Monday, April 25, 2011

Online Assessment for Promotion

I might just be looking for a job.

I'm currently working for Sitel in Ortigas; took a job as a sales chat rep for a measly sum. The good thing about it was that it was a pioneer (start up) account. For non-BPO/call-center peeps, this means you're the first batch in the account and in turn may provide you a huge possibility of getting promoted once the account expands. I am now considered a regular employee since February 2011 and have just been waiting for this account to expand or for the company to post internal job postings for which I could apply for. Through the six-month probationary period I gave it my all and the best I can be, in preparation of a good background check if ever I apply for a promotion.

Finally, last March our Operations Manager had informed us that she is actively looking for two people to fill in two vacancies. You guessed it right, I applied for one. One was team lead position and the other was for a Quality Analyst. I applied for the latter, knowing I ain't really good in 'leading' per se.

Tuesday last week, a couple of my colleagues had taken their online assessment test for the team lead position. One passed, the other didn't make it. I got quite nervous so I asked my own TL (team lead) to coach me on what to expect, and got tips from him. He mentioned I'd be doing a little math, analytical problems and a few abstract stuff. I honestly did not worry about it--this is easy.

Wednesday, I was asked to come in early, and it was my turn for the assessment. I sat in front of the PC, the test administrator asked me to start. I asked, "don't I need paper or something?" She said I didn't need it, and I grabbed the headset. Voila! The first part was a 30 to 50 item exam about MS Excel. This may not be surprising, but it was so difficult. I mean, I could use Excel, no problem with that. I even enjoy making spreadsheets even for my own finances...

But be asked about questions asking about which tab or which menu to find a certain option, or what dialog box pops up for a certain error certainly did not have anything to do with what I know. I was cursing the entire time...this is bull. This is bookish. I can certainly navigate my way around MS Excel without memorizing those things, and the worst part is, I was not even given a heads up that this was the kind of exam I'll get.

F*** it. The results will be in today, I don't know but I'm not expecting to pass. If by some miracle I do pass, I'm definitely making sure that I get the promotion and raise within a couple of months. If I don't get it, then I guess there's no stopping me from getting a higher paying entry level job. My CV is printed. Ten copies. 

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