Thursday, March 30, 2006

Darn! Darn! Darn!

I can't believe it. I missed the train station again, for the second time. I did. Really.

+ + +

The four weeks of work schedule that we have plotted ends on April 1st so it means that we need to plot for schedules again, eventhough the remaining days would be just a mere week (contract expires April 8th, and it's dependent on the appraisal whether or not you get a chance to extend the contract). And then they did something horrible, again. They made us draw lots on who would plot his sched first. And, we're limited to four hours per day but minimum per week is twenty hours; there's also a certain number of agents needed per shift. So that means, if a certain shift has been filled out, you'd have to settle for the remaining shifts. Illogical! The reason why you're a part timer is because you can't work settle for work hours that aren't suitable to your existing time commitments! Some shifts just need 15 agents, and we're like, eighty five people who'd plot for a desired schedule. That's really...stupid. I just got lucky I got number 03.

+ + +

I got three huge zits and it's depressing me. I was never the type who'd have zits, but thanks to the meds-slash-contraceptives that I'm taking, it's giving me a breakout due to hormonal changes.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Okay so I was out for quite some time there. I just felt all lazy and all I wanted to do was sleep sleep sleep although these days it's hard to get forty winks due to super hot summer. Geez I wish I'd be back in Baguio already. So my last post was what, Saturday?


My work shift was supposedly 12am-8am and effective that day by 6am all agents under our department should be at the new location (old building: Robinson's Summit, coz we're rapidly growing and sharing the third floor of the PeopleSupport Center is insufficient to seat us all). Saturday night I asked a supervisor whether I should go directly to the Summit instead of the Center coz I have shift til eight. She says, "no, you'd still work here [center]" and so I did. By 2am another sup asks me, "until what time is your shift?" So I said eight, and he was like, "Why are you here? Ya should be there." I explained that the other sup told me so. The solution? I had to transfer from one building to the other! Thing is, at two and a half in the morning the jeepneys are so rare that we had to walk a good three blocks to get to the Summit. And we didn't even use the sidewalks so we were walking on the highway, good candidates for another Ayala incident. How stupid of them.

The new office was depressing! From the low ceiling, to cockroach infested pantry, to malfunctioning PCs and everything else you could think of. What's more, there was nobody from my batch so I'm there and super alone. Geez. After I logout I bought a pack of Pillows and ate it on the bus to the LRT. I was kind of disappointed to see that the usual stash of Libre wasn't there so I thought, "Kahit pala Sunday dami pa rin nagbibyahe kase eight pa lang ubos na yung Libre."

As I boarded the next train that came along and at the same time wondering why Spiderman is wearing a black suit on the third installment, I sat beside this girl who got a cute wristwatch so I was looking at it and then I noticed that the time it displayed was 6:16. I rummaged through my big bag for my celphone to check on the real time and it said 6:20. Holy sh*t! I accidentally logged out at 6am! (Is this what a depressing office does to me?!) I can't believe what just happened so I kept thinking about how could I have thought that 4pm CST was equivalent to 8am Manila time?! (4pm CST is 6am Manila) So I was thinking and thinking and thinking. When I looked up, the doors of the train were closing after the passengers got off a station: R. Papa. Oh my gosh! That's where I'm supposed to get off! Ooookaaaayyy, strike two!

By afternoon they woke me up to hear mass at our favorite church, Shrine of Jesus (The Way, The Truth and The Life) at Macapagal avenue (or near it). I asked whose idea it was, and my dad says it's my kuya's. I went and knocked on my kuya's door and said, "Aw, I have boyfriend time at 8pm." He just shrugged so I sent an SMS cancelling the bf time. :( Anyway it's okay since we really set our priorities right, always. And this family time seldom happens (unlike when we were younger) so it's okay. We had dinner at Gerry's Grill at HK Sun Plaza, still somewhere around the area.


I was at home, sleeping or watching VCDs. Taking care of tha baby. She got vaccinated so she's feverish. Poor girl. It's VCD marathon! In Her Shoes, Raise Your Voice, Flightplan and kuya watched Love Actually.


