Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Geez it's Feb already. It was as if it was just the beginning of the year, but hey we're already done with one-twelfth of the year! It's been a crazy time for me, oh yea.

I had been having nightmares for quite sometime now and I've been having them lately more often than I used to. A week won't pass without a couple of nights when I'd just wake up feeling breathless and sweaty. In my dream, it would always be something like a dark alley and someone is running after me so I had to run the fastest that I can and all there was was a bright exit, much like if you were in a subway then you go find the end of the tunnel. I don't go to that exit of course, much to my conscious unconsciousness, for fear that that might be the end of life as I know it.

It's so difficult to wake up; in my dream I tell myself, "wake up, wake up!" I feel like screaming so that the sleeping me would wake up but no sound comes out. I feel so stiff but I'm running (weird huh?) and now I dread every single night and I won't go to bed unless I'm almost bumping into my laptop... I fly every flight like a zombie and it gives me terrible migraines...

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