Sunday, December 05, 2010

After my workaholic November

Whew! It's December already. I was so caught up with work last November I hardly realized the month had passed. I was literally at the office everyday. Okay so maybe I wasn't for about...two days. We have 11-hour shifts; and I was doing pre-shift overtime, post-shift overtime and rest-day overtime! Yeah, yeah, no work-life balance. But I disagree.  :)

I enjoy my work as a chat support agent, regardless if our chat customers are plain stupid, or are from Convergys (oh yeah, the competition TRIES to waste our time, little do they know they actually contribute to the success rate). And we recently had one agent terminated, a few suspended and this pioneer account happens to need a few sets of fingers to reach our goal of 11,000 chats a month. So there, my reason for all the overtime.

Partly, there is nothing much to do at the apartment--mmm oh yeah, I live in Pasig now, studio apartment--except sleep as there is nothing there yet except for a fridge. So when I wake up, I shower and the office is just 10 minutes away (my record is seven minutes from engine start to engine shut off!) so I just go there and help. I try to think of all the stuff I wanna buy for my new place as a motivation. Hehe!

Another is because I enjoy being with my team. My coach rocks; didn't use to like him at first and now we always complain when he's not around! He says stuff at you like, "f*ck you, girl", or "whatever, man!" like he doesn't care, but at least he's pretentious. Not like those other suck-up coaches on the floor. He knows fun and knows discipline too.

My team, on the other hand, knows nothing but being pasaway:
- We turn the music up so loud that it annoys the other teams (regardless if there's a voice account nearby).
- We talk in Tagalog even though some coaches have complained we don't comply with the English-only Policy. (Side story: A coach approached our coach and complained about it. My coach said, "You get to pick on them if they're not following schedules, online time, break scheds and shit. But not what doesn't affect their performance. If not for them (the pioneer team), you won't even be here handling your team.")
- I walk from the pantry to my station eating my cheeseburger (so much for no eating on the floor).
- We sleep on the floor.
- We watch movies on If Facebook was accessible, I'm sure we're all updating our stats.
- I text freely on my iPhone 4, despite the rule of no gadgets on the floor.
- We're on instant messengers.

I guess it's not all about being pasaway, but more on we know how to work hard and what could affect our job--or how not to fall asleep while chatting!

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