Friday, August 31, 2007

August '07 Days Off

Haha. I'm starting to be a tardy blogger as aL is.

Tuesday, August 28
Went to see Jhen and did my usual routine at their place: tindera for a day in their sari-sari store. I really enjoy doing it, I swear. Then off I went to lola's house for my cousin Bob's 18th birthday dinner treat. Then later that night all of us cousins had to beg lola to let us stay for an hour more coz we're in for a serious exclusive cousin-talk. Lola was surprised when one of us went down to get a bucket of ice and she figured out that we're having alcoholic drinks. We were like, "Lola, your youngest apo just turned legal, don't expect we all still crave for milk..." Hehe. Chatted and talked to aL when I got home. All the other people went straight to bed coz they're tipsy, while I'm wide awake coz I didn't drink. I'm allergic to alcoholic bevs.

Wednesday, August 29

Me, Lyka, Darylle and Chai

Kuya's 24th. I went to meet my college friends; we had lunch at Dencio's at Jupiter street. Gawd how I missed those girls. After lunch, Darylle had to head back to work and Chai went home to Cavite. Meanwhile, me and Lyka had a few more hours to spare so I treated her to a foot scrub at Piandre at PeopleSupport building. We split up after having McNuggets and I went to Nanay's office and loitered there while waiting for kuya to pick us up for dinner.

Our whole family plus kuya's gf.

Had dinner buffet at Diamond Hotel's Palm Court Cafe. Kuya's budget is tight so dinner was my treat. It became my night routine to chat/call aL upon getting home.

Thursday, August 30
I'm the babysitter coz Yana's yaya is sick. Had to do everything. Then Tatay, Yana and I went to Robinson's Place Ermita to help Tatay run some errands and I got to buy aL a shirt he'd probably like, and bought myself a shirt too, from Happy Days. Afterwards headed to Makati coz dad had to meet a client, leaving me all helpless with the hyperactive little girl, while doing groceries at Rustan's. Then fetched mom from work and headed home. Meloisa, my HS friend, came over sans May coz she fell asleep.

I'm leaving tonight.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weeks, months, years

Hmm I just got home.

Earlier, I woke up at noon, had lunch and then spent the entire afternoon in front of the pc teaching Mika how to transfer songs to her mp3 player, and to upload photos from the digicam. Then off we go to hear mass at Manila Cathedral and later on had dinner with paternal grandparents and tita Doris and two of her daughters. 'Twas Kuya's birthday dinner treat to Lolo and Lola.

By the time we got home it was around 10-ish but Miko and I went to a wake; my HS classmate's lola passed away. When I arrived there, there were a few of our batchmates too: Alvin, Godfrey, Paulo, Iien and John Paul. All were guys, but no worries for me though, I'm one of the boys so I mingled well. We were doing flashbacks about our alma mater--circa kindergarten til HS days! Hysterically laughing about a lot of things... Fun, fun, fun.

Iien and Paulo accompanied me goin' home (3-ish in the morning), then my phone rings and it's Dre. Small talk. Said he was just browsing through some stuff and saw my Friendster cut to the chase he was just happy that I am happy.

And by the way...
...aL and I are celebrating our first month together (well, not physically though)! Wee. I dunno if we should still celebrate monthsaries or we're too old for that? Well anyway, whichever. Hopefully, more months and years to come. Love you, hun!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gimik with the 'rents

Yesterday my dad and I went to the bank to change money, deposit some stuff for Cielo and then headed to Robinson's Place Manila. Sa'n ka pa, my dad brought me to Let's Face It and I had a facial and he had--a follow up facial! It appears that a few days ago he had a facial courtesy of my mom so now he's having the free follow up/check-up. Haha. Since when had he been vain?! Funny. Magkatabi pa kami ng chair.

Whenever dad and I are out, people'd always stare at us and try to figure out whether we're a couple or somethin'. Because I usually walk holding my dad's hand or arm. And sometimes we bring Yana along so we look like an odd couple with a kid. Haha. You could just imagine their faces.

