Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Memories of the training days. Hehehe. Miss you all guys! *too tired and sleep deprived to blog*

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sleepy Dork
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Listening to: Maling Akala by Eheads

I have this 4hour break in between my Economics and Humanities preliminary exams so me and my friends went out to eat at Jollibee and soon after decided to spend the time at the library to review for Humanities (we need to review 75% of the book I think). Anyway, I don't have a book so I have reproductions of it (also known as photocopies) to suffice. I was reading and reading and reading... Then I fell asleep! Haha! Thanks to my cute Tigger pillow, I did not have the I-slept-on-top-of-papers marks on my face!

So here I am, at the Internet section of the library to awaken my senses. We still have an hour and a half until it's judgment time on Humanities. Also, thanks to Chris (Lyka's bf), who had with him his portable mp3 player with almost nothing but Eraserheads songs... :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kwek kwek
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I am in no physical condition to actually think of what to blog about. Except for school work and work training, I don't really get to do much at all. Just sleep, go to school, do school work, go home (if there's still time), go to work, go home and repeat the cycle all over again. Even eating time is scarce, although I am getting fatter with all the coffee (and cups and cups of hot Milo) that I drink at work to perk me up.

It's a Survivor thing. Hmmm... Will I get voted out? Ha-ha hopefully not.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Inaantok Ako
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Listening: a Nina song

Just woke up after my second day of training at PeopleSupport, and I'm sleepy. He-he. But I'm enjoying my training because the people I met are really nice. (I can hear my Humanities teacher say: "Nice is already an overused word!") Although I don't have classes until today (because of the retreat), I still get up early in the morning so as to train my body clock to be satisfied with three hours of sleep and just sleep in the afternoon before going to work again.

With nothing to do with my 'awake hours', I browse through the Mandarin book every so often so that I don't just read them and forget them afterwards, read and read and retain them in my memory, hopefully. Also, I chat in pinyin (there's a site for this). Hahaha.. Sometimes I join the conversation sometimes I just try to figure out what on earth they're saying! Anybody out there willing to teach me Chinese online? :)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

School's Cool?
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Listening to: High by The Speaks & Barbie

Eventhough I was feverish since last night, I went to school today to meet up with my kada. We went researching at the Central Library--yes, you are not hallucinating, we actually did school stuff on a Saturday--for our Humanities group project. Of coincidences, our topic is Chinese art. Chinese. Last night my mom actually thought I was 'immersing' myself so much in the Chinese culture (for my boyfriend) because I was on the net reading about Chinese art! Hahaha! Well today, we browsed through tons of books [and became a bit of critics]. Well, Chinese art is quite ironic. If you look at their paintings, it's mostly about nature: flowers, mountains, community, etc. And, for lack of words, 'tame'. But, try looking at their sculptures, it's exact opposite. I mean, horrendous monsters as wine vessels? And the dragons atop houses, plus guarding tiger-like species (terribly unidentifiable tigers coz they look like monsters already)? Oh well, let's just respect their choice of subjects. And with our continuous research, hopefully I'll be able to find the answers. Naks! The truth is out there? X-files?!

More library stories. While at the lib I wished I had a laptop and a hand held scanner with me so that all that I wanted to scan will be scanned right then and there. Unlike our case right now, I had to bring home just three books at a time! To think that we'd like to have numerous sources/references... On our way down from the Humanities section, my attention was caught by a book lying around. OMG, it was the Ultimate Mandarin book that I wanted to buy (but can't, coz it's P800+ at PowerBooks)! So I snatched it right away. Hehe. Next stop, the library lobby, where we'd have to 'process' the borrowing of books. I gave all three books to the woman at the counter and swiped my ID so that she'd be able to input the information on the books to be borrowed on my account. I was patiently waiting for her to finish up the procedure(s) when she stared at me [for a split second] with a questioning look. I was puzzled so I leaned over to see if anything was wrong. Then I knew why. She happened to have noticed the title of one of the books I was trying to borrow: "Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul"! HAHAHA... I borrowed it for my sister... Hahahahaha

