Monday, August 20, 2012

Pissed: Stackers Resorts World Manager

My family had agreed to have an early dinner at Resorts World today, and dad suggested we go to Stackers. It is located on the fourth floor almost directly across the cinema ticket booth. I wasn't very hungry so I was kind of just playing around with food and looking around observing people and what they ordered.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy walking from the restroom area back to his table, and in a split second he just kind of disappeared. I tilted my head and saw that he slipped. The guy was about 5'10" or something, medium built, and definitely doesn't look lampa to me. Anyway, he was not just on his butt; I knew he slipped big time because he was on his elbows. Calmly, he got up, brushed his pants off, and shook his hands off of something liquid, I assume.

He then walked towards the manager, who was standing by where the orders are placed and delivered, and motioned that the floor was kinda dangerous and pointed to his pants by the back of his knee to show that it's now wet. I was observing if he will make a big deal out of it and was glad that it was as if he just FYI'd the manager. No complaints whatsoever. Good job.

Now what pissed me off was that the manager, by the name of Rommel Luna, looked at the area that he guy was referring to, and--right after the guy was out of earshot--exclaimed, "Kaya nga may 'Wet Floor' sign eh!" This ticked me off too much. In the service industry, you don't do that! Mind you, I was about 5 meters away and I clearly heard what he said! It is not only rude, but a big dismay for fellow customers at how unprofessional this manager can be. It was a Sunday and the place was full. In between the distance of the manager from myself, there are still a good five or so tables within radius who'd have heard of how he treated the situation.

I feel sorry for the guy who didn't even make a big fuss out of it (I didn't even hear in verbatim what he said) to be treated like that. Implying as if he was stupid or something, without him knowing, in front of other diners. I know morals are learned at home and through experience, but the management may want to consider briefing employees (and MANAGERS, for crying out loud!) on proper etiquette and professionalism in the service industry.

I am so complaining this person!!!


Update (12.08.29): I have emailed my complain to Stackers Burgers Customer Service and have received prompt reply from their deputy general manager. To anyone who needs the address, you may email or text +63917-877-9909.

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