I got work so I did. Depressing office, still. When I woke up by four in the afternoon I went to Video City to return the CDs I've rented (and pay the overdue fines) and went over to my friend Jhen's house coz she's heartbroken that her partner "two-timed" her. Back home, I watched Di Que Si (click here for IMDB review) while making the still-feverish Yana sleep. (On the photo, which is also my Friendster primary photo now, is Yana with her Who Wants to Mess with Me pose)

Wednesday--that's today

Got notified, thanks to Gil, that I've been missing in action online. Haha, so here I am. Doing this recap, for the lack of things to blog about. I've done nothing yet today except for watching Oprah on Star. Sometimes I feel like a loser that all I do recently is sleep and watch TV or VCDs or DVDs. I even planned on watching One Tree Hill yesterday, but I forgot and when we switched the TV on, it's The O.C. already, so me and Jhen watched Princess Lulu on two and then Kim Sam Soon on channel seven. When I went online today I got surprised and realized that indeed it had been quite sometime since I was online coz I had three, um how do you call that, new contacts on YM, and MSN as well; three messages and few friend requests on my Friendster account; a lot of unread comments here on this blog; and comments and messages on my Buzznet.

Oh and I promised Jompy I'd plug this. We donated for this event! Yipee! And Niko, this is another La Salle thing. FYI lang. Haha.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


After spending the entire morning and early afternoon at school claiming our clearances and attending the graduation orientation, we had our Baccalaureate Mass yesterday, on the soccer field of the university. Present were all the candidates for graduation from different colleges and faculties, including Grad School. I tried calling up the office to inform them that I'm not coming in for my 8pm-12am shift but the line just kept ringing so I thought, What the hell? I wouldn't trade this [baccalaureate mass] for anything on earth. Well, good for me! The event turned out to be something very memorable and well appreciated.

It started of with introduction of the different colleges and faculties plus statement of how many graduates it had produced for this year. Then, the mass proper--until it got dark. Next, the 'symbolic' pin ceremonies. Then they showed and audio visual presentation of something--I dunno what to call it. Then the lighting of candles. This was, for me, the best part of it. The candles looked like small lanterns lit up all over the place and then If We Hold on Together started playing and after a while we sang the university hymn facing the well-lit cross of the main building. It was heart warming and gives you a nostalgic feeling--senti! Just after we sang the last line of the hymn, "...imbued with unending grace," fireworks shoot up! Awesome!

It ended with the exit from the Arch of the Centuries (trivia: freshies 'enter' the arch, so seniors 'exit' the arch). It's supposedly finished but my college's admin had prepared a surprise for us [College of Education--wherein Tourism belongs--graduates]! They gave us a baccalaureate dinner, a sit-down meal with a violinist playing requests. Catered by ShangriLa restaurant (West avenue), it's lauriat so Baccalaureate became Bacca-lauriat. :)

Then at past ten in the evening, I'm off to work for my 12am - 4am shift. Talk about being awake for 24hours.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lost Molars: The Result

On a post last month I said I dreamt about two molar teeth falling off. Last Sunday, two people passed away. Yes, on the same day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. First was my mom's aunt and the other was my dad's uncle (his aunt's husband). Both died of heart failure; some say it's about the season of these things again due to summer heat. My parents are off to Baguio today for the wake of my mom's aunt... Off they go.

I have finally figured out what to give my parents on my graduation day as a thanksgiving gift to them. :) I'll go and ask about (and later purchase) one-way plane tickets for both of them, Manila to Tagbilaran. My mom had been wanting to show dad Bohol (which is absolutely awesome!) ever since she had been going back and forth there because of her previous job. I think that'd be great. Thing is, I can't buy them return tickets. He-he. At least that's enough to motivate them to pursue that dream. ;)

About my overpay, I haven't heard from the payroll team, except for one reply that is directed to my request for correct payslips. The guy just said that I should refer to the system generated payslip (which was never correct) since that had been their official payslip starting this year. Geez, I was requesting for the correct ones. As for the overpay, they're still not doing anything about it. Not a confirmation, not an instruction. Nada.

