Monday, November 06, 2006

Sydney Adventures

I was drafting a blow by blow Sydney post but decided against it coz my blog would look like a history book or something. So, I'll just post some of my fave pics and move on. Haha, I have a Delhi flight tomorrow. By the way I just got back from Manila today thru Clark airport. Well actually except for November 1, we were at Baguio coz I bargain hunted for winter clothes and accessories/shoes. Anyway here goes the photos.

So me and my dongki, Mica, accompanied by her cousin ate Gae (not in the photo) went to this park to see some cute animals:

Kangaroos, well joeys actually. There were no big kangaroos for fear that they'd wrestle anybody near. Haha.

And that's me mocking a sleeping koala.

Meet my friend, Taz. As in Tazmanian Devil, in the flesh! Looks like a big rat. Haha.

Went aqua golfing and mini golf that night as well.

Of course we can't leave without seeing the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. And then we rode a ferry to Manly and went to the beach where all we had to do is remove our shoes and start enjoying the waves and the sand. Well it was 14degrees at that time so we look stupid wearing jackets but then we're at the beach. Haha. Til here. So sleepy.

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