Friday, September 22, 2006

And all the hardwork paid off...

It's graduation day today! :)

"CONGRATULATIONS! We know too well how much you deserve this because you have set your heart and mind to it. We are proud of your achievements and we are with you in your struggles--of the stumbles and try which earned your strength, of the endless nights reviewing and memorizing, of the ear-aching listening to a foreign-sounding english instructions and most of all, the loneliness of being away from home.Our toast to the best FA trainee of Asiana!"
- Nanay and Tatay (they sent me an ecard :P)

"My Incredible Girl: Katrina Naval. You know how surprised was your improvement every day? At first you were not that conspicuous among the trainees, but after having interview you started developing more and more, eventually you became one of the shiniest stars in my class. Always concentrating on the class with good smile, cleaning others' stuff after Ditching class, chasing just after me whenever we move; you were just gorgeous. I appreciate you a lot. Be the best Flight Attendant."
- Miss Lee Dan Hee

So yea, the hardwork reaally paid off. Valedictorian. :P (Cliche as it may seem, I did not expect it.)

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