Anyway afterwards we picked mom up from work; it was raining hard in Makati last night. We then went to the Sky Lounge (27th floor, Diamond Hotel) for that night's live entertainment by a group called Arpie and the Multivitamins. They're really good. Their voice blending's so nice and they actually don't have a repertoire, they just ask what songs the people want to hear and sing it. Astig diba. The show was nonstop: 9-ish til 1am!

Was glad to have went on a night out with my parents. We had lots of talks--I missed those! Talks over Bailey's and gin tonics haha. Ayos diba? We talked about everything from work, to layovers to relationships (mine and kuya's) so there... aL's too curious tuloy. Haha.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Plugs for peeps I know in the music biz

Went to the Makati office today.
Then picked mom from work.
Went home.
Now I'm sick.
Yana must've spread her virus.
Posted endlessly on the forums.
Talked to aL on the phone.
Poor him, work-work-work.

Let's support:
Fil-Amusic. I'm a forum addict.
3rd Avenue. Their album, their song(s), etc.

I miss my boyfriend.

MNL after 5

After five long weeks of flying and two days of mind-draining recurrent training, I'm back in Manila. I met up with aL's bro last night to give them some stuff from Daly City and accidentally I saw Rhyme at the same location. She's my ex's schoolmate in Letran and is now working for Cebu Pacific.

OMG, what the heck happened to Baywalk? It's...a walk. Nothing else. Effin' Lim.

Yana is getting prettier. And mas malambing every single day. Right now she's here watching as I type and nagpupumilit sumiksik sakin. I woke up and saw her smiling at me sweetly. Who wouldn't want to wake up if every morning is as bright as that? But poor girl has cough so her voice is cracking.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No stops

My laptop's keyboard's period key got stuck. I wasn't able to blog yesterday because of that. I'm at the office now waiting for my flight show up. I'm going home after being away from home for five weeks.

By the way, we all passed recurrent training :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Smoking

On an early morning like this, aL and I were talking about smoking. And quitting. Or plans to do so.

Personally, I think smoking is very immature. And not being able to quit it would be more immature. That's too harsh to say, you're probably thinking. I don't think so.

See, everyone who starts smoking KNOWS that smoking is bad for the health. They are aware that it's addictive, that it contributes to nothing, it pollutes the air, gets you lung cancer and even is harmful for those who are near you. So why then do the people still go for it despite all the 'harmful' effects? Usually, if something is harmful, you won't do it nor try it nor even get near it. If your mom says muriatic acid is harmful when in contact with the skin, would you even try it? I don't think so.

So foremost, smoking is a matter of choice. A twisted choice. And saying that it's impossible to quit would be all the more immature because a person should be responsible for his actions. If you start something, be ready to stop it. My lolo used to smoke. He quit when his brother died of lung cancer. Should we really wait til someone dies? I dislike it that some of my loved ones smoke. And that they can't quit.

My dad smokes. My best friend smokes. My boyfriend smokes. Probably I'll be the first one to die from all the second hand smoke!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I confirm it. The 201/202 day flights of Asiana from/to LA is one of the worst and most difficult. Now I understand when they say their next flight is Hell-A.

+ + +

We arrived in Seoul 6-ish in the evening. You could imagine my smile when the captain announced we're half an hour from Seoul. Haha. I was lucky though, my workmates in my zone are really nice.

Upon arriving at the hotel I wanted to wash my clothes pa, but dang, I really don't have the energy. For a while I chatted with my mom asking how Hell-A went. Precious just came over and chatted for a while at the same trying to study for tomorrow's recurrent training. Then I took a really hot shower coz I stink already from that Hell-A flight. I waited til midnight to wake aL up coz I said I would, but he wouldn't get up and my world's spinning already so I went to bed. Eyes shut tight for 6 straight hours and then I awoke by 6-ish and had breakfast.

Then I saw Ellaine and Ninya so we went to church after I did my laundry. Went to Myeong Dong Cathedral but was half an hour late for mass. Haha. Then as per Elle's pleas, we went by Baskin and Robbins and had ice cream.

+ + +

I've been away from home for five weeks now. I miss home.

+ + +

I forgot how to study. Should be studying now but I really can't get myself to. Darn.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bumming in CA

It's 4:30 pm and I almost just woke up on my second day on my LAX layover.

