Friday, April 04, 2008

4 Days 4 People

Aren't we the luckiest people on earth? Last flight, we went to SF where I was with Mica, Cielo and MM; and now I just arrived back in Seoul from Seattle, spent the layover with Mica, Nicki and Monica!

Day 1: Hella tired--the mind was willing but the body won't cooperate. Slept after arrival and woke up and had Thai food delivered at the hotel.

Day 2: Took Mica downtown with the 30-minute bus ride and blocks of walking. Good thing that the weather cooperated with us and though chilly, it's sunny. Public Market and the first Starbucks (which was soo crowded with Chinese tourists) then a little bit of shopping here and there. I so wanted to buy a pair of swimsuit at Old Navy but I dunno maybe not this month, LOL! Ate at Westlake Center's foodcourt, then bought some food to go from Jack in the Box and retired at the hotel.

Day 3: Woke up just before Mica left my room and prepared as Monica arrived. Went to the mall with ate Nix, shopped a little bit more, then went with Monix to Circuit City to get a laptop for ate Sophie. Don't we just love gadgets! Haha. I was drooling over DSLR lenses and the laptop I've been eyeing for the longest time... I'll get that sometime, somehow, I should! Hmpf. Went back to the hotel, freshened up a bit and met Nicki's friend Kris, who drove us to Ikea. Why Ikea? I don't know, but it was fun. Can't wait to decorate a room or something :) Then drove downtown and had Monica's first photos at the Starbucks store and Space Needle; had dinner at a pizza place and then back.

Day 4: Thirty minutes before showup, I was starving; I asked Monica if she wanted to have breakfast at Denny's across the street but we ended up having coffee and croissants at the cafe at the lobby.

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