Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rudeness at the Moviehouse

After a long Valentines weekend composed of a three-hour treatment (that includes a hot milk bath) at Devarana Spa with our overnight at Dusit, and the Crossover Buffet on V-Day, we decided to go out and see "Valentines Day" at Eastwood. It's a holiday, it's a weekend, it's family day Sunday. People are all over the place.

We always get our movie tickets as soon as we get to a mall so we don't have to worry about that later on... Come movietime, the final seats on our row was:

EMPTY--Couple1--EMPTY--Us--EMPTY--Couple 2

We literally strategically chose our seats so we don't have to rub elbows with anybody considering the jampacked screening times. Right before the opening credits rolled in, here came a middle aged couple with a teenage son walking up to our row, at Couple1's side.

Apparently, she bought the three empty seats and asked us all to move sideways so they can fit and sit together--smack in the middle of the screen. What got to me more was how she asked me. She just said, "Siguro pwede namang yung isa doon diba," sternly, and pointing at the empty seat between us and Couple2. It may be dark but I knew she'd see my expression with the glare of the screen. I rolled my eyes at her.

The son sat beside me and said a quiet "thank you," and he seemed so ashamed of how his mother had behaved. Well he should be! The mother asked Couple1 nicely if they could move to the empty seat to their left, and talked at us like that.

Fuck these people who ask you of things like you owe them.

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