Last night I stayed up burning phone lines with aL, who was at work so I decided to keep him company til we both fall asleep. I told Chuck I won't go with them surfin' today coz I gotta catch up on sleep. Anyway, aL and I got to sleep a little before 5am. Haha.

Around 9-ish this morning my godmother calls up and says she's just received the email my mom sent her. But I think it's too late so I told her I'll see her on my next LAX flight.

I think the kids aren't back from surfing yet so I'll bum around their house watching TV or lounge around the pool or stay on the phone again. Hehe.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Whew! Just got back at Tita Sasa's home. Me and the kids, er, the guys went to Six Flags and tired ourselves out. It's the Looney Toon counterpart of Disneyland. Darn! There's a lot of people. Given that it's summer break but still, it's a Wednesday! I don't know but all the people seemed to have come out and went there.

The first ride we went to, X, had us in line for about 3hours but anyhow Chuck says it's the best ride there so we just had to ride it. @#$%! It felt like jumping off a cliff face down or skydiving or something. Then we ate and then a few more rides. We usually had to leave our bags somewhere and take our shoes off coz it'd fly somewhere if we don't. Some rides have your feet hanging so I wouldn't want to be going home without shoes on...

Then the guys went playing games, y'know those where you win prizes and stuff. Then they bought Batman and Superman capes. Those kids--oh, guys--were crazy ones, I tell you. Then there's this one ride where Shawn gets to be seated next to a girl who fires up a conversation. For a little while, he can't get over the fact that she's fifteen. He says he just can't do her. If you know what I mean. Riiiight. So I just said, "Shut up and leave the sophomore behind. Get over it." Haha.

The weather's darn too hot that all over the park there were sprinklers around to freshen people up or else people'd die of dehydration and heatstroke. Good thing I was just wearing shorts. I now even have tan lines on my arms. Darn, why was I wearing something sleeved anyway? My shoulders' color is now different from the rest of my arms! Haha. Hopefully the guys'd go surfin' tomorrow so maybe I could tag along and get the right tan at the right places. Haha.

I feel so wasted already. And it's just 6pm.


On my first LA layover!

I sent my mom's friend (Tita Marissa) a message coz mom wants me to meet up with her, have dinner or something. But then I'm now here at her place and will prolly be spending the whole layover here, getting toured around by--not her--her son Chuck and his friend/housemate Shawn. Both nineteen-ers, I've been calling them "kiiiiiids" since yesterday! Haha.

We went to grab In and Out burger yesterday for dinner and headed home. Tried watching The Number 23 but I was really tired and sleepy. Talked to aL before goin' to sleep and then I was knocked out.

So there I just got up from a deep sleep coz it was really good. Their house is reaaaally nice. There's a pool, big ass TVs and the works. I dunno where we're headed today. Maybe Six Flags. This isn't really in LA, I'm not sure if it's Santa Clarita or somethin' so my Hollywood/Universal Studios dreams would have to wait. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Long Lost Friend

I have this friend named Kaye. I met her on my first year of highschool and everyone was making a big fuss out of the fact that she just moved back to the Philippines from California. And then we became friends. Then after second year high, she had to move back to CA for the reason I don't know. We hardly communicated since coz she's busy too.

Then on my first year of college I received an email that she's visiting Philippines again for a few weeks, so we catched up and spent some time together. It's as if we were never separated at all. Unfortunately, she visited the Philippines coz she's going in the US Air Force once she gets back to the US. I knew there'd hardly be communication again but even so, I left her my email address and stuff. And then, my email account got hacked. Sheesh.

Never heard anything from her since then, I knew she must've been to busy training for the Air Force and didn't have the time. And lately, since I've been flying to the US and somehow been to alot of cities in CA, I decided to try to find where she was. I don't even know which city she's in to start with! I tried looking her up on Friendster but it gave me an old account she once used and is no longer active. I even tried looking her up on the yellow pages, but still, no luck.

Then about two weeks ago, a common friend added me on Friendster so I tried asking her on the whereabouts of Kaye. She says she doesn't know if she's active online but she has added her on Friendster too. I added her up and sent a message just in case she'd be online and check her friendster. Left my new YM id too, just in case. Fingers crossed.

