Monday, November 20, 2006

Bloody Hell

As I've mentioned earlier (on the first day) we went to the tourist spots. (Will post my fave pics nalang.)

On our way to the Buckingham Palace, we passed through Green Park (if am not mistaken) and took my first hey-it's-autumn picture. Unfortunately my scarf was oddly tied.

Among the tourist spots (Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, etc.) my favorite is Big Ben. I just love it. (Photo: With Jila; soo windy)

On the second day we just went outside the hotel and wandered around. I shopped at Woolworths and Boots and bought Christmas cards as well. Then we went down one of the alleys to see what's a residential area was like. There.

By the third (and last) day, I met up with my tita Tere and her English/British husband, Uncle Chris; they took me to the shopping areas like Picadilly Circus, Bond street, Regents street, Oxford street, where there is practically everything you'd want from cheap souvenirs to LVs in Harrods. Went past by The Ritz so I snapped a photo for my sister, Notting Hill addict. Maybe next time I'll go find the Travel Bookshop (I learned that it actually exists at Notting Hill).

Walk, walk, walk. That's what you'd see most people do. Even if I've walked a mile I wouldn't have noticed. No sweat, literally, and clean air plus wonderful environment. So there were cars and then...

OMG. And I thought Sydney was cool coz I saw an old model Ferrari, but lo, an Enzo? A few more steps down a Lamborghini stops at the sight of the red light. Whoa.

And then finally it was time to say, "Goodbye, see you again next month," to both of them and thanked Uncle Chris for explaining to me which is which (see British Confusion).

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