit too late and it was rush hour already so we decided to head back and scrapped the Monterey idea. We proceeded to another of Marco's friends, Mark's house and then later had dinner at Fridays.

And then another sidetrip. =)

The next day we're off to fly back to Korea and I'm so wasted. But at least I had fun in SF. Million thanks to Ninya and Marco. =)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My masterpiece

Yana, on our way to Makati to hang out--day before lolo died. She was wearing this cute yellow jumpers and was sitting on top of our dining table, in front of the sliding door enjoying the afternoon breeze (it was darn too hot in Manila!). This is by far her best photo. I had it printed out already and mommy can't just help but adore her cutie baby! :)

I had already asked dad which wall I could use to hang frames of my favorite photos. Wee. Can't wait. And I'm seriously trying hard to get better at my people shots; ang hirap!

+ + +

Plug: Bec's Victoria's Little Secret blog.

+ + +

Current favorites on my playlist:
+ Undiscovered - James Morrison
+ Tulak ng Bibig - Julianne
+ Home - Daughtry
+ Unbelievable - Craig David
+ Cupids Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
+ 4 in the Morning - Gwen Stefani
+ Lips of an Angel - Hinder

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Have you ever noticed how pauses between words say a lot more than the words you actually say? Sometimes those pauses, those "umms", and deep breaths hurt more than the hurtful truth a person utters. A tear will fall for the seconds of silence before someone answers a delicate question.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Celebrating but not really

Inaantok ako. Daig ko pa ang nagquickturn New York ng duty-duty.

I arrived in Manila a little before midnight of June 5th. On June 6th I went to the Makati office, did the usuals except for the fact that I was carrying my niece, whose yaya went on vacation with no signs of coming back. To make my trip sulit, I asked dad and mom and my sister if they want to go malling and have dinner afterwards. So we did and dad even decided we go on Dad's-Saisaki-Kamayan buffet at Glorietta. Tatay had just finished his second plate when Nanay checked on her mobile phone and eventually made a call that made me stop eating my salmon sashimi and wonder who she called.

Mutually understanding each other, dad signalled for the bill, I paid and off we went. To Bulacan. [My maternal] Lolo collapsed and was then being rushed to a hospital. Months back he had a stroke that left his throat and tongue paralyzed.

Anyway, when we got to the hospital Nanay talked to the nurse on duty at the ICU who was carefully explaining what happened and what's happening...until Nanay cut her off by asking, "Pero if he's off machines, could he breathe on his own?" to which the nurse shook her head and mommy nodded. I had to excuse myself from then coz Yana, my niece, wasn't allowed in the hospital so we left her with Tatay, outside. I thought Nanay would be better if she's with dad so I went out and went on sub.

I would later learn that Lolo had another stroke, his brain practically swimming in blood and that his was not a 50-50 case, rather, it was a 25-75. Between 1 and 2 in the morning we had to take turns sleeping inside the car parked smack right beside a national highway where buses and ten-wheelers go by every half a minute. By three, the nurse was calling in the immediate family. (I was still, and remained, outside, with Yana.) He flatlined in a matter of minutes.

Time of death: 3:05. To the avid McDreamers, yes, that's very Grey's Anatomy. Well that's what I felt like it was. Grey's Anatomy. I guess it had actually made me stronger in times like these: hospitals, deaths, sad truth. And it's also what my sister felt like. Ellis Grey dying: no tears. Because my mom, auntie and Lola can't bear to look at it, my sister was inside the ICU when the nurses took life support and tubes off. A cousin who was also there said my sister looked on, not even blinking, while he--a nursing student--was very uncomfortable.

It's been the second night of the wake, and we drive back to Navotas before dawn to catch a bit of sleep and take baths and drive to Bulacan by noon. I think I've had just about 12hrs of sleep in three days. Quite honestly, I don't know how to do this. The last death in the family was like fifteen years ago...

Tomorrow (well actually, today) was supposedly Lolo and Lola's golden wedding anniversary. I actually requested for these days off in Manila to attend the special day. Most working relatives filed for leaves, or booked bus tickets to get back in Manila in time. Little did we know that we'd be wearing blacks or whites.

I ask for your prayers for my Lola, who would definitely have one of the hardest times of her life today, celebrating but not really.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Screw US flights. It wrecked my body clock.

I already bought a box of sleeping pills/aids from NY.


Friday, June 01, 2007

D's first Layover

I've just uploaded photos from my cam's first layover. Woohoo! Though it's bulky and takes up too much space, I don't really mind :) Now I can't wait to earn money and get my own laptop and have PhotoShop installed. Weeeee.

I don't regret that I'm sleep deprived due to the fact that I set my alarm on at 6pm yesterday to be able to catch the sunset. I'm a sucker for sunsets!