Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Too Much Fuss

It's been over a month since I last posted anything. Oh well. Probably that's what happens when you don't get much idle time. Unlike I used to have when I still spend my days off in Seoul with nothing very much to do but stare at my laptop...

So what have I been up to, now that I'm no longer a flight attendant? Oh, by the way, to those people who sends me messages, thank you. I am honored to be a "role model" or "someone to look up to" or "someone who inspires" you. And to sassymonica who says my writings are "good for print"! Wow. :) And don't worry, to the girls who want to be a flight attendant in the future, maybe I'd write something on that sometime. And to Tin, I will blog about my reasons for quitting too.

I had a really good Holy Week (okay so this update is soo ten years ago), a couple of weeks of bum time, then started getting my ass to work. I am currently helping out with my workaholic J's business at Seaoil Merville in Paranaque (plugging!), as station-supervisor-and-everything-else. Haha. So my brain actually works. Geez. Thought it was already stuck or something.

You might be thinking, "from flying to petroleum?" It's nice to learn new things everyday, you know. I'm not a person who'd probably have her own business as I'm afraid to gamble on money so this is a very different learning experience from me. I went from choosing which scents to buy from Bath and Body Works to issuing half a million checks and making sure we don't go bankrupt. My concerns went from foreign exchange rates to oil price hikes. LOL.

+ + +

So my big question is...what's all the fuss on Martin Nievera's version of the national anthem at Manny Pacquiao's match last Sunday? I mean, hello? Watch Superbowl and you'll see all versions of the American national anthem; every singer would always give his/her own version. If they wanted what's on tape, why pay someone the money to sing what's exactly on tape? It's not like he made the song into hiphop or something... Seriously!

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