So she did reply eventually saying she'd been trying to find me too, for the longest time, but since I've had new email/IM accounts, we've never been able to find one another. I gave her my US mobile number and she gave me hers. And then she mentions, "but I'm still here in Korea and I don't know when I'm moving back.."

I was like, "Whaaat? You're in Korea? Are you anywhere near Seoul? Please tell me you are coz I am!" To the surprise of our lives, we've been in the same country for the exact duration of time: she got here September last year; that's the month I started flying! What the heck?!

Anyway, she's been based here since last year and the US base is about 2-3 hours away from where I am. And we're meeting up soon. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Balcony Effect

I'm back in Seoul. *sigh* So here's how we spent my last day in SF/DC:

Woke up earlier than aL coz I was having a terrible migraine and so I had breakfast alone. We were supposed to go to downtown SF at Union Square coz I haven't been there but we practically have spent half the day already and we left the house by 2pm na. He's got band practice at 4 so driving to and fro downtown may not be worth it.

Anyway we get another carwash for the reason I don't know. We pass by what looks like Libingan ng mga Bayani and guess what, we went inside! Haha. Trip. I haven't been to the Libingan ng mga Bayani so dun nalang: Golden Gate National Cemetery. There are like a loooot of tombstones; it oddly reminded me of pineapple plantations in Tagaytay. Lotsa photos coz aL's gettin' comfy with D.

Then we went to get a dozen of Krispy Kremes that he owed me for editing his blog template. We stopped at See's Candies factory outlet too and we bought two one-pound boxes of assorted chocolates to bring home--one for my family and one for his sibs in Manila.

We then headed to Mark's house where band practice is supposedly at. We find Alner and Chance on the videogames, Mark on the phone and other band members inexistent so after an hour or so we went ahead and went to Tanforan instead. I did some window shopping while aL actually shopped. (Baliktad na mundo?)

From Tanforan, we headed back to their home and met up with his dad and hopped on to the truck (geez, I can't remember car models!) to go fetch his mom too. It was Meet the Parents dinner night so... Haha. It's the first time aL and I actually got to sit on the backseat wehehe so pictures together =P Oh, actually it was me-Sid-aL seating arrangement. Haha.

We went quite far for a dinner--Milpitas, CA. A hotpot dinner, to be exact. We ate a lot haha. His parents were really nice :) His parents used his mom's car so they detoured to a Walgreens store while we detoured to get Starbucks on the way home.

I started uploading the photos on his PC once we got back to their house and then had the Balcony Effect (talks over hot bevs sa balcony). More sighs.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Every single minute!

aL and I are almost wrapping up our second day coz we intend to sleep earlier than we did the previous, er, morning. We never went anywhere fancy nor tourist-y but I really enjoyed today. I had a lot of firsts today.

Karaoke. After having coffee for breakfast, aL sets up the Magic Mic and sang until I did. Honestly, I never sing with a mic in front of me. Like, never. Okay maybe I did, like once, when I sang "Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman" during my 18th birthday. I'm surprised I'm so comfy that I actually sang--not a song--but songs. Plural.

We pretty much did all his errands today. We headed to get aL's Mustang repaired at Serramonte Ford, and to kill time while waiting for it, we shopped at Target and had brunch at Sizzlers. Then, we headed for their head office, went to the bank, then sent money back home, then had a carwash. I must've looked like a wide-eyed girl looking up at big stuffed toys while being so amazed with the carwash procedure. Y'know, the one where you're inside the car and the car moves slowly through the carwash process, high pressure water, rubber buffers and all. C-O-O-L. Oh and hey, I got to fill up the gas tank too. (As you all know, it's self service in gas stations here in the US.) Awesome!

Then we went to exchange my Razr at Marco's work (T-Mobile). I wanted the pink cherry blossoms-engraved one instead of the grey with dragon but unfortunately all SF stores had run out of it already. So there we settled for a plain magenta.

After that we stopped by Target again coz aL has to pay something for his mom then we went to the supermarket to buy a looot of things. We were having barbecue for dinner and aL invited his friends over so the barbecue dinner turned to a barbecue party instead. We were actually running out of time coz we got home around 8-ish and we haven't marinated the meat yet! Aw.