I feel sick. And a bowl of Nestle Honey Gold cornflakes didn't make me any better. I gotta go.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Art of Taking Public Transportation

I felt uneasy as I was on my way to work last night. As I was waiting for an Ayala bound bus somewhere Malabon, there's this barker who kept asking me where I'm going, and if I needed a cab. I shook my head, but it wasn't enough for him, he really kept asking. Thing is, I was the only one he was asking. A middle aged guy is also waiting for a bus but it's only me that the barker kept on bugging. He's two feet away, standing directly in front of me, and his voice grew louder as if I'm ten feet away. "San pu kayo mam?" I avoided his eyes and scanned the area for any bus in sight, while making myself really keen on my surroundings if ever this was a distraction ploy. The questions kept coming, "Bus po ba? Aircon? Aircon po baaaa?"

After two minutes of gradually raising his voice, I finally gave him a look that says, "You are f***in annoying, I think I know where I'm going, don't ask me like I'm a lost kid." It did seem to get the message across coz he finally quit asking me and maybe he got scared that he realized that his frame is way smaller than mine (I could give him a Pacquiao effortlessly). So he turned to the taxi drivers who were already smirking at him and he said, "Eh tinatanong ko lang naman kung san pupunta e ayaw sumagot, tapos tinatanong ko pa rin pero ayaw pa din." Duh, the taxi drivers are just five feet away, how could they not know what he had been doing for the last couple of minutes?

Then came an Alabang bus and the middle aged man boarded that bus so the stubborn barker took the chance to try asking me once again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that coming so I walked off and boarded the Alabang bound bus. Sheesh.

On the bus, however, I was typically enjoying watching Jessica Soho Reports when this guy from the other side of the aisle transferred to the seat next to me. That's something I'm always doubtful about, people who transfer from one seat to another especially that their previous seat was spacious enough. So all through Imbestigador I felt all the more uneasy coz I need to--again--be very aware of what's going on. Thank God nothing, except for the fact that he gave me hard time getting out of the seat when I needed to get off the bus.

Since I usually ride the Ayala bound bus which drops me off at RCBC Plaza, I had just enough loose cash with me to get me there. Unfortunately since I got on an Alabang-Pacita bus, I got off at Ayala corner EDSA. Meaning, one more jeepney ride to the office. Holy macaroni, the jeepney queue is nowhere to be found! I saw some other people (appears like typical call center agents as well) waiting on the spot where the jeepneys should have been. I walked a bit towards Glorietta area just so I'd not be on the exact corner of the avenues. Then I remembered I did not have enough coins for a P7.50 jeepney ride! Omigosh! For a split second in my crazy mind I considered walking from EDSA to Buendia! Hahaha.

There were absolutely no jeepneys in sight and so most of us boarded an Ayala bus that went by. I was so embarassed of the fact that I paid my P10 bus fare with a P500 bill.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Unnecessary info shared unnecessarily

Yesterday, I was struck with a series of unfortunate events (hmm, that reminds me of the movie). First, I start preparing for work an hour late, therefore I left work an hour late without the chance to have dinner. Then the jeepney ride to the LRT station was really slow and had to stop by a gas station. Next, the train goes stopping every now and then since the next station is still catering to another train; at least the train driver tried his best to entertain the passengers through the delays by saying, "Wag po natin kalimutang humawak sa mga safety handrails. Iwasan po nating galawin ang mga emergency devices, may kaukulang parusa po ang mahuhuling gumalaw nito nang hindi kinakailangan, at maaari po kayong maging candidate for eviction. Makukulong po kayo ng one hundred days sa bahay ni kuya at maglilinis kayo ng tren sa loob ng isang daang araw." Haha.

Back to the unfortunate events, the jeepney ride to Ayala took forever before it set off since the driver wanted to fill up all seats first. The food in the pantry is really not so yummy, Nescafe vending machine is out of service (I had to prepare my own cup of coffee, which was absolutely unyummy as well since I don't like those sachets of coffee and cream that aren't Nescafe and CoffeeMate, respectively). So I opted for a Coke, put it in the freezer all through my shift and then when my breaktime came, it's all frozen. Argh. While still on break, I sneak through the firewalls and check on my personal email only to find out that the Chinese guy went online and sent me an email, which of course I was not able to reply to. And would probably mean he won't be online tonight. Geez.

