Friday, February 26, 2010

My English-exhausted mind

Oh wow, Friday. It had been so long since I last said, "Thank God it's Friday!" Whew. What a week!

Last Monday marked my first day at my new job at InterGlobe Technologies at McKinley Hill. This week was is the first of the three-week voice and accent training. And I tell you, it's exhausting. It's my first time to undergo such training because the last time that I was in a call center, I was only a part-time employee. Thus, they didn't bother to train us as thorough.

But this week, I--and the rest of the 'wave'--underwent a lot of pronunciation, grammar and thought organization  hardships. It makes you wonder why one had to learn such terrible English from kindergarten to college. All this time, I used to think that I am good in English, but come voice and accent training, I was totally lost.

For example, there was this discussion about prepositions, and some parts of it left me dumbfounded. I was on training from 8am til 4pm, but as soon as I got home, I always had to Google something. William, our trainer, is good at what he does. I thank him for that. I even told him that I'm kind of rethinking about my grammar in all of my previous posts!

Tiring as it was, the perfectionist in me is craving for more information. I want to be good at writing and speaking English. I could not allow myself to write for all the world to read, or speak, in wrong grammar. And to this I say, "bring it on!"


@bet said...

Congrats sa bago mong work.

At dahil sa post mo na ito, taglish muna ako. Na-conscious ako bigla, hehe...

I worked briefly (2 months) in a call center last year. I did enjoy our English training. The proper use of prepositions (in/ at/ on) enlightened me. Para daw hindi namin makalimutan, nilagyan pa ng hand gestures for each type. Kaya sa tuwing gagamit ako ngayon, naalala ko pa yung mga symbols... medyo "naughty" ;-)

Katia said...

hay abet, i know. grabe i've been blogging ang tagal tagal tapos matutunan mo na mali yung mga pinaggagagmit na preps. haha. owel.

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