Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yes, I'm eager to quit my job

You know you're not really into what you're doing anymore when you did something negative and you're not even bothered.

I'm writing this post as I await my showup here at the office. I was supposed to fly Bangkok today, but I went to the medical center instead to complain about my back pain that had been around for more than two weeks, and got me crying and cursing a couple of flights back. The drama doesn't end there--it hasn't even started. The doctor checks on me and the nurse hands over the meds and cool patch to me. The next step: schedule team.

I approach Ms. Yoon, the one in-charge of anything that has to do with filing for sick leaves, and recognizes me from my nametag. I propose to her that to avoid getting a miss flight record for today, I would fly my Bangkok flight, but instead of going on a layover and be back on Saturday, I said if it's possible I won't get off the plane and just go with the flight going back to Seoul. Quickturn, in short. That way, today's flight is still okay and they have more than 24hours to find someone to fly the Bangkok-Seoul leg on Saturday. Capital rule: informing the schedule team that you can't fly coz you're sick at least 24 hours before showup time.

Ms. Yoon understands and calls the schedule team. Skd team says, it's still a miss flight record since I can't fly the Bangkok-Seoul scheduled flight on Saturday. I rebut to Ms. Yoon by saying, 'if I fly to Bangkok, get sick in Bangkok and call the schedule team from Bangkok, it wouldn't be considered miss flight since I was able to inform them 24 hours prior to the flight; now how come I'm telling them 48hours ahead and they're telling me it's considered a missed flight?' We get up and go see Mr. Won, our overseas crew manager. He says the same thing: miss flight record.

Ms. Yoon looks at me and awaits for my decision. Will I fly, will I not? It took about three seconds for me to decide, "Then Ms. Yoon, I'll just miss my flight now. It doesn't make any difference that I fly Bangkok then get a miss flight record or miss my flight now and go home." To which Ms. Yoon said, "Yeah, makes sense."

You know how those Mastercard commercials are? The "priceless" tagline? The way that Mr. Won's jaw dropped as if to say, "I don't believe you're actually missing your flight," was PRICELESS. I stood up to follow Ms. Yoon and Mr. Won still can't find the words. Finally when I was almost at the door he said, "Katrina-ssi, miss flight record is serious and I'm sorry to hear that you had to have one. Take care of your health." I smiled and simply said, "Kamsahamnida, Mr. Won."

You know you hate your job when you do things to endanger your career but you don't even feel a tinge of regret. Couldn't care less. =) Can't wait to finish this contract and resign.

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