Anyway as I check my work emails, I'm surprised that I have not heard from the Payroll department yet. Hmm. I remember my closing lines on my email. If you trash this message and do nothing about it, thank you very much, you've just given me enough for airfare. But I know you won't. This is, after all, overpay. Amazing.

Me and my batchmates seem to have run out of topics to talk about. We've discussed (or they have, with me just listening, coz they're all guys) everything from Paris Hilton video, to local starlets, to Cleopatra, the Venus-Mars thing, circumcision--ugh--of babies, pirated DVDs, Dinky Soliman issue, legality of my claim about the overpay, potty training, contact lenses, GMO food, American and Canadian visas, cheeses, blah, blah, blah. And I, with still no sales at five minutes before 1AM, am definitely bored. So I decided to draft this post while idle and thought that maybe I should go share something about myself. (I wonder why at times I'd like to be a very private person, and other times I feel like sharing. Weird.) And no, this won't be a biodata.

[+] Romance related, I have unintentionally made four guys cry. I think four lang, not more. (Or I hope so.)

[+] I actually want to be part of CSI. I love watching Forensic Files on Crime Suspense and Aircrash Investigation, Interpol Investigates on Nat Geo.

[+] I used to eat balut when I was young but stopped when I opened one with a chick, as if it's going to hatch the next day before it was cooked.

[+] I hate flirts. End of statement.

[+] If my family would be given the chance to live anywhere we want, we'd be in Switzerland.

[+] When I was young, I wanted to be a dentist because I had a case three bite.

[+] The Ring, The Eye, The--whatever. I never watch horror films.

[+] First glance: I like guys in pink shirts. I don't like bald guys.

[+] I'm practicing more to increase my fifty-five words per minute typing skills.

[+] I don't talk so much when I'm drunk; I just keep laughing, even at the silliest jokes.

[+] Physically, I want to reduce the size of my thighs, lose the abs and have an even skin tone. Laser light hair removal would be great. Contrary to what other girls like, I don't want to be snow white, nor be stick thin, nor have big boobs.

[+] When I'm mad at you, don't expect me to say a single word. I usually do this so as not to blab harsh words unintentionally, which I might regret in the end.

[+] I first rode public utility bus on my own just two years ago. Learned the art of taking public utility vehicles (except for pedicabs) after I graduated from highschool.

[+] Am an adventurous person. I usually go somewhere by myself even without knowing the exact place. But I don't think I'd win Amazing Race.

[+] The location I drove farthest was from Navotas to Tagaytay.

[+] I really think Museo Pambata is fun.

That's all I could think of right now. Maybe this should be enough. Haha. Things you don't really need to know but I'm sharing anyway. Haha. Bye. Gotta go work.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I really got overpaid! I had Php27,000+ in my account! That means it's around twenty three hundred more than what I should have. Tsk tsk. How inefficient. How very inefficient. Argh this is very very tempting. *sigh* I could go to China right now. ...But I can't; I'd have to tell that inefficient department that I was overpaid. *sheesh*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Purple scrubs

A few days ago I was in a jeepney then a lady boards it; she's dressed in purple scrubs with the hospital name and logo embroidered on the left side of the top. Well I thought that it [the scrub suit] was a very depressing color for nurses to wear. I mean, if I'm the patient I wouldn't want my nurse to look like she's preparing for my death. Just a thought, from someone who had a few hours on Color Psych for Humanities.

+ + +

Payday's approaching and we're all so busy checkin' out our payslips (through the supposedly-for-the-better system). Most of my batchmates still have incorrect salaries. Mine is, too. Overpay. I'll see tomorrow if it goes into my account and if it does, I'll tell you how much it is. If it doesn't, then it's just system error. Harharhar.

+ + +

I got peed on four times yesterday coz the baby's on lampin. Haha. Here's our family photo during Yana's baptism.