Anyway when Marco and Shikes came I've finished doing the marinade and aL started barbecue-ing. A few more minutes later his mom arrived and we did the tilapia thing and she deep fried some lumpia too. Raymond came a little after that. Boy, the food was great!

I enjoyed every single minute of this day. Thanks hun.

(Posted on Thursday at 1:11 am, DC time.)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bonding over laundry

Haha! I'm in SF (well, actually in DC: Daly City) now and just spent the first day (arrival day) til the wee hours. Hehe.

A delayed OZ 214 flight arrived a little before noon Tuesday, and went straight to the hotel somewhere downtown SF. I actually planned to go out upon arrival since aL would pick me up by dinnertime pa. But then I realized that my jacket and my shoes are still with aL so my polo shirt and flip flops won't last 20 steps in the windy weather. Poor me. I wanted to shop at Ross and Marshall's pa naman.

aL called up once I got to the hotel while I put my legs up to prevent varicose veins. I never knew I fell asleep til my feet started to hurt as they were white as snow. Haha. Few minutes before 7 he's picked me up already and we headed to their home in Daly to get my jacket and shoes and to drop off my things. We waited til his mom got home and we, together with the dog--the cute pom--Sid, went to dinner at an Italian resto called Olive Garden at Stonestown Galleria.

After, we went to rent some DVDs and we dropped off his mom and Sid back at DC. Then we went and picked up Mark and hanged out at Starbucks. Talked about girls' behaviors over Raspberry Mochas. Yea right, it's a guy talk and I'm there. Haha.

When we got back home (ui naki-"home" e no?) we watched Are We Done Yet? while doing laundry in between. Finally my uniform and apron smelled like they were clothes! ...and we still haven't slept. We've been talking. Never knew laundry could get people talking?!

Oh, and I finally have with me the phone that he bought. But we're still goin to the shop tomorrow to look at the pink cherry-blossoms-engraved version. :)

(Posted on Wednesday, 4:30 am SF time.)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pick up line-d.

I forgot to mention this on the previous post. Yesterday as Mica, MM and I were walking along Hong Dae area trying to find a Sam Gyeop Sal place, a man in longsleeves and tie approaches and talks to us in Korean. I actually understood the first that went something like, "Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you mind if..." and then I never really understood what followed. So we said, "Huh? Sorry can't speak Korean." We could have said that sentence in Korean but really chose not to, so that he'd just drop whatever he has in mind and walk away.

But no, he stands there and asks in English, "Um.. you.. understand.. little Korean?" To which we said, "No." He still stands there gathering probably all the English words he knows. "But you guys speak English?" I swear I must've given him the duh-don't-you-think-so look. Mica was quick to say a condescending "Yeeeess." After a few more seconds he finally says, "Uh.. Little coffee time, okay?" Oh-kaay. Now we get it. The answer, of course, was a "No, sorry.."

Up until we were having dinner I was still shaking my head about what happened. But actually, we admire his guts! I mean, not being able to talk in English but still trying? Dude, that's astig!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Move over Friendster?

The indecisive aL had had his blogskin changed for the third time since he created his blog (which is not even a week old). Haha. I've been editing since forever and finally convinced him to use the header he's using on his Multiply site and I'll customize the body. He's got to do the codes if he wants to edit it again. Hmp!

I just took a break from doing that by going out with Mica and MM to have dinner. So sad Precious isn't with us, na naman. We had sam gyeop sal and kal bi chim, each of us paying about $13 each. But man, we're so stuffed we can't even walk! Then we wandered around and visited Hey Day, a novelty shop. I got this celphone neckstrap that says "New York City" so aL could choose between that and the "Italy" one that Mica bought in Manila. Whatever.

I should be asleep now but I've just finished adding a tagboard on his site so it kinda took me some time. I'm off tomorrow for the third installment of my San Francisco flights collection. Hay. SFO flights are difficult. Dang!

Got a chance to chat with a former boylet last night, and yea he's still bitter about us. I dunno, he shouldn't be coz it isn't my fault in the first place. Hmf. It's. O. Ver. Why can't people understand that? It's over when I say it's over.

Aanywaaay... Seems like a lot of people are joining Multiply nowadays. I've been added by a lot of people lately. Is it the new craze, like Friendster before? Anyway I just use it to store photos, just in case my HDD crashes or something.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Every second is a gift.

