Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Twilight saga

So out of boredom, I stayed at a 24-hour coffee shop nearby the hotel yesterday for about four hours. One pretzel and two grande sized mocha latte mugs later, I've finished my fourth hardbound book of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. What can I say, so much hype, so much hype. Stephenie Meyer, is...okay.

I watched the Twilight movie after I read the book, so as only to compare who I've imagined with who they casted for the roles, the way I did with The Da Vinci Code. Haha.
  • Bella - just right
  • Charlie - he's okay but I pictured someone a little chubbier
  • Edward - not as handsome as they had described in the book, but his acting perfectly suited him; would've casted Sean Faris if he could do the acting
  • Carlisle - I don't know who the actor was, but he suits the character
  • Esme - with Grey's Anatomy's Ava, hmm... I think she looks too plain for the role, I would've imagined something to the Nicole Kidman-ish elegance
  • Rosalie - a major disappointment; the book exudes her as someone so high up the pedestal in terms of beauty; should've been at least Elisha Cuthbert
  • Emmett - good casting
  • Jasper - he looks exactly as described in the book: he looks totally in shock most of the time; Seth Green would do exactly the same thing to me
  • Alice - perfect
  • Jacob - I couldn't say much about
  • Jessica - so highschool, like her character
  • Eric - I didn't know he was supposedly Asian
  • Mike - a little frail looking than I would've thought
  • Angela - I imagined she was white, sorry
  • James - he's okay-ish, the acting did it
And for the future semi-major roles, here's my imagination going on again...
  • Victoria - Alyssa Milano or something, the one in Twilight didn't really register in my head; she's that forgettable, or say, the one who played Jean Grey in The X-men movies
  • Jane - I can't imagine a pretty frail looking actress but then again, maybe Amy Adams can do this
  • The Volturi - I have no idea
  • Renesmee - a younger Abigail Breslin
  • Sam - I couldn't really imagine for those American Indian characters...
Oh well that's all for now. Til the next movie.

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