Monday, September 15, 2008

For Lola's 80th

Naunahan ako ni Dete Jan magpost ng gantong entry! Wahaha. We have a surprise for lola, initiated by Tita Doris who will make a video presentation on how each grandchild perceives Lola to be. Here's my share:
Lola is THE SUPREME COURT. Nothing is final until Lola says so. She will make most decisions when it comes to almost everything. She knows what's right, what's best, all the time. She has taught me to stand by my own decisions in life, even if it means defending it to her like a lawyer defends his case. She will point out the cons of a certain matter, showing just how much she is concerned about your welfare. That being said, no approval is more sought after than Lola's nod; it's as rewarding as being acquitted of charges in a trial and winning your case.

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