Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8 Random things

Wee! Makeover. Of my blog template, that is. (For those reading this through a cross-posted entry, click here for the original site of my blog.)

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I've been tagged by both Abigail and David on the exact same thing! :) So let's see, what are eight things I could tell you about myself?

1. Depending on my mood, I can wear the sexiest heels/shorts or the baggiest shirt.

2. I learned survival swimming from my dad: he used to throw us into 8-feet (or was it 10-feet?) deep water at Edsa Shang when we were younger. I was hardly 4 feet then!

3. I have a lisp.

4. My favorite flowers are pink stargazers.

5. I once fell face down at a cheering practice, while we were attempting a pyramid. (This was like, fourth year highschool!) I looked like I just got off a boxing match and I was absent from school for like a week. I had to suffer (aside from a plastic surgery-worthy face) from damaged tear ducts for the entire recovery period. The tears were activated by heat that if I'm not in an airconditioned room, my eyes would well up unconsciously.

6. I'm a very patient person...as long as I know how long to wait up. Tell me to wait five hours and I wouldn't mind. But tell me to wait for ten minutes and be back after 45, then you'd see me rolling my eyes.

7. Never have I smoked and I have stopped drinking [alcoholic beverages].

8. It took me 30minutes to write this eighth item. I can't think of anything else to say.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

California Love

It's my second San Francisco flight and it's a long layover for me. Yeay! Al and I went to see Ratatouille (coz I fear that by the time I get home to Manila it won't be on the cinemas anymore). Second day we went shopping and both got a new jacket, went to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, and had coffee with his friends later that night. Third day, Santa Cruz! Off to the Mystery Spot and then to the Boardwalk (with Ninya and Marco).

So yea it's official, I have a boyfriend. And wish me luck, I just got on another long distance relationship.

As for the post title? That's what my shirt in this photo says. ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Physically sick...not.

Psychologically or emotionally, maybe. I've called in sick for two days now. I was supposed to fly HK yesterday but I didn't.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't think it's plain laziness though. I can't enjoy eating when it's lunch/dinner time, but I eat a lot towards midnight (and past it). My sleeping pattern is unbelievable. Like last night, (well, technically morning) I slept at around 2am coz I can't sleep earlier, and by 5:30am I was already up and having coffee coz I've been turning and turning in bed that I fear I might wake Mica up--who's sleeping beside me for the night.

My being "not in the mood" to fly yesterday? I have found an explanation. Maybe coz I didn't have that transition time I usually have the day before I leave Manila. I've mentioned before it's like I fall silent 24hours before I leave Manila, to let the thought of going back to Seoul sink in. Well I left Manila on the 20th; and on the 19th I wasn't silent at all--I was celebrating my bro's birthday.

But today's insomnia attacks? I can't explain. It can't be jetlag coz I haven't flown more than one timezone for almost two weeks now. Nor can it be the sleeping pill effect/dependency coz I have not taken a single one in weeks.

@#$%! Gusto ko na iuntog yung ulo ko para makatulog na lang ako and/or to get me back to my old self. Ano kaya problema ko?

You know something's really wrong when you have:
...no one to talk to or chat with but you're still up.
...checked your all your email accounts for more than ten times.
...finished a book in 24hours.
...eaten practically everything in your fridge.
...noticed that all are asleep; or they're waking up and you're still awake.
...done everything you could think of: laundry, nails, etc.
...been listening to Kamikazee coz you've listened to all the mellow songs you have.
...read more than two chapters of D's manual but you're still wide awake.

Today I'm going to our Medical Center at Asiana Town as I'm required to do so for calling in sick on a weekday (kung kelan bukas ang Medical Center), but what will I say? That I don't feel like flying? Or I can't sleep? (Hmm, pwede, pwede..) Last night I planned to take the 2pm bus to the office today so as to give me enough sleep but since I'm wide awake now, I guess I'm going with the 9-ish morning shuttle.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Unbroken Promise

I'm ecstatic. Elated. Happy. Seriously. I just fulfilled a promise I made about a year back.
Excerpt from a July 22 post last year:
"I've been praying like crazy. And bribing God. (Take that!) I promised God that my first 100,000 pesos salary would go to Maverick, my second cousin who was diagnosed of Leukemia a week ago. He's twelve."
It wasn't exactly my first 100k salary, but more of like the first 100k ipon that I had. Also, I didn't give 100k coz it's too bulky to give and since I earn USDs, I handed over $2000. I almost cried in front of Mav's mom. I was shy and proud and touched and all...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boring. Bored. Bore.

