Saturday, September 16, 2006

Magjajapayuki na lang po ako

It's past six in the evening and I just got back to the hotel from my OJT flight to (and fro) Sendai, Japan. And I thought it'd be easy. To think that it's just a two and a half hour flight (but working time's actually eight hours), how much more tired will get if I fly sixteen hours straight on Seoul to New York flight?

I wasn't trainee on the flight. As in I did everything that one should do. Even more. Aww inasmuch as I'd like to elaborate more and give details, you'd probably won't be able to relate to it, so there...

Bottom line is, I know I did a good job (Sugo hashutsumnida to me!) and though the Zhang Ziyi lookalike is giving me all her duties, I don't care. I know for a fact that I'm better than her. Imagine, four sunbaenims (seniors) was asking me to teach them passenger briefing--you know, the one where you demonstrate how to wear the seatbelt and life vest and everything else--coz they don't know; depending too much on video system, and now it broke down... Haha. Babo.

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