Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Friends

After three years since the first time, I met with my blog friends Tin and Abet last night at Bonifacio High Street. These two were the first of many online/blog friends I made when my addiction for Internet started. Both used to have Blogspot accounts; but with the emergence of other sites like Multiply and Facebook, blogging seemed extinct and resulted to Notes in Facebook or Multiply blog. We were actually talking about it last night, on how blogs are almost extinct, but at the same time how different it is to be blogging for real--not those that you want those 'friends' to see. The mystery/anonymity is lacking, and the chance that anybody can possibly stumble upon your posts and you might be able to help them (with your ideas), or in our case, be interested in them and become your real life friends.

Side note: It was my first time at Clawdaddy. Either I was hungry or everything was superb! We ordered: carbonara, pizza (the salmon one) and even the appetizer sampler is great! Will definitely go back.

Photos to follow, since our photographer Abet is currently far far away, doubt that he's able to upload it last night. It was fun, catching up: how different our lives are from the first time we met, or the different partners we are now referring to as our present/s. We definitely need a part three for this one, as the things discussed last night would need to be reassessed, for the lack of better terms. It's funny how you meet a lot of people online and be actually friends with some of them. Amazing. 

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