Monday, March 13, 2006


I was awake all night coz I slept all day; I flipped through channels and watched Something's Gotta Give on HBO and afterwards watched--pathetically--Starstruck finals on GMA. Then comes the teaser for an upcoming movie, Moments of Love (or is it Memories of Love? I can't remember) airs. I couldn't agree more on what one of my friends told me. Filipino movies are copies of almost anything on earth. That movie is the same plot as a Korean movie, Il Mare [see review here] The only thing they changed was that it's a telephone instead of a mailbox. By the way, Americans are also 'recreating' this movie into an English version, to be entitled The Lake House [click here for info on that movie] starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

I wish to write more, but the baby in this house just can't get enough of me! Cry, cry, cry. Her mom's somewhere and grandparents are away. Poor me.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suggestions please?

I was right when I bade goodbye to Niko a few days ago on YM by saying "I'm off to another boring shift." It was, it was. I was counting the hours, anticipating my fifteen-minute break (for every four-hour shift). Darn. Had nothing to do but tinker with my Outlook and send spam to my batchmates. Ha ha.

Yesterday was Yana's baptism and yours truly is one of the godmothers--which I believe I am since sometimes it's me who gets awake to a crying Yana and I've no choice but to lull her back to sleep. It was a low budget reception but nevertheless intimate since we really chose our visitors. My maternal grandparents came over (all the way from Baguio) for this very special li'l girl, their apo sa tuhod.

I promised Jompy I'd plug this on my blog so here it goes. To whom this may concern.

On another topic, I can't decide on what grad gift I'd give my classmates. My original gift idea was way too expensive, but cute. [Of course I won't say what it is here for fear that my classmate(s) would find out prematurely.] Any suggestions? I have like 30 plus classmates. Also, I'd like to buy my parents a present on my graduation. Suggestions please.

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Friday, March 10, 2006


Yesterday--before I spent most of my online hours revising my blog skin--I took some pictures from my mom's mobile phone. No, make that a lot of pictures... Here are a few.

And that's me, of course, home at last after my 12am - 6am shift. Next is my CareBear, purple of course, from my boyfriend (he bought it before he went back to China). I have a lot of photo of me with all types of smiles possible and I feel like posting one of my wacky guess-who poses. Here it goes, but you're not in a guessing game for this one.

Sorry, this is the best photo I was able to get from the net for the real Scary Movie face. I do resemble the face don't I? Haha.

And because I really love photos, they took this photo of me while I was sound asleep--amidst high noon. When I woke up, it's Yana making irritated sounds (signals that she wants to be carried instead of lying on her crib all day long) so there, a soon-to-be (tomorrow!) godmother and the goddaughter.

:: feeling not looking forward to my shift :: listening to your love :: browsing none ::

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Skin template

OMG. This was a bit stressful. *sheesh*

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Couch Potato

With nothing much to do nowadays except to wait for my work shift and lunches and dinners, I'm stuck with Yana who seems to be perfecting her crying talent lately. My kuya had cable service installed lately; weird, since we're one household who could live without a TV. Anyway, today I knew why. He bought a TV for their room. The hotel's replacing most of their TVs so he got a twenty three inch TV for only a thousand pesos.

I watched Tuck Everlasting on Star Movies this afternoon; I wanted to watch it when it was shown in theaters but didn't have the time. Just curious about the lead actress, Alexis Bledel, but without any idea about the plot of the story. Well, it's got a story after all. Bittersweet.

:: feeling bored :: listening to don't cry out loud :: browsing ::

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The End is Near

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Listening to: How Could an Angel Break My Heart

...of my college days, that is. I just finished my last final exam [on Economics, Taxation and Agrarian Reform] yesterday. And starting today, I won't have to go to school! I'm just waiting for graduation day to come: April 6th. And oh, I have to remember to file a leave from work on that day... I should have the time to fix the blog template but I'm so lazy to do so. Haha.