I went to Myeong Dong Cathedral this morning, right after arriving from my Saipan flight. I thought I needed some quiet time so regardless of being sleep deficient, I just changed into casuals and boarded the subway.

A Sunday to Myeong Dong.
During the homily, the priest said something about not to worry too much about tomorrow, rather we should concentrate on how to make sure today is well worth living. It didn't really hit me until it did (huh?) and I guess it was all I ever needed--a reminder that I cannot control what would happen tomorrow and the present would be a waste if all I do is worry. I should focus on how to enjoy and be thankful for each day.

Every second is a gift. And I should learn to appreciate that.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Senti on the beach

On my way to my usual buffet dinner tonight, I passed by front desk and noticed I was a little early for the dinner so I made a little detour and took the trail to the shoreline. I've always loved Saipan for the wonderful beach and mostly Filipino people. It so feels like goin home. I love beaches, not necessarily going bikini-clad though. Sitting on the sand doing nothing is just so relaxing--watching the sun, listening to the waves...

Tamang senti. The sun was almost setting and the people are packing up, the jetskis off to storage, banana boats deflated. While everyone was heading back to their hotels I'm walking towards the water. Then I sat there and thought things over. A sunset on the beach is the most idyllic atmosphere to think. *my opinion*

It started to rain a little and good thing I was wearing a top with a hood so I just wore the hood and sat there. I couldn't care less.

+ + +

"What you don't know won't hurt you." Do you believe this?

+ + +

Darn. Nadedepress ako. I'm starting to miss home even more. In down times like these--when you don't know why you're sad or you don't want to talk about it--a peck on the cheek from Yana, or a hug from dad, or a dessert with Nanay, or a drive with kuya, or chika moments with Mika, or even an USTe talk with Miko would surely lift me up.

Sigh. I hope going to the church tomorrow would perk me up.

Special Event service

Yesterday I flew what probably was the busiest flight I ever flew. There's not a single second where I could think about taking a seat, nor getting myself a glass of water, nor retouch my makeup.

We had this "special event" service as the cabin manager called it. I think it was inappropriate to have extra services on a four-hour flight. Anyway, upon boarding time, along with newspapers, we were serving ice cream to kids. Haagen-Dazs, to be exact. Imagine how messy it was, and also of course the kids get thirsty right after a cup of ice cream so there were a lot of drink orders as early as boarding time.

After takeoff, we proceeded to do the usual stuff and served meals. Usually, it'd be an almost idle time after meal service, but yesterday we had to collect boarding passes and do a raffle draw. Then, a cocktail drink service. Then, cake service. Then, a Polaroid service. By the time this was finished, we had just started giving out the immigration/customs documents to passengers. All these, leaving us barely an hour to get other things done.

We still have to eat, prepare service items for the return team, etc. But everytime I take a spoonful of my crew meal, passenger calls would ding. Exactly after doing everything, captain announces that we've started descent. Landing preparations, immediately. Sheesh.

The manager told me I've forgotten to smile the whole flight, well, I don't care. Who could, anyway?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The blog and the phone

I just finished editing Al's new blog's layout and he's so-so about it. Anyway I love it although I can't think of anything else to put. And the cursor, omg it's so...cartoon. He's got this Xanga page way, way back and I read through it and...ulp. Okay.

He's probably driving to work now and won't be IM-ing me til he gets there.

We (well actually, he) just got new phones! We got this myFaves Family plan at T-Mobile and he got a Dash while I settled for a Razr V3. And he actually picked the dragon-etched Miami Ink edition of the V3 for me... That's so girly, isn't it? Haha. Anyway, he says it looks good (uh-huh...) so that's alright. If there had been the pink Miami Ink edition, I would've chosen that. But between the gray and the magenta plain V3, I'll go for the non-magenta! Heehee. Before we forget, thanks to Marco for waiving the activation fee x)

So there, Eisel, I'm sure we'd be text pals and stuff. I still don't know what my number is so I'd just message you guys when I do. Haha. He told me the number but being the most forgetful person on random info, I forgot. x)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


It's. Like. I. Don't. Exist.