Thursday, September 09, 2010

Errand Runners - Philippines

Oh. My. Gosh. It's been months?! Hahaha! Oh well, I've really been so busy.

Updates. Now. (That kinda sounded like Krispy Kreme's "Hot Doughnuts. Now.")

1. I quit my job at IGT for the Travel Process Associate post. Reason? I effin' hate my TL.

2. Now I have a new job! Yep! That's just weeks in between. I don't even have my clearance and my last pay from IGT yet. I am almost done with training with Sitel, for a chat support account. Great, right? It's chat, I love typing than talking BS over the phone, and there's one major thing that made me apply at Sitel: I'm on wave 1!

3. We finally managed to launch the business last June, and I'm so proud to say that the business is slowly picking up. Of course, I'll discuss!

Errand Runners is some sort of errand/concierge/all-around help. This is already a growing industry in other countries; however, people used to have househelp here so it's not absolutely necessary. Initially, we thought of condo-living people who are at times helpless coz they don't have a houseboy or a maid to help them out with stuff like bills payment, moving furnitures around, etc. etc. Right now, we are also inclined on helping businesses save on their messenger expenses: we do documents transport, billing and collection, to name a few.

As exciting as it may already seem (well, at least to me), we currently have a growing market for: overseas Filipinos who need to do some errands in the Philippines (like we had one who needed to send a cake to a loved one); and brides/grooms (we have an errand tomorrow which needs to acquire a copy of the Certificate of No Marriage).

I am giddily excited! We have errands on a daily basis now.

I hope you can refer us to whomever you deem needs our service. Pretty please? :)

For more info, visit us on the web:


@bet said...

chat support looks interesting...hmmm.

Katia said...

haha. i know right? i mean, i do nothing but type anyways.. :)