Sunday, April 27, 2008

Korean Wannabe

Disgustingly, a number of Filipinos right now are Korean wannabes. Trying so hard to copy their fashion, learning the language, forcing themselves to eat kimchi, you name it. Fired up by the boom of Korean TV shows/series and movies, a lot of the young people would kill to be in my position: deals with Koreans, eats Korean, speaks Korean and practically lives in Korea.

Well, it's disgusting. Yes, I am absolutely disgusted with their rudeness. Especially of their men. "Gentlemen" is the most inappropriate way to address the he community of Korea.

Last night, we were at Starbucks at Camp John Hay and my kuya and I were trying to find ourselves a table. We found three unoccupied coffee tables at the veranda and since we were seven in total, we tried rearranging the tables and chairs using two tables and seven chairs. As we were counting on and rearranging the chairs, three Koreans came and saw the other unoccupied coffeetable. As I grabbed one last chair to complete the seven, somebody tugged it back. My sister needed to go somewhere so she nudged one of their chairs a little to the right so she could pass, and the Korean seriously moved it back kahit hindi pa nakakadaan.

Kung matino kang tao, kung may nakita kang nag aayos ng mga mauupuan na nauna sayo, tama bang makipaghilahan ka ng upuan? Hintayin mong matapos sila dahil nauna sila dun. Problema mo maghanap ng kulang mo. Nakita mong may dadaan, hindi ka ba uusod ng kaunti para makadaan yung tao?

I angrily glared at one of them, and I almost spoke to them in Korean; I wanted to tell them last night, "Hey, are you Korean? You're in the Philippines and you're being what Koreans are--rude. I tolerate your culture/rudeness when I'm in your country and respect the way things are in Korea; but when you're in my country learn to respect the people here."

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Here are just some of the reasons why I hate them:
:: Like what the image (from this source) text says, they push and shove and won't even say sorry.
:: They are discriminate racially.
:: Fakes. They pretend, a lot. From being nice down to pretending their LVs are authentic.
:: Makeup. All the time. Even janitresses wear makeup. Beat that.
:: Too much seniority that you can't reason out to higher up. True even outside Asiana though it's worse in Asiana.
:: Korean men. Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Korean ajummas are bunch of ugh....... But young koreans are really nice though. Ive been to korea and lived there for two years and majority of them were really nice. Ajummas really are a lot ruder than others. Theyre so agressive and i hate them for that.