The evolution of Taglish grammar. It's one of the topics we were talking about over eggpie and Coke last night--on my sister's 20th birthday.

We're trying hard to figure out why, of all the English words, Filipinos are having difficulty using the root word "bore" (as in boredom) in a common Taglish conversation. Sample.
Person 1: Bakit aalis na tayo?
Person 2: Naboboring ako eh.

This is incorrect with the fact that "boring" is either an adjective, or a verb in present tense. In Tagalog, using the first syllable twice suggests that it is in present tense so there isn't a need for the -ing at the end of the word. Other word samples: excite/exciting - naeexcite (not naeexciting)
Person 1: Kamusta yung party na inattendan mo?
Person 2: Nabored ako eh.

Though this sounds less incorrect, it still is. "Na" before a word denotes past tense. So why the past tense form for the bore word? Other word samples: try/tried - natry (not natried)

Why? Someone tell me why? What's with the bore/bored/boring word that makes it confusing? I usually encounter people saying these grammatically incorrect Taglish phrases. Bakit kaya? We can't figure this out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Taking a break from serious blogging... This is from Tin ;)

Three Things That Scare Me
1. Crime, especially rape (on the news)
2. To become unloved
3. Nightmares that seem so real

Three People Who Make Me Laugh
1. Yana
2. Al
3. Tatay, especially mga corny hirits

Three Things I Love
1. Bonding/conversations over coffee (or tea)
2. Photography
3. Traveling

Three Things I Hate
1. Other people's lack of patience and discipline
2. People talking about me
3. Cuts, and flowing blood

Three Things I Don't Understand
1. Why people smoke.
2. The essence of studying History.
3. Insensitivity.

Three Things On My Desk
1. Laptop
2. D
3. My phone

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now
1. Blogging
2. Chatting over YM
3. Txting

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
(OMG I have a list for this!)
1. Get married.
2. Send my parents on a European tour.
3. Be fluent on a third language.

Three Things I Can Do
1. Type with all my fingers, without looking at the keyboard.
2. Magpaiyak ng gulong ;)
3. Fall asleep at a noisy place.

Three Things I Can't Do
1. Cry when I'm not sad. (Like for school plays, etc.)
2. Talk to someone I don't feel like talking to.
3. Cartwheels.

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To
1. Parents
2. Yourself
3. Instincts

Three Things You Should Never Listen To
1. Anything a guy promises in return for sex.
2. Annabelle Rama.
3. People who say too many good things about you.

Three Things I Want To Learn
1. Photography
2. Flying kites
3. How to cook Kare-kare

Three Favorite Foods
1. Pork sinigang
2. Sashimi (except Uni)
3. ...halos lahat e?

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid
1. Ewoks
2. Okidoki Dok
3. Mary at ang Lihim na Hardin

Three Sets Of Three People I Am Tagging
1. My fellow bloggers
2. Multiply-mates
3. ...everyone else who reads this!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


"I slept only to find out someone else when I woke up."

I used that line as my status today on YM.

+ + +

Enjoying Manila, I've been out for the past two days, fetching mom from her office and having dinner afterwards with dad and Yana. In between eating, sleeping, and going out, there's still online time on YM and Skype.

+ + +

I realized you can't run away from heartaches. You can postpone it but you can't hope it'd disappear. I know these don't make sense right now.

Moreover, I realized I'm having difficulty investing emotions on people.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Perfect timing

I'm in Manila. Just in time to take a breather. It's always good to stop and smell the flowers.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Twisted flight

It's got to be my worst flight.

Inbound, New York to Seoul. Full flight. Boeing 747 Combi.