+ + +

I was chatting on YM a few nights back when I browsed through my friends list and saw this e-friend (that's what I call people who are my friends online, but haven't met them at all) who's coincidentally a friend of a high school friend of mine (so he's not a pure stranger at all!), online. He seems to be in a serious mode because his stat message goes something like, "It's alright, I'm okay. Maybe God has a plan." So I intended not to bother him with my senseless hello. But then I thought twice; most people who say they're okay are actually the people who are not okay. So I gave him a buzz then a line, "Are you really okay?" And I was right, he wasn't.

He's having, what else could it be, heart/love problems with his new girlfriend who--from what I have gathered--doesn't recognize his efforts to hang on to their relationship, blah blah blah. In short, this is a martyrdom case. *sheesh* I've been through this a couple of years back and I hate it that people still fall into that trap. Needless to say, I began blabbing about my opinion.

1. Gotta love yourself. This is elementary, but okay I'll explain a bit. Can't let yourself be all over a person alone, you have to respect yourself and know when to call it quits (especially if nawawasak na talaga yung mundo mo).

2. There's no such thing as a one way relationship. Can't be all about her, nor should the effort be coming from only one person.

3. Again, I don't believe that people can be contented in continually loving a person despite the fact that he/she doesn't love you back. Think about it, we all just want to be happy. And to be, we have to have our needs and wants satisfied. And Maslow's hierarchy of needs--ugh, I'm so academic right now--says that one of the most basic need would be to be loved. So, it would be impossible to actually be happy that way!

Your opinions may be far different from mine and I'd welcome comments on these. :P

+ + +

Okay so now I'm browsing through Cathay Pacific Career ops, specifically Flight Attendant positions, more specifically the HK based and not the London based. But it seems like I'm more qualified for the London stuff (except for the requirement about living in London, not sure about that). But still, London's so far, and I'd like to be in HK for boyfriend reasons of course, and at least it's still closer to the Philippines. I could go home whenever I want to. Whatever.

+ + +

I'm sure I'd be thinking about these over and over again. Anyway, I gotta go, I have a night out with a few highschool friends to Baywalk tonight, in celebration of Meloisa's 21st birthday! And tomorrow, I've got an Ice Skating bonding at SM MegaMall with the whole block! I wish it'd push through, it's gonna be fun, fun, FUN!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Novel: Bits and Pieces from Previous Days

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A few shifts ago I received this very unique call.
Me: Thank you for calling... [opening spiel]
Lady: Wait, I'm sorry to cut you off, but let me just inform you that this is a relay call... [her opening spiel]
So I thought maybe it's a phone poll or something like somebody wanting to interview a sales agent for thesis or research. Then she started asking if I have ever received a relay call. Answer's no. As it turns out, a relay call (or service) is one where in a third party calls in in behalf of another person with a hearing disability. The lady I'm talking to is the relay agent and she's typing up what I'm saying and waiting for the other person's reply (it's online chat, I suppose) and she'll run it down by me. Cool. Although I was not able to close the sale, I felt happy after the call since I was--in my opinion--very helpful to a disabled person since it took me about half an hour with the call (coz I have to speak slowly so that the relay agent could type everything up).

+ + +

During break, me and three batchmates went to KFC to grab a bite. We were happily eating when two of them, Hannah and Jal (both from UP Diliman), started chatting about Student Council elections, with their own opinions and rebuttals to each other coz they're from different frats and party. Then Philippe--Mr Law Student--joins the conversation since he's in a frat too. So there, they talked endlessly about politics and politics and politics, while I enjoyed my Fun Shots quietly. I never like talking about politics, especially with UP people. I believe you don't have to ask why.

+ + +

I was at school Saturday (straight from my shift) for the final exams in our Education 206 course. I was able to review and memorize some parts of the coverage of the exam since the shift preceding that was a boring one (got around just ten calls in 7hours!). But it doesn't help that I'm sleep deprived. Anyway--I'm drifting away from what I want to blog about!--while at the third floor lobby of our college building, there were so many chairs around since it's interview day for incoming students of the College of Education. Of course, lots of soon-to-be members of the Educ family. I was telling my classmate that these newbies are luckier than we were since now they have chairs while they're waiting for their turn. (During my time, we were on a very long queue, no chairs, nothing!) Then, out of the blue, music started playing over the PA system! I'm like, "lucky them, boredom minimized."

