Friday, October 13, 2006

Great unlucky day

Despite it being a 'cursed' day, I had a wonderful day. Today I had my best flight so far. Well it's technically an October 12 flight but the duration was 13th coz we left at 23.35 and flight time was around 5 hours. Okay so much for very technical stuff.

We were on our way back to Seoul from Phnom Penh; with the same crew, and the same plane. But (1) we had only twenty-five passengers for economy class. According to our manual, one cabin crew is to fifty passengers so imagine how easy it was for the three of us (me and my galley-mates) to do everything for them. (2) My galleymates were the best so far. Neither of them were so into the seniority thing nor were they easily angered at simple mistakes. They actually appreciate simple favors that I do. (3) Our cabin manager let us all sleep one hour each. Usually, you don't sleep in a five-hour flight. We take rests during long flights like US or Sydney or London.

And lastly, (4) what better way to end a flight but to see a wonderful sunrise! The transition of colors from dark blue to fire orange, wow! You never (or hardly) get to see how wonderful the sunrise skies are above the clouds. :) My senior took pictures of it and hopefully she'll be able to send it to me. Hayy. Great friday the 13th.

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