Monday, June 23, 2008

TV Series addict

Oh yea, I finished Grey's Anatomy's Season 4 in three days. And now I'm starting Gossip Girl. I just found out that there a lot of links online where you could stream videos, prolly TiVo-d episodes, and I'm enjoying it. No commercials, no fuss. I have to get a lot going on so I won't spend too much time looking at myself in the mirror and getting disappointed over my spots--which are now visible on my neck while wearing a t-shirt. Sigh.

Aaaaaanyway... I'm flying over to New York tomorrow and he's flying over too. Would you believe I'd wear a ring (that was in a jewelry set that my mom bought me for my 18th birthday) coz I'll be telling all the other crew that my fiance is coming over? Yea, to stop those gossipy gals from making a big deal out of boyfriends. They just don't get it, having boyfriends in another country. Oh well I hope NY weather cooperates and gives us just the right amount of shade to be in places we wanted to be.

New York. Haha. So Sex and the City. So Gossip Girl.

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