+ Thirty minutes prior showup at the New Jersey hotel we were staying at, the fire alarm goes off. Half made up, we had to evacuate the hotel! My thought then was what to bring. I know that in cases of emergency, you're not supposed to think of that, but I thought, If this is a really big fire, then my things I'd leave behind would get burned. But, the flight will not get cancelled. (Especially if we all survive) So I had to bring work essentials. And my passport. After prolly half an hour we were allowed to go back. The delay it caused!

+ Before a flight, it's mandatory that flight attendants check all emergency equipment and safety conditions of the parts of the the cabin. Afterwhich, you'll start working on your ground [flight] preparations. Half way through ground prep, the manager calls my attention, with her hands on her hips. She had a complain with my pre-flight safety check, "Katrina, why you did not check Lavatory (toilet) 4?" To which I said, "I reported a faulty sink, Manager-nim." A few more broken English sentences later, it appeared she was referring to the fact that there is no soap in the dispenser. Like, right. It's a safety check. Like, we're gonna die if there's no soap?

+ A few minutes after takeoff, a plywood-size chunk of the ceiling falls off somewhere near the rear part of the cabin. WHAAAT?! So it's now like part your house's ceiling falls off and now you can see the roof. Embarrassing is an understatement. It's creepy too. Like anytime the aircraft would disintegrate. And we're flying trans Atlantic. Good thing it fell on the aisle, nobody was hurt. This is why we hate flying our 747s. They're so bulok. I heard the 747s are second hand. Unlike the other aircrafts that we have. They should just sell 'em and get more 777s.

+ The Chinese passengers in my zone are asking for every item imaginable. And the adults say it like, "Give me tea." I know it just sounds rude because of limited English knowledge, but hey, they stayed in the US with rude English? C'mon! So I talk more to the kids than their moms. Coz the kids now how to say please.

+ I had to clean up someone's vomit. Eww. No, it's not a common thing. Because usually, people throw up in the toilets, or, in the puke bags, not on their tray table.

+ We had a male crew with us, who's unbelievably flirty. I'm grossed out. I actually said, "Sunbaenim, what is wrong with you?" In a sarcastic tone, with a disgusted face.

+ I was going to serve drinks (glasses of drinks on a tray); as I was going out of the galley and parting the curtains, someone from outside didn't notice someone coming out behind the curtains and bumped into the tray... A glass full of orange juice spills on my left sleeve, apron, skirt. I served the second meal with a wet left sleeve. How cool is that?

+ Disoriented and starting to feel like it's one of the worst flights ever, I spilled very hot water all over my left thumb. My face turned red as I can't actually scream in pain. I just bit my lip until I was able to find the burn ointment.

+ Somewhere at the rear part of the aircraft, a Chinese passenger who's irritated about the ceiling that fell off, got aggravated when the male crew accidentally spilled drinks over his shirt and book. In dismay, the passenger said he'll file a complaint and started taking photos of the ceiling. (Oh, I forgot, there's no ceiling!) Pissed off, the crew reported it to the cabin manager. To cut to the chase, my weirdo manager managed to get a cockpit manual that indicates that nobody is allowed to take photos of aircraft parts, so she confronted the passenger. What?! Just so she could evade a complaint? The victim is now the suspect as a threat to safety? That's hella stupid! I know for a fact that had it been a Korean passenger, she would be kissing his shoes by now. And later on, she's telling all the other crew that he might be mentally disturbed? @#$%! Effin' culture! The passenger was one of the most civilized victims I've ever met. He's not mad at all of us because it's not like we all spilled drinks on him; he's not shouting; he's not making a scene. Everyone's got the right to complain, and I would not be surprised if someone complains about the ceiling. Even I myself, I want to complain about it. Are the Korean crew just as heartless when it comes to passengers of other nationalities? You could just imagine how they treat us [overseas crew].

+ No, that isn't the finale yet. We run out of cabin water. Like there's no water from the faucet.

