Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Homesick all the more

Lets start with Friday. Woke up at 5am (4am, Manila time) for last minute preparations and then left the hotel by 6. The international airport wasn't near so most fell asleep on the bus. And then we took off at 9 sharp. Perfect. We got off on time so we'd be in Manila on time as well. I was disappointed that Failure to Launch wasn't available on Video on Demand aboard the Airbus 330 that we're on. So I slept all through the flight.

After the plane's door opened, I hurriedly switched my phone on and almost shrieked when signal came on and text messages started coming in. Subscribed myself to Unlimitxt and txt-d away. After waiting so long for the baggage to appear on the baggage carousel, me and Bianca went out to the Arrivals area and searched for our parents. Hehe. I was so surprised to see kuya with my Nanay and Tatay.

I gave kuya the iRiver immediately, to which he said, "Woaaaah!" Haha. Had lunch with maternal grandparents (who waited for me to arrive before going back to Baguio) and then proceeded to get a facial, afterwhich we headed home and I was so moved that Yana still remembers me. She looks more of a little girl now, no longer a baby. By nighttime, highschool friends came over and I gave them my Face Shop pasalubong and lotsa chocolates.

+ + +

Saturday I had my nails done, checked in at the hotel and I got a haircut at Robinson's Place and met up with my college friends. Lyka even brought along our "conversations" to which we laughed at almost every phrase that we've written way back. I had lunch, by the way, at KFC (gaash I missed that so much!) and dinner at Seaside. I ate almost a kilogram of shrimps! Haha.

Unfortunately it rained so hard that kuya decided that we don't push through with the original schedule of watching the last full show of The Devil Wears Prada. So sad! I miss going to the movies, and I heard it costs around four hundred pesos here per movie. Aww. Gotta wait til October til I watch another movie??

+ + +

I dint go on the complimentary breakfast buffet on Sunday for I want to enjoy the superb bed of Diamond. For lunch, however, I was all geared up. Lucky my favorite chocolate cake was on the menu as well. Had a foot scrub session afterwards and picked up my uniform at the laundry shop.

Heard mass at the parish and had dinner at lola's house. She prepared my two most favorite food on earth: sinigang and tocino! Yipee!

+ + +

Monday was of course the worst day. Knowing you'd get up to leave home again. But I had to. The only consolation that I had in mind was that my parents would see me in uniform. :) I honestly do not want to leave them, Yana especially, if only I can. Yana was even tugging my scarf before I left. Before we went to the airport, we had breakfast at Starbucks (I missed that too! It costs so much here, and a lot more unsweet.)

Mom said the people were staring at me, trying to guess where I work or whether I am indeed a flight attendant (I was wearing my UST--ahem cheerdance!--jacket on top of my uniform, we're not supposed to be in uniform in public places). Typical.

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