Friday, August 26, 2011

Geo's Pamper week

Last week, I had my Geo--my white 97 Suzuki Vitara--go through shakedown maintenance from people I met online at the Honda Club Philippines forum. They're good and saved me money than going to a Suzuki casa. I'm scared to go to auto shops by myself for fear that they know I'm a girl and know nothing much about cars.

I spent about 10,000 pesos for the following:

  • change engine oil / oil filter
  • change front and rear differential gear oil
  • change automatic transmission fluid
  • change transfer case gear oil
  • change power steering fluid
  • change spark plugs
  • change air filter
  • overhaul throttle body
  • clean IACV
  • disassemble, clean and regrease wheel bearings
  • disassemble, clean and regrease front auto locking hubs
  • disassemble, clean and inspect front and rear brakes
  • Full engine, drive train and suspension inspection
Then come work day, I had the registration renewed :) 

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