After one song, Sam Milby's Only You goes on air. Instinctively I rolled my eyes with matching shaking of the head in disgust. Whoever was behind the PA controls was reprimandable (by me!) for he looped the song; it played over the PA system for four times! Argh! Finally, after the fourth, it played another song--which was not any better: some shampoo commercial song that goes, "...straight na natural..." Argh! I could just figure what the incoming students are thinking: "Ang jologs naman nitong college na to!"

+ + +

We've been on mandatory schedule change and plotting of schedules was on a first come first serve basis, new schedule to be effective March 05. I was able to plot for the schedule I wanted (when some of my batchmates did, the slots they wanted were all filled up). And now, the effect date of the new sched, comes the confirmation of the plotted schedules. And it's a mess. For some, it's really frustrating. Take Lois for example, she plotted hers way before I did and in the email it said she did not. World War 5! All hell breaks loose!

+ + +

Since March 5 was the effect date of the new sched (and mine starts 12am, instead of the 1am before) I sort of fell short in catching up with my sleep. I got up by 7:30 (I planned to do so by 6!) and my phone displays the prompt: 5 missed calls. And it's a (no number) number (haha!) so it's no other than the one from China. That's the time I realized that it's a Saturday night, and it's boyfriend time! I got to my feet at once and snatched the laptop but my mom said she'd be bringing it somewhere and I'd have to use the desktop pc. Sure enough he's already online and had already sent me a message. Too bad we were not able to chat for more than an hour since I'd have to prepare myself for work. *sniff sniff*

+ + +

Speaking of him, I actually dreamt of him before I woke up and scampered towards the pc. And, he had just sent me a good pic of him with his parents. Just felt like saying. *blush* I just miss him so much that all through my travel time to work all I thought about was when am I gonna see him again. Should I apply for a Middle Eastern airline? But that would mean I'd be farther from China! More impossible to see him. *sigh*

+ + +

Speaking of airlines, I got the shock of my life when I read through a newspaper article that Cebu Pacific is celebrating their tenth year anniversary, and for that they're giving seats for domestic flights for PhP10.00++ only. Ten pesos! It's limited seats and just for one way fare, but hey, what the?! Check out the site for detail about the limited time offer promotion.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blogging Before Sleeping Before Shift

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Listening to: my kuya singing Order Taker

I'm done with thesis defense today, which surprisingly was of no pressure since the panelists that we have are really kind professors. We got like three questions from them and then they started chatting about what's-going-ons in Puerto Galera--our thesis topic--as compared to Boracay. *smiles sheepishly* At least I'm another step towards end of classes. As reward I bought myself a couple of tops and a pair of flipflops from SM and indulged in Ika Fry from Karate Kid.

Look at this, I took this shot of Yana a couple of days back while I was carrying her. She looked so cute coz she usually sleeps with one of her arms extended upwards and I guess she was really sleepy that she forgot to extend her arm all the way up. Now she looked like The Thinker. Yana, problematic? :)

Yesterday I did my [film] critique paper for which I chose The Terminal--from which I got the blog title of this blog: Life is waiting. For the people who have watched the said film, did you know that it was based on a true story? If I'm not mistaken, it was an Iranian refugee who landed in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and for some reason (I forgot what) he was not allowed to go back to his country nor set a foot on Paris. This was in late 1980's; as of September 2004, he's still at CDG airport. He was actually granted the permission to either go back or enter Paris but chose to remain there. Weird. Anyway, I learned so much about the film from doing that paper and researching on the net. Interested? Visit the site I browsed through last night. Make sure to browse through the one of the most interesting links.

On another topic, I was right that McDonald's UST would open today, the first day of the month. A weirdly over weight Ronald McDonald was roaming the campus while giving away those still-available ang pao coupons. But they opened on an Ash Wednesday so I did not order a double cheesburger. :) Aww, this is making me hungry again. Maybe I'd go have an early dinner of tinapang bangus tonight.