Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Working girl

I know, I know. I soo lack updates. Blame me, all I wanna do (if I don't have a flight) is either sleep or eat. Anyway 'ere goes updates in bullet form.

+ Day after grad we moved to Seokyo Hotel, bigger rooms, better facilities, but no PCs inside the rooms so that explains why I don't update that much.

+ My first flight was Manila, quick turn. Which is soo sad 'coz not only is Manila flight one of the hardest flights, but at the same time, it breaks your heart that you're in the Philippines and yet you can't go home.

+ Second flight was Hong Kong, with 12hours layover. I saw--nothing! We stayed at the airport hotel and I tried to "see" HK, but when I looked outside the hotel, I figured it must be far from downtown. It's like I'm in a separate country or something. Arizona-like.

+ Third flight was Ho Chi Minh, my very first layover flight. Me and Kat went to Saigon Square to "shop" but I window-shopped coz I still don't have the money. Just bought two woodcarvings of a Vietnamese woman: one for home and the other for my half-Vietnamese tita.

+ Then on October 1 I had Clark flight--going home! I surprised my family when I showed up at their bedroom doors. Haha.

+ Stayed in Manila for my 8days-straight days off. Did a looot of things, including going to Bulacan to see my maternal grandparents, bonding with highschool friends thru a DVD marathon (finally I got to see The Devil Wears Prada!), bonding with Yana on her mommy's family day at school, joined the fun at my cousin Rom's fifth birthday (the most fun children's party ever) and a lot lot more.

+ Was able to convince my mom to let me borrow this laptop I'm using now and we had wifi card installed too! Yey!

+ And now here I am, back in Seoul. Rejuvenated and preparing myself for the next three weeks of flights. I missed blogging!

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