Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Sassy Girl remake

I saw the trailer of the Hollywood remake on Jai's Multiply blog. My Sassy Girl is one of my favorite movies of all time, as some of you know. As for the casting, basing on the trailer, I think it's awful. Elisha Cuthbert has a strong personality already, and the lead role needs someone whose face is so angelic but turns into someone really mean looking. The guy part, I forgot his name, needs someone who looks/seems a little more stupid like someone you could push around.

Anyway, we still have to see the movie to see if the actors can really remake the Korean movie despite the casting.

+ + +

Got back last night from my SF layover with Mica, Cielo and MM. It was so much fun! We had Golden Gate bridge photos for Cielo and Mica, went shopping and spent a lot on H&M, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret and CostCo! Gawd I spent a half month's pay in three days! I so love H&M, and he does too; I think it was his first time to H&M and he likes it.

Oh and for the first time he did remember the monthsary! *LOL*

Monday, March 24, 2008

When flying isn't work

I wonder why I'm such a crybaby, a simple hurt would make me well up instantly; so maybe not bawling but a tear would always drop. It's something I rarely could stop. My friends can always tell me if I'm about to cry: my nose turns red, I blink endlessly, the corners of my mouth go down and I'm taking deep breaths. No matter how I try, I've never succeeded NOT crying. But ask me to cry for a school play? I can't even produce a single tear!

I was chatting with Eisel yesterday and I was crying! WTH!

+ + +

I miss my Al so much! We haven't seen each other for five weeks, but that's about to end, I'm flying SF tomorrow, with Mica and Cielo and eventually MM will join us. I love flying alright, but for a person as domesticated as I am, the only way to enjoy it is to be with people I'm at home with: my family, loved ONE and friends :) Being with them makes me feel like flying isn't work at all!

+ + +

When I was in Manila, everyone was telling me I lost weight but honestly I think I gained weight. I try clothes on and they fit but when I look at the mirror, I think I look horrible. I don't want to lose weight, I just want to look alright. Maybe I gotta shop for clothes, nuninuninu...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Online Entertainment

"Loneliness feeds whining; friendship divides sorrow."

This was the last line from today's dose of inspirational shorts/essay from a book I received last Christmas, Devotions for Women on the Go. So true.

+ + +

I'm so enjoying online, especially videos uploaded by people on YouTube. It's where I first watched the Binibining Pilipinas winner's Q&A portion, Britain's Got Talent's Connie Talbot from last year, the infamous I Am Your Brother guy on American Idol auditions and lately, Ken Lee song on Bulgarian Idol, it's a must-see if you haven't!

These sure helps me get through boredom when I'm away from home! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

Tagged by Victor, here are ten.

1. I got my first credit card. And the credit limit isn't so bad. :)
2. Ate a lot of seafood during Tatay's birthday.
3. Went on an impromptu hangout night on a late MONDAY evening so we got a bar to ourselves and danced like crazy.
4. I got a San Francisco flight on April...out of nowhere.
5. People are starting to realize and recognize who's who and who's doing what.
6. Yana saying, "a-yey" while trying to mimic my "Haller!"
7. Being able to keep my promise to Al to be good, despite lotsa guys around.
8. I like my new hairstyle.
9. A mobile phone charm I had made.
10. He makes me happy every single day. Just by being there and being who he is.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Proof of Billing

REALLY Lazy. That's how I've been. When I'm online I'm just mostly checking my mail, eBay and then bank stuff. I feel so old. I spend hours banking online and going through bills; and now most of my Makati days are spent going to--still--banks and paying bills! I feel so old.

I had the broadband account transferred to my name since I pay for it. And the CS officer asked me for a proof of billing, I said, "I don't have any. That's exactly why I want this under my name, so I can have a proof of billing." Which is true: Everywhere, everybody NEEDs to have a billing statement to start something. I opened a savings account at BPI and they asked me for the same thing. Good thing my dad was with me and he's a good client of that branch so the account officer accepted my dad's proof of billing. If, as they say, it's just the address that they need, why can't they ask for a driver's license or a voter's ID or a postal ID?

Oh yea, I got my HSBC Red card. So fun that there's a free Kenneth Cole wallet for new-to-bank accounts/subscribers.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Lazy Leap Year

Look who's been a lazy blogger! :) Haha! So while I've been missing here's what had happened with me:
  • My eBay account got suspended for reasons I don't even know; filed an appeal for account reinstatement and faxed some documents for that; got it back yesterday so it's up and running again.

  • Because my eBay was down for almost a week, I listed my items over at Sulit and got a buyer for one of my products. So maybe I'll maintain two accounts now. She said she found my site when she Googled up where to buy it in the Philippines--tags work! :)

  • Got to stay at a condo during my three days in Manila, and now I'm looking into investing in one--told Al about it too.

  • Al forgot our seventh monthsary. He never did remember any of the seven.

  • Was at home for my best friend's birthday celebration, coolness!

  • Updated my bank account, opened another and got a call from a credit card company that I applied for...nuninuninu...

  • Been referred to as the "girl I was most serious about," and "the one that got away." Don't ask me who it was I'm not gonna say.

  • Had my first real cry for 2008. And it isn't because somebody did me wrong or anything. Complicated.

  • After a year and a half of flying, me and three Asiana batchmate-friends finally had a common day off here in Seoul!

  • Felt he loved me more than I do.