Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Earphones Mode...NR

Today my earphones had given up, worn out, as you can see. Well this is a good sign that Apple earphones last long. Usually, my earphones/headphones gets deemed useless especially when one side doesn't work anymore. 

Going nostalgic, (Over earphones? IKR!) this pair has served me well. I got it two years ago with my iPhone 4, has survived:
- jostling in public transpo commute
- rainy jogging nights
- drinking-by-my-heartbroken-self nights
- getting tangled up at the gym
- sleepless nights
- crazy dancing at home
- endless Dora the Explorer with Yanabee
- a LOT more.

Lately, it's been serving its purpose in the office. I use it when I don't want any loud voice interrupting my train of thought, or just to shun shitty officemates. I'm lost in my own world, so to speak. Speaking of them, they're still at it. One GM asked me how I'm holding up; I shrugged and said, "NR." (No reaction.) 

For yesterday, I am thankful to have prayed for strength to not pick a fight or make a big fuss about stuff that are so high school. Today, I'm thankful for the upbringing my parents gave me. Otherwise, I'd just be as cheap as they are.

Deep breaths. Music. Blogging. Dancing. I can do this. 


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, officemates who act as if they're still in high school are not so uncommon. i've had my share of those too. just ignore them, it annoys them the most. :)


Niko Batallones said...

Mine didn't last long - three months. Then again that's my average life span...