Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tips for an NY tour

Tabby's really slow. I'm thinking of getting it downgraded to XP although Al said HP wanted to do troubleshooting over the phone before they send us a box to send Tabby to them and alter the configs. Like, it takes 30 plus minutes for a complete boot, otherwise it's gonna hang.

Updates, updates.

To those reading this on my official blog, I've been to New York where Al joined me for a three-day layover. Officially the navigator and tour guide for a good three days, not to mention travel agent. Everything's great. Getting lost and figuring out the subway station, referring to maps, getting drenched in the rain, queuing up with fellow tourist and of course, getting our cameras on their best modes for the must-capture photos.

Here are some tips to a good New York tour:
1.) Check the weather and dress accordingly.
2.) Buy an Empire State Building Express Pass off the internet. You'd be wowed how express "Express" could be. If you need entrance tickets, get them through the internet rather than onsite to save your time. If you plan on visiting a lot of places, consider the NY Pass.
3.) Use the subway (not advisable for late nights) and get a day pass.
4.) Street food is great.
5.) The less you carry, the longer you'd survive.
6.) Comfortable shoes and 5th Avenue go together.

That's all I could think of right now. I'm hella tired and sleep from my SF flight where I stayed for two days over at Al's. Shopped one day (ooh I love the 4th of July sales!) and the other dedicated to doing home stuff like laundry and cooking dinner. I'm on my fourth week of the six-week work period that I have--and my back hurts already. =[

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