Monday, October 16, 2006

Stuck with sleazy movies to watch

...And I can't find anything else to do. I'm here at Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and I don't want to spend so much so I went nowhere except for that Harrison Plaza-like shopping center where I bought food (read: McDonald's and KFC) and a few more things to eat. I'm really gon' get fat in this job! Think about it, if I already have my salary then God know what else I'd be eating! Haha, not to mention I usually eat my crew meal on board plus an extra meal, then some extra desserts from business/first class. :)

Anyway "Kota" means mountain so Kota Kinabalu is Mount Kinabalu. But looking out from my hotel window, I see the waters. There's something that looks like an underdeveloped Baywalk out here. My seniors are probably there tonight having dinner or something (of course I didn't join them, they have money and I don't) but I went outside earlier all by myself. I think it's an advantage that I don't look--and dress--so uncommon coz at least I could go by myself and not receive strange stares nor attract threats.

Oh, now I remember what I did earlier. I went to the gym which is like five machines plus a few more cardio vasculars. Afterwards I boiled myself in soaring temperatures at the sauna room, I was all red after haha. I should probably buy a new pair of swimwear so that I could go swimming at hotel pools (gosh do I love swimming!) instead o' sweating it out in the gym.

Aw I'm hungry again; I've finished my dinner and there's nothing but Kitkat, milk, peanuts and Coke Light in my fridge. Woow finally a good movie's coming on. Coyote Ugly!

P.S. I've added a few more good people on my links list. Pay them a visit, it's worth it. :)

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