When I got home I started scanning the photos on the [art] book right away. Sipag huh? Since the scanner's up and running, I decided to scan my so-not-like-me graduation photos just so I'd have it on file. Speaking of graduation, congratulations to my dad, who is finally a candidate for graduation! After more than twenty years of neglecting two subjects which he unknowingly have not taken, he's finally getting a diploma. That is, of batch 2005! Hahaha, my brother's from the older La Salle batch pa, 2004! :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Gong zuo ma?
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I have migraine like everyday since a few days ago. It's killing me. Anyway, I'm excited to start working [training for work] on Monday! I can't wait to see what it's like. Sadly, my classmates'll be off to Caleruega by morning that day (and I'm not with them! *sob*) for the Senior classes' retreat. Oh well, we really have to sacrifice some things for other things, shouldn't we? It's always a matter of choice, of priority. Lisa, a classmate who is also not joining the retreat [she's Buddhist], asked me why I prioritized this work thing for a more enjoyable event. Got me thinking...

Well maybe initially it's because of the him, just so I'd have money to enrol myself in a language school or something; and/or have enough money to visit him; or maybe just so I'd have money for personal use, since senior year is indeed very expensive. Eventually I came to realize that maybe the job offer actually came at the right place on the right time. Because my sister will be giving birth in a matter of days, most of my parents' savings would surely be spent on her hospital bills and needs afterwards. So, I should probably be helping out by [partly] financing for myself, eh? Anyway, whatever the reason may be, I'm just thankful I have a job.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Still Aim to Be--and Do--Good
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I was (or am?):
- discriminated
- criticized
- backstabbed
- rumored
- gossiped about

Okay, so now what? Roll the eyes, take a deep breath, smile, then blog. I don't feel like blabbing about the details of the incident(s) since I don't give much importance to them anyway. Hmm... Like what my friend told me: Ganyan talaga pag artistahin, pinaguusapan! Joke lang. Crab mentality. I used to argue with people when they say Filipinos are like this. But it's getting evident as I mature. Welcome to the real world eh?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Magpapakabait Na
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I'm at this computer shop somewhere around the town coz I needed a PC with a DSL connection coz I am downloading photos (2MB each!), and when I got in, the store was playing Christian songs. They're not the weird Christian songs, something in between pop and ballads. Cool huh? It's inspiring, and if you don't actually listen to the lyrics, you won't know it's Christian at all. Anyway, seems like the girl has a favorite among the lineup of songs, which eventually I came to like. My fave line is: When God made you He must've been thinking about me... Aww, sweet!

I am on the cramming mode right now, since school is just two days away. Still, I haven't done anything or even haven't decided on what to do with all the requirements. There's this creativity scrapbook which I don't know what to make of it. Gosh, my English is at its worst!

I'm really not much into schooling this semester. I just wish it'd finish itself and let me graduate and get hold of my college diploma. I really want to work already. I'm excited on my part time work, which starts on January 09. Eventhough the schedule is really going to exhaust me, I don't really care as of now. I just want to work, work, work. I have processed all papers necessary like Tax Identification, Social Security Number, NBI Clearance, and my pre-employment (medical) exam. Hmm... I wonder what it's gonna be like.

Though I'll be in the contact/call center biz for now, I still want to be an FA (Flight attendant). I don't know what's with being an FA that really makes me want to pursue that career. Although they say that it's a no-brainer job (given the fact that they accept non-graduates), and there's not much growth and everything, I don't really know. I just want to be up there, serving passengers as cheerful and as calm as I could. Ambition.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

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Listening to: Because of You by Kelly Clarkson

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2006! How was your new year's celebration? As for me, my family spent new year's eve at the hotel because my bro's on duty so our family won't be complete for New Year unless we check-in at the hotel. T'was a good decision too since a television network had a countdown program a block away; we watched the fireworks display from the hotel room! Awesome!

I thought of writing about leave-the-grudges-behind stuff but since I know that you all know about that [and probably will be writing about the same], I'll drop that part and just wish you all a very good new year ahead. I know for sure that this is gonna be one hell of a year (at least for me!). A million thanks to wonderful memories of 2005!