Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hmm Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas and I was already relaxing and just counting the days til Christmas. J and I have finished our Christmas shopping list, wrapped all the gifts, decorated our humble condo unit with decors... We're so ready for Christmas!

Anyway, I still have yet to find out how Christmas is here at Taguig since it's my first holiday season here in up and coming city, as compared to all my Christmases and New Years in our hometown in Navotas. But anyhow we don't really know when we'll Christmas together since we're pretty booked!

Christmas eve: We're closing the gasoline stations and heading to NAIA Terminal 3 to pick up J's sister who's coming home from Singapore.
Christmas day: We'll go home to Navotas to help out at home. At night we'll be at Terminal 1 to pick up Peggy.
26th: Bulacan for my maternal side's Christmas celebrations

See, the days before and after are booked!

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