+ Twisted. It's how I describe their culture in the company. One of my Korean seniors managed to get two compliment cards. How? She filled two plastic bags with Lay's, fruits and pretzels. Gad! How could she feel good that she received compliments if it was paid for in the first place?

Sigh. I can't wait to go home. Get me back to a place where people aren't senseless, inhumane and stupid.

[Photo credits.]

Thursday, July 05, 2007

33% Vanity

I was checking on friends' blogs and found this on ate Maeyo's and tried it.

You Are 33% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Song Hye Kyo

@#$%! Pasahero namen kahapon si Song Hye Kyo. Seoul to New York. First Class. Pero unfortunately for me, di ko man lang nakita. Yung lalaki na crew na kalipad ko, nakakuha pa ng autograph. Pagkatapos nun, ang sungit na nung First Class senior, ayaw man lang kami pasilipin sa first class =( So sa mga nagpapa-Hi sa kanya, I'm sorry to disappoint you, di ko nagawa. Hmpf.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Delhi and English

I sent this email content to mom and dad yesterday after arriving from Delhi.

+ + +


After arriving at Delhi, we checked in at The Grand New Delhi for the layover. It used to be that the internet is free of charge but for some reason they started charging. For—ulp—about twenty US dollars for the whole day; but Ms Beige, being a part of Delhi “Dream Team” gave me a tip that it just needs a little, ahem, push for the people to give you a username and password you can use to get a free internet access. I tried, but my charm seems not powerful. I was talking to the front desk officer about it and then the concierge came by and then he murmured something about the username and password of the crew lounge and then said something in Indian… Then the FO said to me that using the crew lounge won’t require a password. So I stood there looking heartbroken that I can’t use my laptop inside my room… But don’t be fooled! I got every detail of the username and password that the concierge murmured! Hahahaha! He must've thought I'm one of those Koreans who could hardly understand them.

What you'd hate about Delhi flight is that the Delhi passengers, especially Indians, really keep asking for everything. But what I love about Delhi flight is that I can bitch around and be sarcastic and/or witty if need be. Maybe coz they understand English. =) They know that the Koreans’ weakness is the English so sometimes they that advantage to complain, demand and request. Not with me though. Haha. Samples:

- A passenger asked for sugar. So I got one. The moment I gave him the packet of sugar, his seatmate asked for the same thing. I said, “You could ask for what you want all at the same time, y’know, to save my time going back and forth.”

- My senior called me from the galley to talk to a passenger (coz she definitely
can’t understand a thing). It appeared that the Indian passenger was asking why
we’re still using VHS tapes for the movies, briefing videos, etc. (“DVD! DVD!”
Instantly came to my mind! Haha) Transcript:
Indian: Why are you guys still using those tapes, not VCDs nor DVDs?
Me: Why, sir? Do you want to replace them? (Add a sheepish smile here.)
Indian: (obviously a little embarrassed) Well, no. Just asking. (His sheepish smile here)
Me: Because, uhm, most of the videos we need are still in VHS.
Indian: But…
Me: (sensing he’d go for the oh-so-this-airline-is-low-tech, my mind hurriedly thought of anything sensible) And sir, you know how it becomes turbulent in a flight sometimes, right? Then if we use CDs, you know how sensitive those are, right? If we’re using DVDs then you’d skip two chapters every air packet. (My oh-my-gosh-I’m-brilliant smile here)
Indian: Ooooh.
These “hirits” and much more. Like, “Sir, I can’t understand you, I swear.” And they don’t get offended by it coz they actually know that their accent is kinda difficult to understand. One even said, “we’re really difficult, huh?” To which I said, “Oh, you can’t imagine!”

I look Indian. They smile when I smile. ‘Nuff said.

They get what I mean with a few words, some tone and whole lotsa facial/eye expression.
I can be sweet and authoritative at the same time. I said to one passenger, (in a sweet tone) “Sir, I may not be able to give you another glass of your whisky-soda drink, alright? You’ve had three already.” I haven’t finished the sentence yet but he’s all nods already. How cool is that?

They only believe me (among all crew). Coz I understand what they mean. So I’m indispensable on that Delhi flight. HA-HA.